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Thread: Chronicle of an annouced death by Grom, ex-AdastusII general

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    Chronicle of an annouced death by Grom, ex-AdastusII general

    Dear FC,

    I know its useless to post threads on this forum, cause only 3 persons, who i respect a lot for they work, try to answer to us.

    My last messages was deleted and i think they was declared subversisve by kind of over-marketing heads. So i dont have any illusions about the way its going on: i only talk to my friends, great players on RK2, hoping this message will not be deleted too fast, with who we build and debugged this game since the beginning.

    This was supposed to be Entertainment.

    It was.

    Seems that old players, those who know the game perfectly, and collaborated often to find issues with you, FC, are from now on crushed.
    It seems to be a kind of new politic, new game directions since last summer.

    So, i'd like to tell u this:

    If u had take care a little more about your oldest "customers", cause we pay for this, u will have now a lot of guild leaders ready to go on.
    Sorry, all high level people waiting just now for SWG-hope u know what it means-.
    SWG will just take benefits of your work, cause u only manage Newbies, instead of encouraging old players to help them. Ack, this is an old discussion.I was at the foundation of Adrastus, when Clanners(hehe Dodge and Athx)screwed us from Tara.
    Now Adrastus is one of the most feared guild on RK2.
    Proud of it.
    And now what?
    All people waiting for SWG, except Stareyed newbies.Old players could have done something cause, really, the world u created is wonderfull.
    But u decided to make Inquisition.
    To forget ENTERTAINING people.

    So, thank you for all the fun i had when i was a Noob.
    But , definitivly, when SWG jumps out, you are dead.


    EX-Opi 200 enforcer, Adrastus II general.

    -----Account cancelled--------------------------------------------------------

    THX to Sublim, Bluerobe, Scorse, Dodgeman, Athx, Emosion, Astriell, Supersolid, Gazl, Atrevidium, Soulreaver, Silars, Notrump,
    Tekyla, Shnano, Uberfixx, Adonff, Brume, Picki, Mistertom, Davidours, Kaiousama, Linainverted, Whitesand,and all others even Trystar lol,
    for all the fun we had together, lagging with the lag)


    PS: my stuff disappear with me, forget it

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    goodluck grom. you will be missed

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    Looking forward to seing you in SWG Grom
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    yep lots more people migrating to another game that isnt even out yet
    Well for a bunch of reasons
    maybe introducing hippy glasses and suntan lotion instead of fixing major issues inside the already runing game

    Too bad It was nice seeing you on the battlefield grom
    God told me to make a chicken salad sandwich for lunch, and I did, and all rejoiced

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