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Thread: Level 200

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    Level 200

    Are there any plans for characters to be able to level past 200?

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    Yes. There was an interview on IGN a month or so back where either Cz or Cosmik said that.
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    I only remember them saying they *might* consider it.

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    If I remember the Dev chat from a few months ago, higher levels greater than 200 were to be part of the ShadowLands expansion ... that is, if Funcom decided to add the higher levels.

    There was no commitment to raise the level cap.
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    unless I remember wrong, Cz said something about not upping lvl cap, but instead give other ways of advancement after lvl200.

    Don't remeber where, but it was on these boards.

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    Yes, it was 'advancement past 200' that was specified, but nothing on the how it will be handled.
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