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Thread: Boss Exit

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    How long does it take to find the exit, really... More than 1 or 2 minutes? Maybe 3 if you have very low runspeed. Any more than that and I'm starting to seriously doubt your orientational skills.

    Let the gridding professions keep their special little thing and run out one in every ten missions you don't team with a fixer/doc/nt/trader. Is this really an issue? Come on....
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    I dont think it would effect the gridding prof, all it would do is send ya outside...if i had a choice to take a grid from a fixer or use the boss exit...i think i will be saying.."ready for that grid" who wants to fly/run all the way to a grid term from a mish after you killed a boss if you have a fixer or trader with ya. its just to make it so ya dont have to run thru the already completed mission looking for the buttons. Still grid me out if its availible. re-BUMP THE BOSS is a kickin idea.

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    Re: while you are at it

    Originally posted by Blackwing
    save the maps when you ld.

    put markers on when you find a lift.

    These would be far more useful. I don't LD much, so that isn't such a big problem for me, but for others I know it is.

    However once you have used a button, make it appear on the map! I could actually handle running down the 4 floors to find my way out if there was some way of figuring out where the button was. I have a felling putting a button in with the boss would just result in more and more teams running up picking up the item and just hitting the exit (ignoring the boss protecting it).

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    You don't need a silly exit from the boss room to the outside. Just take along a profession that can grid you out of the mission.

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    I agree so much on this
    Fixer, trader, doc, nt all have grid. so what about the other professions out there?
    How many times have you stood around after the boss going
    An exit would be perfect, and yes have it appear after completion of the mission that way even blitzers still have to use personal grid to get out
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    Thumbs up I agree

    I hate trying to find my way out of team missions--I feel like a rat looking for cheese. I hate wandering hoplessly lost through each level of the mission because my map doesn't remember where things are--AO has enough down time without getting lost every time I try to leave a mission.

    Either make doors/lifts stay on the map once you've seen them, or put in exit tokens for boss loot (making it loot requires that the boss be killed, saving a snach and run exploit).
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    adding an exit warp is not a nerf to warpers, ppl still would need warps from distant zones, static dungeons, lotsa situations where a warp is useful
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    how about..

    my 2cr:

    Boss exit looks like a grid terminal, but isnt a grid terminal.. If you use your mission token on the terminal you are ported to the first room of the mission. (token isnt used up you can still upgrade your board upon relocating)

    just a thought.

    and in regards to : "How long does it take to find the exit, really... More than 1 or 2 minutes? Maybe 3 if you have very low runspeed. Any more than that and I'm starting to seriously doubt your orientational skills."

    have you ever done a ql 140+ team mission? seriously they get very big and with rubber banding and what not, its simply not fun to run around to the elevators and exits. not flaming you, but your last sentence there seems a bit pretentious.
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    great idea :)

    even though FC will never add this since it would be a GOOD idea (and FC=Evil or even stupid) but bump anyways

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    Maybe after pet pathing they can think about this.

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