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Thread: So...except land control

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    So...except land control

    So what new is there in NW except land control?

    Can I get the client to scream mmmmmonster killlllll after vanquishing 5 enemies in a row?

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    you see

    transporter like spaceships in the distance, can hear sampled voices and buy your own upload beacon thingies.

    thats it.

    towers and mantas look totally cool but ah well.

    i think the best reason to buy nw is that you have a fairly up to date client at home which saves you alot of download should you have to reinstall.
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    Upload beacon thingies?

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    Red face k, yeah, uh hu?

    Yeah, um, what beacon things?

    Are you talking about the private towers that you can make, which dissapear after you zone; or about those dealy bobs that supposedly let you enter back into the grid from your orgs tower?

    If I don't make any sense you should stay up really late or get drunk and try reading it then.

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