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Thread: Tower Quotas within guilds

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    Tower Quotas within guilds

    As a guild leader Im having great difficulty keeping track of who has towers in the guild and how many. There is no way for leaders to get a view on how many towers on each account. This could lead to 1 person with 3 alts having 3-4 towers on the same account while others get none and there is no way for me to tell.

    Please provide guild leaders with a system for controlling this.

    an option to set a limit for the combined towers for each account in the guild would be very much appreciated.
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    Heh, yea, those large bases are confusing

    I'd like to be able to get a list of towers + owners as well. Advisors also perhaps ?

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    Hold your horses. You are starting to scare me X with all this good ideas of yours hehe

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    theres a guild qouta


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    I'll bump for this. Heck a click on it and it says in local 'Elbo's tower of sinful pleasures' would be fine to figure out who's is who.
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    Not sure whether its a good idea to give leaders (a customer) access to view what towers are owned by someone's (another customer) account.

    Maybe which character owns what would be a better idea. It should be up to the person to divulge whether or not they are an alt or not.

    But on an off topic note, I dont think It should really matter IMO.. towers are towers. So long as they are shooting hostiles

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