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Thread: BUMP for new complete IPR

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    BUMP for new complete IPR

    After the last patches changes, when it comes to viable weapon choice, armor, newly needed tradeskills, skills you no longer need (critnerf), I find it strange that this hasn't already been done, but I would atlesat suggest, or rather demand we all get a new complete chance to IPR.

    Also either restore our ipr points or give us a not completely outcamped/timetaking way of achieving more of them.

    Imho complete ipr should be accessable a lot more often.. if people coudl ipr every 5 minuts it would probably be exploited, but could put it up as something similar to the omni/clan switch, with a week playtime delay before you are able to do it again.

    I have played this game for a long time, and so many of the rules of the game has changed, that I am now out of ipr points, so i'm not looking a lot forward to the next patch were I will need to change some other skills and have no way of doing it.

    Join in bumping this logical and constructive suggestion

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    /me agrees with the baldie..

    Now.. let me rub your head.


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    Defintly a good idea and i dont c how it wouldhurt anyone ,, especially at lvl 200 u need total ipr

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    A total IPR would be nice...better if you didn't have to use it right away like last time. Since I don't need to reset anything now, I'd like to be able to save it for future use.
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    Thumbs up Yup Yup!!

    I agree give us a Total IPR. Atleast i can save a char i have .. I have saved her because of if a total IPR would come i would start playing her again .. But atm she is unplayable because i managed to .... the char up.

    // Marlark

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    i agree ...

    u get a BUMP
    /tell Oezcan

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    ./me wonders when Yaz is gonna show up....
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    bump for 1st-char-wtf-am-I-doing players like me who level 150+ realize they've gimped themselves

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    I lost IPR's due to a bug which FC aknowledged. Still I never got new IPR's and the new changes in the game (crit-nerf) made it even worse!

    Need IPR here and its not because I wasted IPR's.

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    If there is an ipr it will likely be for Shadowlands.
    Maybe thats why they have been so stingy.
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    I do agree we should be able to earn more IPR points (as we were promised, btw), but they should be rather hard to get.
    I don't agree we should get another full IPR.

    People are calling for full IPR's on the grounds that the rules have changed. I don't believe they have changed so much as to warrant the resetting of several dozens of skills, especially not in light of the 15 points you already get over the course of your career. If full IPRs were available on a regular basis (as someone suggested), mistakes would have no consequence.
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    Why oh why, is there no way to get more/unlimited IPR?
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    Talking shadowlands or whatever

    i'm gonna laugh my butt off if they do it in shadowlands or some other content other than original content(basically make someone pay for something by making it EXTRA stuff instead of improving the game). I believe that so many people wont take it this time(see my post in pvp forums called "why 100 %", please feel free to post a link to it for me as i still havent figured out how to yet) that they will lose a greeeeeaaaaat deal of money from canceled accounts. If someone else doesnt do it by tonight i'm gonna start a poll asking how many people will actually pay for another booster pack or whatever they are called these days(while i think they should be called "patches".) and how many people will not.
    please feel free to post support of funcom giving us patches for more money.
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    point is that shadowlands is planned launch in what? june?
    That will with FC's speed probably mean november/desember.
    I can't wait that long before getting more ipr.
    Not because I wasted all my ipr, but because Fc has changed the rules of the game over the last patches.
    Which means, that I will keep bumping for IPR nxt patch, and a new chance at a new complete ipr.

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    bah too bad if you messed up your character.. if 11 IPR points or whatever TL 6 is- aren't enough than you definatly wasted them..
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    They should implement the full IPR maybe once a year...


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    Ip reset is the most stupid thing FC implemnted...

    Destroys all strategic playing.

    (shouldn´t be needed if FC didnt change the rules all the time)

    I like the idea of rerolling because u made mistakes. Makes ip ditributing much more fun.

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