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Thread: Professionals - message out - #1 (part 2)

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    Professionals - message out - #1 (part 2)

    Vacation is over, people are back at work, and I dug up a little more feedback on some of the issues brought up by the professionals.

    Please have a read at the first thread about this, for reference.

    Pet Pathing
    Not much to add to Gaute’s words at this time, except that I’ll continue to put pressure on the pathing issue.

    Pet warp
    Adding this here, as it’s related to pet pathing.

    We’ve had suggestions for both a chat command and nano program for warping the pet to the owner. This is currently not considered a viable solution to the pathing, as it would be a ‘hack’ in the code, or we would have to allocate so much time to it that it would affect the work on the pathing itself.

    It’s basically an issue of wanting to fix the actual issue instead of trying to fresh-code a workaround.

    MAs in PvP
    I can’t add more details about the ideas here just yet. However, reversing the whole change that was made to critical hit chances in PvP is not seen as a viable option at this time.

    Enforcers’ tank ability
    Nothing to add right now, but I’ll comment that Gaute’s “taunt for some time” means seconds, not several minutes as I’ve seen mentioned in some discussions.

    Blackholes, fumbles, and nano execution lag
    A little more details on the fumble system: This is a 3% chance that affects all skill checks in the game, not just nano execution; weapon attacks, hand to hand attacks, picking locks, everything. However, there are two differences with nano fumbles; you get feedback about it, and the action is cancelled (meaning no nano cost, and no recharge time).

    In addition, like low defensive skills compared to attack skills increase the chance of landing a critical hit with attacks (not nano attacks though, as that is taken into the damage formulas already), low attack skills compared to defense skills increase the chance of a fumble, both for nano programs and other skill checks. Thus you should expect to fumble a lot more against very high level enemies.

    {Edit: Later research has shows that this info is not correct. Fumbles is a flat 3% chance. There are no modifiers to this chance.}

    Refreshing NCU buffs
    We have decided to let them refresh, and are aiming to do this change in 14.8. Note that the NCU buffs will still have an NCU cost, as removing this will require more work (code) than freeing up 1 more NCU warrants.

    Black-doors and rubber-banding
    Getting rid of this is our absolute top priority right now, and we have several coders looking into it. What I’ve heard from the work so far gives me good vibes on this.

    Complete Healing
    This nano program was given its name because the effect it has worked as complete healing back in the days. Now that it is possible to get more than 10001 hit points, it might be in order to change the name, but we’re not considering increasing its healing potential.

    Nerfing traders
    We have no plans on nerfing the strength of any Trader nano programs, or any other aspect of the Trader profession. We might consider limiting the use of ransacks and deprives compared to the target’s level, to stop people from e.g. draining a level 1 creature for 211 points of skills that it never had.


    That's it for now. There will be more next week.
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    Re: Professionals - message out - #1 (part 2)

    Thus you should expect to fumble a lot more against very high level enemies.
    I'll correct myself a bit: Thus you should expect to fumble a lot more against enemies with very high Nano Resist.

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    Re: Professionals - message out - #1 (part 2)

    Originally posted by Cz
    the action is cancelled (meaning no nano cost, and no recharge time).
    Grrr, I knew I should have double-checked that. Seems the fumbling effects was confused with nano execution interruptions. You do have recharge on fumbles, I've been told. Sorry about that.

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