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Thread: Equiping GA2

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    Equiping GA2

    Hey all,
    currently I'm wearing GA1 at level 82, but I have the GA2 crystall ready to rock. At what level has everyone here been able to equip GA2 without mochams and a 132 wrangle lol. Im like 165 points short in MC and somewhat similar in MM/TS. Does anyone know at how much I can get away with without bieng OE when buffs wear off ? Others experiences greatly appreciated.

    Thanks ~

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    I equipped mine at 100. I didn't have GA before that so I was totally unprepared for it. I had to get MC and TS mochams. At 119, I still need an MC buff. Using it has been great, but I'm really feeling the ip crunch just trying to get to the point of self casting it. I have some ip saved up, about 60k, but using it all for MC still doesn't get me to that point. I'm sure that I could rework my imps, as I'm still using 155's. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to equip ql200 imps. If I can, that may fix the problem. MC is going to be your toughest. Concentrate on either MM or TS to cut down on how many buffs you will need to cast your GA. Get everything to the point where it just takes a Mocham, and then raise MM first, since you need it for other fixer nano's. Then TS. Then MC.
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    I had the same issue with GA 1 when i equipped it first, I've fallen far behind on my base abilitys for quite a few levels. It seems that to wear GA when its useful you have to gimp out certain abilitys somewhere at low levels anyways. Does it ever get better ? I sure hope so cuz we are so fookered on IP and GA amplifies that issue.

    By how much % can you acytually OE it and still be at 100% ?

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    It uses the same rules as weapons and armor. 20% I believe. I'm not positive on that. At this point for me, I only need an infuse of MC to cast it, but it doesn't need to be running any more to keep from being OE'd. The only thing I have been able to keep up to date ip-wise since equipping GA, over 19 levels, is mg/smg. Everything else is lacking including treatment, first aid, other nano skills, and all abilities. I'm only a little behind on body dev. My B&E is piss poor. My run speed is saved only by our run buffs. My evades are in bad shape except for ranged. Ugh, the list goes on. You definately pay the price for GA, at least until higher levels when IP becomes more available (I hope). I'm terrified that I'm going to hit lvl 180 or 190 and find myself totally screwed. IP reset points help, but if you have totally borked yourself, you can't fix everything.
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    You really want to look at your implants, then.

    I looted GA 3 in my 80's, and went from Mochams+131 Wrangle to now needing either a mastery or a 40ish point wrangle
    but I'm level 111.

    The real secret is getting in the best implants you possibly can, and then filling the gaps with i.p. See bima's guide to
    implants called I am an implant hypocrite.

    At 107/108 I used his advice to get in QL 162-QL169 implants everywhere.

    Having said that, I can only this level cause nano cauterization, my evades and run speed and inits are lower than I'd like
    them to be, and I haven't upgraded my run buff in a veeeery long time, nor can I cast Supreme Supressor yet.

    So some sacrifices have to be made.

    Of course, about the time I thought to myself, no more points in matter creation, I looted GA 4. :-)
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    Ive been thinking, at low levels besides the fact that you need a certain amount of b&e to use the fixer shop.. is there any other reason to put ip into B&e ? I wont be stripping imps or looting chests for a long while anyways, or shall i say im not really interested in it... yet ..

    I guess im trying to reach for more IP but it may be impossible

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    Where you find IP starts to hurt is if you concentrate on all the nano lines, I focused on the 3 needed for GA and let the others slip a bit. Ok the downside is that your hots, ncu, SMG and run buffs will be behind untill you get to the point where you can self cast GA or get to the point when it's just masteries you need, then decide again whether you are happy finding an MP every 6 hours or so or whether you want to start raising other nano lines.

    I also let skills like Body dev slip, the fact a lot of mobs miss you and your hots mean HP are not as essential as before. Comp lit is another as is run (buffs) B&E is not needed either unless you are addicted to opening chests.

    Imps are very important, you can triple implant MC and that sure helps.

    Just need to make some sacrifices but it's worth it in the long run.
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    I got my GA2 uploaded at level 81 with Mocham's Gifts and no wrangling. Also, without Mocham's Gifts, I was still not over-equiped (although I had to keep expertises running). There were three factors which prevented me from uploading it sooner:

    1) I hit level caps with nano skills (never thought I'd see that one...)
    2) I was too lazy to actually think about my implants, meaning I was limited to about QL110-115 stuff because I was too lazy to go hunt down a doctor for a +80 treatment buff (not to mention the fact that my treatment wasn't quite maxed out)
    3) My character wasn't built from the ground up to equip GA

    I choose the path of fewest levels over fewest IP. This meant that even though the two other skills required for GA cost more IP per point than Matter Creation (MC is base-12 and among our lowest costing nano skills, if I remember correctly), I choose to implant MC anyway instead of pumping all my implants into TS & MM, which would cost less IP in the end (when I have to upgrade my GA and start raising TS & MM again), but I would've had to gain more levels at the time (in the short term, I didn't have enough IP to take MC from nothing to 515 with Mocham's Gifts).

    Factors 2) and 3) were far more limiting than 1) though. If I had bothered to make higher level implants and get that +80 treatment buff, I could've easily overcome the trade-offs I made.

    Things my character had going for him that helped equip GA2:
    1) My base stats are generally kept quite high, all of them. This allowed me freedom with implants. If something required psychic I didn't even think twice about it.
    2) I had quite a bit of IP saved up (if I remember correctly, a tad over 80k). I bought GA2 around level 78 I believe, and I had some IP saved up at the time regardless.
    3) My Intelligence has always been maxed out, currently it's 282, I think.

    My character tends to be very heavily nano dependant, although no slouch in other skills. The things I sacrificed were:
    1) Runspeed. Now, at level 89, with Grid Surfer I only have around 700 runspeed, if I remember correctly.
    2) Evades. GA2 gives me +120 to all evades plus that huge DMS modifier, I figured maxing them out was no longer a priority.
    3) Computer Literacy. I haven't put a point in there since I did the Fixer Grid quest (251 required for Harry's). GA2 gives +50 NCU, so I'm not really hurting for it (I have 249 total currently, I could have more if I maxed out my NCU upgrades and ditched the morphing memory)

    Oh, one last note. GA2 cost 1230 nano to run. Most people don't mention that, but at level 81 I didn't have that big a pool. I had to equip my Alvin/Dodga pad, run GA2, take the pad off, then put on GA2. I let natural pool growth increase my pool to the required amount though; I didn't feel like putting IP into my pool.

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    GA2 non oe min needed skills:

    MM 428
    MC 412
    TS 304

    if you ever want to know how much you need to be non OE and have minimum skills: 0.8 * skill

    If you have say 450 points in 2hb and want to know what the max req is for the weapon you want to equip and be non OE:

    Skill/0.8 (450/0.8=562.5)

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    One way i offset using ip in MC is by keeping base abilities low as they dont give much of a bonus to other abilities at lower levels, exception to this was intel as it influences 80% for nano skills and body development which i believe you can never have enough off.
    By the time your title capped between tl4-5 you will have more than enough ip to catch on the skills you wanted to keep up, and after tl5 even self casting GA3 leaves me with ip Im still debating on what to do with.

    Have fun
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    OMG ! Costanea, i was wondering what happened to you. I met you a while back while playing my MA Rakiza. Send me a tell in game to Jiux =)

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    I am 62 now, and with ql 130 ish imps i can get in GA 2 with :
    Expertize in MM
    Infuse in MC
    And a Mastery in TS

    This is barely not OE'ing
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    Originally posted by ~ Jiux ~
    Ive been thinking, at low levels besides the fact that you need a certain amount of b&e to use the fixer shop.. is there any other reason to put ip into B&e ? I wont be stripping imps or looting chests for a long while anyways, or shall i say im not really interested in it... yet ..

    I guess im trying to reach for more IP but it may be impossible
    Get BE up to 400, which should make you able to open any door or chest, and get the Fixer Grid II quest. Then it can sit for a while, until you have IP. I haven't raised BE since the80s.
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    I am at 50 and can use GA2 100% with Mochies.

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    i believe i was around 120 125 before i could self cast GA2, for those of you wondering where abouts you should be able to do it. And tbh i use solely symbiants at that level.
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    If you are going to get a GA2 on at level 80-90ish, you'll definately need to let something slide a little.

    You'll feel the IP pinch up to level 120-130 when title cap for certain skills comes in but if you do it right, you'll be soloing that lvl200 dyna at lvl 120ish. Might take you a while to kill him but its doable

    IMO, the right implant mix is very important, get a head symbiant as they raise all nano skills. Max all basic abilities for trickle down (except for Stamina and Psychic, keep stam at 70-80%).

    Also max evades if you want to get the most out of your GA and max range initative so you can attack faster even at 100% def. Raise nano skills up to the point u can cast the highest short and long HoT u can for your level and if you have some IP left, dump them into MG/SMG and Burst.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogmatrix
    If you are going to get a GA2 on at level 80-90ish, you'll definately need to let something slide a little.
    For GAIII I'd agree with you... but heck I got GAII on my trox fixer at 51...

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