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Thread: a FIX for pet pathing !

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    Originally posted by Zane0

    When I say warp, I mean teleport to your exact location. This is of course, usually short range.. though I believe my pet has also warped after a while from a different zone.

    Yup, pets warp after a decent amount of time if you use /pet behind, or even /pet follow. It just takes too long.. Heck, it's already half fixed. With meta-physicists, I believe that the heal pet sticks very well to a target, warping very frequently.
    Oh I see. Yes we do have different Ideas about warping. What you call "short range" warping or teleporting, I call it catch up logic. Meaning, your Pet gets stuck in a wall or door or something and to resolve it the Pet part of the coding analyses all the different scenarios of what to do in this situation. Previously it appeared this logic was not in place and you either had to kill and recreate your pet, or go find it and help it through its problem. FC has done a better job with this problem, but what actually happened is not "warping" or "teleport" its just your pet or bot processing lines of code real fast to figure out where you are in the mission.

    I've been in plenty of team missions where I've seen a stuck bot, all the sudden move very fast and meet up with its master. So the pet pathing problem is still existant but in a least 10% of the scenarios that it was stuck before, it now quickly finds its master.

    What pet warping means to me is physically taking a Pet from one spot and moving it to another spot. In words that sounds easy but if you have to code it its really not.

    Here, let me try to explain it this way:

    Lets say you are writing a novel. About two guys & two girls. The story is unimportant. You complete this mega 700 page novel, then after its all done, you decide to change one of the guys to a girl. So you have to go through the entire BOOK and change all the references to the one guy and now reference him as a girl, but you also have to be careful not to accidentally reference the remaining guy as a girl. That is a monumental undertaking.

    So changing the way Pets path to include warping will be like rewriting that entire portion of code.

    As an AO fan, I'd love to see Pet Warping.
    As a programmer, I can't help but defend the FC
    programmers on this issue.

    - Tifanyx

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    Hmm, I have to say that I still disagree. Bots are teleporting between zones and floors from what I can see, not catching up with code.

    You don't know how the code works for the game, do you? I'm not sure either, but there are already nano programs that do exactly what pet warp would do. (Beacon Warp)

    Bah, forget it. The only thing that can be argued about is whether or not a function can be used for a program in which no code in known. Not much point.. I still stand by what I say though.
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    Exclamation BUMP


    FC it's about Damn time you seriously Fix this, Pet proffessions in missions don't work, I love the tables but Hell I'd rather have my engie friends in mission with me then have to run around a table anyday

    Fix this FC you are losing players and money, Fix it NOW

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    If pets could just have no collisions, you could exploit it like mad.
    /pet attack and watch it just zoom through walls, or /pet hunt

    I think if they are afraid if they added a warp command, it would look reallllly stupid when people are constantly warping their pets to them, and they'd be tempted to just leave it that way. And what about for /pet attack? A table could be between the pet and its target, and thats frustrating as hell too.
    If a pet is unable to path to you after doing a follow command in like 20 seconds it should just warp to you. it kind of does that now, but many times the pet is just lost and it never catches up (like if youre in a fast team and you just leave the pet behind).

    There's a lot of solutions suggested, they just need to consider this a priority. I bet if it affected their precious tower garbage, they'd fix it.

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    Re: Everything is an exploit, for a certain value of 'exploit'

    Originally posted by Revelator
    I'm starting to get the distinct feeling that I should tip Crats for playing...
    Yes, you should.

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    Originally posted by Blue Cat
    I'm sorry but this would completely wreck my class. I picked an MP because of the official description.

    Feared by all furniture, the Meta Physicist is one of the most specialised professions on all of Rubi-Ka. He reaches down into his own twisted depths to create incredibly horny floating meatballs, which have a particular lust for modern tables.

    The Meta Physicist has much to offer his team in the way of fancy table-themed sex shows, in which his demonic creations hump tables at a frightening speed. He also instills fear in most chairs and lamps.

    Meta Physicists attuned with Notum are known to possess the ability to fly, which is good because, once people start laughing at you and asking if your "balloons are for sale", you'll want to leave the area quickly.


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    omg pathing now plzthx
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    haha...this thread is funny ;)

    Never gonna happen, ditch your pets for weapons skills, get a Manex :P

    "We will look into it"


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    When I think of it, warcraft one had better unit pathing then AO.
    Only thing FC has to do is to wake up and realize that at least half of their players will leave for SWG then maybe we could get a few bugs fixed, but until it is too late you can keep dreaming about a good pathing Or go play DAOC the pathing is excellent over there..
    Bump anyways !

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    Originally posted by Zardock

    Only thing FC has to do is to wake up and realize that at least half of their players will leave for SWG then maybe we could get a few bugs fixed, but until it is too late you can keep dreaming about a good pathing Or go play DAOC the pathing is excellent over there..
    Bump anyways !
    Pet pathing has been better lately, but there still is room for improvement. The new patch with a rewrite of mission areas, should improve the pathing even more. But who knows. It may be a while before we get the pathing truly fixed.

    What is irritating to me is the fact that people keep bringing up SWG, like it'll be the greatest game ever and "at least half" of AO players will leave for SWG. What makes you think that game is going to be so perfect? Sure it'll get an initial spike of users to start, but it'll fall off like all games do. I Beta'd and played E&B for a month, thought the game was awesome. The novelty wore off and I'm back in AO.


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    I'm leaving AO for SWG, but not because I think it'll be perfect. I expect to enjoy it even if it's only half as good as it sounds.
    And while people may be excited about SWG and have high expectations, that doesn't mean that they are leaving exclusively because of how great they expect SWG to be. I've alreade cancelled my account, partially because SWG will be out soon after the next bill, but I also have found myself getting bored with the constant level grind and the poor pathing and a few other things. At one time I had considered keeping AO when I start SWG, but I just don't feel it's worth it right now. Though if I change my mind later I'll return (again.)
    And before I get a flame, I'm not putting down AO. I still think it's a very good game and I hate that it has gotten boring to me. And if everyone else enjoys the game, that's great.
    That was a little more rambling than I meant for it to be, but hopefully I got the point across.

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    All kinds of BUMP

    Pet pathing is atrocious. My first char was an MP, and I had to put him on hold because the pet pathing problem was making me want to punch my screen!! I go to all the trouble of manifesting my anger int a big toothy meatball, and yet I can't convince it not to hide behind a chair while somebody beats me with a baseball bat!!! PLEEEEEEASE put in the warp command!! Or do something similar to the living items, where it will terminate my pet and respawn another one with less time left over. Or even let me terminate and instacast a new one!!! ANYTHING to fix this!!

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