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Thread: Fancy Stethoscopic Glasses

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    Fancy Stethoscopic Glasses

    Fancy Stethoscopic Glasses

    goes in head slot

    Level from 190

    Sense 12
    Biological Metamorphosis 12
    Perception 24
    Treatment 12
    FirstAid 24
    ProjectileAC 200
    MeleeAC 200
    Anyone have any info on who/what drops this and how often? Is it a 100% drop? Random? etc. Thx.

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    I think if you page down the forum you'll find a link about these... someone did find them. It was, I believe, from one of the Ian Warr gang. Ris Lee comes to mind but I might be off.
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    I think your on the right track Jynne, if i remember correctly Drtrelf has a pair (if she hasnt sold them)

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    What good are they really?

    by 190, what do you need that biometa bonus for?
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    +24 FA!!!

    aren't we all stim junkies?!

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    Yes these drop of Ris Lee
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    Anyone has a pair to sell

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    i got a pair today hoho :>

    too bad they dont show up though
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    Where they hard to get Gwend ?! Is it worth for me to fork out 60 mil + for them ?!

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    Originally posted by Beaker aren't we all stim junkies?!
    Lol, I prefer nano stims. What kind of cheap drugs you using?

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    wewt. I got a pair for free from a really nice guildie!

    /me slurps gwend's cheek :x

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