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Thread: Currently trying out my theory on how to find more GA's

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    Currently trying out my theory on how to find more GA's

    Ill try and post as much as I can while testing this. As we all know there is a certain chance of GA dropping when ure fighting a mob close to the GA lvl. I may have found a way to make the GA drop more frequently. It involves having lots and lots of bags crammed with nano-discs in the same ql as the GA ure looking for. I sucsessfully managed to find 2 ga 2's and one nullety-sphere in 1 hour while having my inv crammed with all the ql 90ish nanodiscs I could possably find.

    There might just be a chance that the one nanodisc u dont have in ure inv have a higher chance of appearing... I had 9 bags with all the different ql 60 nanoclusters once and instead of finding hundreds like I allways do I found only 2 in 3 hours of hunting ql 60 plants.

    I know this sounds very very silly but it wont hurt trying it out a little

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    I think you may be right here...

    I've been spending a significant time looking for GA since the other day, and started noticing that I would never loot a duplicate ID if I kept them on me, but I never went as far as 9 packs full hehe. I think I had 3 packs and my main inv stuffed with ID's.
    Hard being an MA (my only char high enough to hunt there) trying to compete at the claw camp to get 9 packs full.

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    Didn't work for me, way back when I hunted NW mines as Whatsa in an attempt to get GA as a surprise treat for a friend. I did have around nine bags full, and many duplicates. I learned to hate TEH DEVIL GRID ARMOR before it even became an issue for Bima.

    I'll never hunt for it again. If I get lucky and acquire it via some other route, I might equip it ... or I might give it away, I'm not sure. But I'll never hunt for it again.
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    well, usually i would think a post like this is BS, BUT after running missions (128-132) for 2 weeks, i realize that i have very few duplicate nanos... even armor. I sell all but fixer nanos, and after i got abunch of assorted ones, they stoped drping.. now all i get is adv/agent, which i sell, so they keep droping. And it may work for armor to.... i have (had, sold/gave away most of it) full sets of So8, kirch, dillion and sekutect(sp?)... but i had very, very few doubles in the sets. Like the kirch, for example, i got a full set in the first 15ish missions, but for the next 60ish, i got maybe 2 pieces.

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    Well apart from the fact that if this indeed held true it would prolly be considered an exploit, I just tested this.

    Took me no more then 3 missions to get dublicates of ID's.

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    Careful Metalynx some self-rightious, humorless jackass will try to report you for saying that.
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    From a coding perspective this does seem feasible, IF the item checks are done when looting and NOT at mission creation. I dont really know either way but checking to see what you have before dropping the loot would be a VERY generous thing for funcom to do.....

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    My theory is that the spawns are cyclical. I've always noticed that some weeks there are a bunch of GA's on the shopping channel and other weeks hardly any. If you could parse through the topics and graph them I bet you could crack the cycle.

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    Freaky...I might start saving all my discs at the claw camp then...
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    Hehe that's the problem isn't it when you look so hard for something you start to see patterns when they aren't really there
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    Interesting theory, if anyone tests this further please post your results.

    As for the idea about it being an exploit, I will bring that up with Cz. Sounds doubtful, but hey...better safe than sorry.

    One quick thing that I've noticed at the claw camp is that if I do find a GA disk, its usually within the first 5 minutes of being there. That happened with me awhile back when helping another Mocker look for Mk 2, and I found it just moments after getting there. Recently was looking for another Mk 2 disk (for a sekrit projekt ), and found a Mk 1 disk at the same camp a few minutes after landing.

    Or maybe FC has my account flagged, I have no idea

    PS: Its a schooner
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    Nettie, you never should have said that. Now people are going to be bugging you to be their hunting-for-GA-buddy.
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    We have an excellent opportunity to start some urban legends about GA drop now. Perhaps the sheer number of similar ql instruction disks creates a gravitational vortex that sucks and shapes all loot into similar disks? Ooor...perhaps those with bags crammed full of instruction disks might have been hunting for quite a while and finally got lucky? Personally I favor the vortex idea, it makes for such a more interesting life
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    Well what can I say... I certainly cant argue with that

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    few hours.... 9 bags full of IDs... no ga or ns... nuff said...

    I just think it has a % of droping, and there is WAY to many lucky people out there
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    You know, I have yet to try the IDs-in-bags trick, though I will once I get my MP high enough to team with to pull missions, but of all these theories, the one that seems to have some truth is the part about it being right at the beginning, of whatever it is you're doing. I saw the above post about finding it right away at the camp, and then on this thread:

    I found the mention of the person who found GA4 in the first room of the mission. Which reminded me, when I found GA3, it was the fifth mob in that mission, right away. I remember it was striking because I only pulled the mission real quick to test out a new gun, and I only intended to kill a few mobs and then leave - it was the last mob I was going to kill.

    What a mystery, eh? Only a few people will ever know if there is any truth to any of these theories. The "at the beginning of whatever" theory would seem to make the least sense from a coding point of view, but its the only one I've seen evidence for so far. Ah well.

    Well look at the flip side, as much as we'd like to see GA more available to more fixers, the end result of it being a common drop would be more screaming for it to be nerfed, and well, it being nerfed
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    You know you've seen The Matrix too many times when...

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    Only...try to realize the truth.

    There is no Grid Armor.

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