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Thread: Class specific guild

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    Question Class specific guild

    Does any one know if there are any class specific guilds out there? What I mean by class specific is Adventures only, Doctors only, etc..

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    i only know a n00b only org..

    the name is "extreme-n00bians-of-rk2"(i hope they are only a fiction of my imagination and not real lol.)if they really exist on rk2 ..scuse :P
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    The Dojo on Rimor is a MA only org.

    The lifters on is a fixer only org as far as i remember

    MI-R2 is a agent only org on Rimor as well.

    Thats all i can remember now

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    Metal Vindication is an Engie only guild.

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    There's a doc only guild on the clan side: I~C~U
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    Omni-Tek Medical Academy is not doc only, but about half docs i think.
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    didn't 95 Rifles (from Rimor) used to be a soldier only guild?

    and there was an NT only guild on Rimor but it dissolved a long time ago.

    edit: oh yeah, G.E.A.R. i think is an engi-mainly guild.
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