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Thread: Deleting Old Nanoformulas

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    Deleting Old Nanoformulas

    I was wondering why this hasnt been implemented already, and If others felt the same way I do about it.

    Some prof's dont need to upload many nanoprograms, but others, like pet professions, do. I just made a new MP and he is around lvl 20, and already one of the subcategories of learned nano formulas is FILLED with old pets he has outgrown. I am sure this prob must plague high lvl people also.

    So, the point of this is to see if others would like to see the deleting of old nanoformulas made possible, any thoughts?

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    I would like it but remember we are dealing with alot of people with limited IQ...theres always the gimp who would manage to delete NSII or GAIV to think about...

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    yes ok if u wana delete it go ahead but i liek haven all ym nanos cause you never know when you can usee m .

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    I think this should be an option, but several safety checks need to be implemented (Are you sure?). However, there's no difference in deleting items. What happens if you delete GAIV Nanoformula? Samething.
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    put old, unused nanoprograms in your 'favourite' folder. Then you don't have to see them again. Or simply put all the nanoprograms you use on hotbar. That way you don't even need to open the nano menu, except when uploading nanos

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    another trick

    Also you can move nanos to other folders than they originally belong to. For example you can move all you healpets into the "protection". Line them up according to reqs to cast them and u got it easier when you get deprived and such.

    On my nt char i got my "combat" folder set up with all the nanos i use in combat. Nukes, roots, calms, blinds and ns.. all in same folder and ordered to make it easy when deprived.. works great.

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    Cool Gimme Delete

    ^BUMP^ for the delete option

    For me, I would love the delete option. When in hel am I ever going to be using my Ql 15 team heal? I was hit with Nano Shutdown or some such crap last night, I couldn't even use that. I'll keep ones that are within 2 or 3 QL's of my main heal but the other 5 or 6 nanos in each strain that are worthless, I would like to get rid of those.

    As for those saying, what happens if you delete GA IV...if you have GA IV loaded and don't know that delete means PERMANENT...let me know how much you paid for your AO account on eBay.

    And as for spreading out the nanos to seperate folders...I did that, many times. Put them in order and layed out my favorites folder just the way I needed it. I say many times because whenever AO decides to crash, it rearranges everythig for you. This may not happen for all, but for me it is too damn annoying to deal with.

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    BUMP ! ! !
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    Also, the order of items and nano programs are recorded client-side. Meaning if you use more than one computer, you're screwed. For instance, say on your first computer you have the first item in your inventory, a first aid kit, in your first hotbar, position one. Say on your second computer you boot up AO and decide to do a little rearranging. Your first item in your inventory is now a backpack. Go back to computer one. The item in your hotbar will now be a backpack instead of that first aid kit... if you're lucky and AO didn't completely rearrange your inventory to its liking.

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    Originally posted by Skybert
    Or simply put all the nanoprograms you use on hotbar. That way you don't even need to open the nano menu, except when uploading nanos
    If you're a NF-heavy profession and you execute your frequently-used programs by clicking on them instead of using the hotbar, you don't know what the hell you're doing. I'm a n00b and even I know that.

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    Nah, just add new dir - "trash". You will be able to put old nanoprograms there, and take them back if need.

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    A trash folder for nano programs or the ability to delete nanoprograms is looooooong overdue. I really would like to get rid of my old 50 pt AC buff.
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    Some have asked me whata bout the fools that would delete their GA4 accidentally? Well, tough luck

    What do we say to someone that accidentaly deletes their dragon body? Same diff

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    i want to do a bump for this to. =) comin CZ give us a hook up.
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