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Thread: The Official Touch Someone Thread!

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    /me touches wrangline, stexer, Blix01, Tristalyn and any other friends she can find.. but refuses to touch TheDeacon, hes stinky!

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    omg! I got touched! ....and I liked it.
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    ooh Tristalyn, ure so...
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    I touch the people at Funcom, repeatedly, until they change their mind.
    Depeche Ztatik Mode

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    I touch Tristalyn with my.....

    Finger. Of course my finger. What the hell did you think I was going to say. Pervs.
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    I thouch.....

    ....Lordtritoch, for dealing with my little gimp MP and my 100+ alts of annoyance

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    Who was that???

    Someone touched me???

    Who was this???

    Argh, well pass it along i touch Vixentrox
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