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Thread: What Really needs to be fixed is MAs being Gimped in pvp

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    Talking What Really needs to be fixed is MAs being Gimped in pvp

    MAs Should not be as sad as they are in pvp even in pvm most mas i spoken too notice that there damage has not increased at all MAs with 800 MA skill with 800 attack only do 312 damage thats at best,Thats sad There damage should alot higher then it is

    They should have good enough chance to win any pvp battle,people look for fights with mas,because they cant pvp,This is ****ed up .Look They trained all there lifes,do good damage without use of weapons I play my mas in endless days and nights have fancom take fun away from being them

    No one cares if u can kill mobs good all they care about is if u can pvp doesnt solve the fact that pvp mas can never be at there best mas never win any battles in this thats truely unfair there should be a balience for all classes to have a chance winning not one

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    MAs should not take as much damage as they do

    Look are Ac should be at the one of highest we dont have alot of armor,are armor nanos should all increase by 50% more ac on are nanos

    are damage is crap why do we have to suffure some other proffession masses up pvp

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    Hate to break this to you, but ... get in line. Right now you're figuratively the last person in the queue. At least you were good in pvp at one time

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