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Thread: Fix the OPIFEX Alvin/Dodga Pads !

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    Fix the OPIFEX Alvin/Dodga Pads !

    Could you PLEASE fix the graphics for the Opifex Alvin/Dodga pads ? The left pad sticks out on the shoulder and so it looks really screwed up with on.

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    Post I agree

    I was so excited to get the pads. And they're so damn hard to get - but I cringe everytime I do an F8 and see one pad hanging out in front of my left shoulder. The visual bug really, really, really minimizes and demeans what should be considered a major achievement in AO and turns it into an embarassment and something I'm not quite proud of when in fact I should be.

    I sent a petition and an ARK showed up, he want on explaining that it wasn't considered a high priority? Now, I have this question - was the AO community screaming for Santa Leets and those useless gifts? Was the community screaming for silly caps, glasses and arrows???? NO - but all of the Opifex characters want this bug addressed.
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    and don't forget the male opifex' crooked heads.
    oh wait, they already have.

    have no fear, they will fix these visual bugs approximately 41 seconds after you click `delete this character' in a fit of disgust.

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    been annoying me since the day I got those damn pads. fix it.
    can't be that much of a job. prolly just take a few min(I have no idea =P ). I agree that there might be more important matters to fix but this, but it's such a small bug.
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    My nightly /bug report

    I have and will continue to do a /bug report each time I play AO. If this becomes a problem then they (FC) need to let me know.

    When I complained about the TK spawn to a friend and the fighting that goes on to get him he told that he was told that FC never intended everyone to have the pads. Also, the pads are something that should be hard to get and considered a great achievement. So, what I'm hearing is its okay for me to spend time, money and energy trying to get something of importance that really isn't considered important to the people that created them?

    I work for the worlds 3rd largest independent software company and our clients would sue us if we allowed some of the bugs to slip thru QA that FC has allowed. Did they test the graphic on each race before they went to the live servers?
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    Another patch and still no fix in sight - my wife could fix this bug....

    /me walks away mumbling.....
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