Hello UK AO Players

The plan is to have a little get together in a pub in London; after which if people wish to go clubbing, to the cinema or shopping in groups (if of course there are quite a few of us), then that's OK too.

Exact location of which depends on what people would prefer, but as it gets closer to the day I will have to obviously decide it based on the most votes (by tallying via a Spreadsheet).

I think a pub meet would be best initially to get to know each other over drinks and to rant on about AO of course

People so far that have said they are interested, are;

Sightsee\Greenie01 (me)

If you know of any other players in the UK able to get to London for a day and interested, please tell them to notify me via email ( sickyshaun@aol.com ), so as I can add them to the list of who to expect.

Later when I know where and what day it is to be (end of January), I will post on the AO forum Boards.

Choices of area's in London so far are: Finsbury Park, Liverpool Street, Some fancy place in Central (Piccadilly way), or in North London (Woodgreen) I live right next to the High Street. Please inform me of your preferred location in your reply.

A final (and obvious) thing left to say is that anyone interested should be 18 Years of age or older, (as the meeting will be over a few drinks initially).