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Thread: Child of the Omni

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    Child of the Omni

    Wind. An ocean. Trees breaking in half. The shore. A hideout.
    There she was. Finally. Life had a bright side afterall, she thought.. Holding her husbands hand, smiling at her little baby, her little girl. "She's going to be alright now, we're going to..".

    A shot. Dust falls.

    "NO! Not my dear...! No!" She threw herself over him.
    It was a headshot.

    "Leave us alone! No! Not my child! Please!".
    The man gave the child to another, a cloaked one. The cloaked ran off with the child, safely in his arms, as if she was his own. He put her inside his cloak, to shelter her.

    "What should I do with this lady here? Her mother?"
    "Do as you please with her, then throw her to the Shark"
    "Geezus, but she just gave birth, that's just disqusting!"
    "So dump her then! See if I give a ****, our mission is this child, the mother isn't worth jack, to the child nor us!" The man turned towards the childs mother. "Sorry lady, eternal life awaits". Then pulled up his gun and shot her in the chest, her body split in half.

    "Now hurry up, before someone else finds them!"
    The man stared at the destruction of the mother he had caused. Couldn't take his eyes off.. it.. He had never seen it close at hand, he was a sniper, not used to see the blood and guts of his victims. He vomited. Over the body. "Uhn... Damn.. It's so horrible.." The man was on his knees before the mother.

    "Fine, I'm leaving without you!" The cloaked one jumped onto his horse and gave signal to ride off. The man quickly turned and climbed on his hoverbike, and drove after the cloaked one.

    Through the comm: "So how do we do it?" "We deliver the kid, get the deal done." "Oh... Right.. Sure we ought to do this..?" "I want to know.." "Oh.. Oh yes.. we want to know.." The two rides and drives into the sunrise.
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    The Reward

    "She's the one.". The cloaked smiled out of relief.
    "Of course she is", He said, "I never fail my job!"
    "True that." The other mumbled. "Here. Your pay."
    The other opened his hands, there was a book. The cloaked one smirks. "And of course.. It's the right book.. right..?" "Yes, it is..." The cloaked one nods, takes the book and steps outside where his horse awaits him, and the atrox.

    "So did you get it? Did you?" The atrox said as soon as he saw the cloaked one. "Yes. Now lets get the hell out of here." He replied, and jumped up on his horse, hiding the book within his cloak. The atrox caught a glimps of it. "Rather.. small book.. isn't it?" "Size doesn't matter... It's the inside that counts.." The cloaked one said and signaled his horse to move, dust was whirreled up, and he took off into the wompa, with the atrox hoverbike right behind him.

    Meanwhile, inside. The doctor examines the child, studies every part to reveal her secret. "Did you give them the book?" A dark figure emerges from behind the doctor. The doctor jumps. "Oh! Well, yes Sir, I gave them the book." The figure laughs. "Soon we'll be rid of that rogue, and I'll have him off my neck!"
    The figure tightens a fist and slams a table filled with sylinders, mugs and glasses, making a tinkling sound in everyone of them, some falls to the floor and breaks.
    "Carefull!! This is valuable equiptment!!" The doctor rushes to the broken glass on the floor, and carefully picks them up.
    "What does broken glass matter when you got eternal life in your grasp?!" The figure dissapears.
    The doctor is on his knees, brushing some glass into his hand, he whispers: "Well... We have just found the sorce as of yet..."
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    Illusions Of The Past

    The suns.. Boiling... Burning... She walks unharmed.. Looking up, smiling at the balls of fire.

    Stopping for a moment, dropping a bag at the ground under a tree. She sits down, looking at the path from wence she came.

    The world is dreamy, the shades plays games with her eyes, giggling, watching the act of shadows, drawing in the sand, the shadow plays it's act with her, a great big play of shadow and sand.

    Tired the girl sits back at the tree, her gaize comes once again from the path she came.
    "Stubborn.. Why did he run off like that.." The shades seems eager to play, the girl closes her eyes.

    Her enviroment changes, it's disturbed, she's disturbed... Mutilated... A white disturbance..
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    The lab is filled with sterilised white cloaks, glasses and equipment, and a table with a 10 year old girl in the centre.
    Several tubes coming out of her, her mouth, ears, one from her eye, nose, holes in her arms, legs and stomach. She laid there, lifeless, not moving, peaceful, yet disturbed.
    The doctors goes back and forth, needles and containers with differently colored of liquids. Every once in a while the tubes began to suck, making her squirm and scream, as it stops, so does she, just as peaceful as before.

    "How was that last sucktion?!" A doctor stands over the monitor, typing on the board. "It was fine, just fine. How much do we got now anyway?" "Enough to supply one man for 348 879 years!" "348 879 years? The boss is crazy..." "Agreed, but it's good pay... And we've only just begun too!" "Yes, but she's 10 years old now... She should be ready for a much harder sucktion?" "Yes, soon, we just need the final data of her health and blood structure." "Any news on 'FATE' yet?" "Yes, it won't blend in the liquid, so we're safe from it, the girl I'm more conserned about..." "We're sure about this? I'm sure as hell I don't want that thing in me!" "Yes, we're quite sure. None of the tests has given any signs of it." "Good.. Good..."
    The doctors part and goes on with their assignments. The doctor by the monitor studies the final tests. "She's ready..."
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    Storm In An Uproar

    "Damn this... DAMN THIS!" A book flies through the air and hits the far wall. "IT'S NOT THE RIGHT ONE!" The echoes chime in the dark halls of a castle. "Hey hey! Easy there.. Lets try to figure this out befo.." The atrox is interupted, by the silence. He turns and the cloaked one is gone. "Where did you go..?".

    A storm is brewing in the distance, four fast feet troubles the sand, the cloak whips against his body, the hood falls. Young, pale, crystalic eyes, opifex of breed but what of soul? His eyes doesn't blink, even as the sand hits them. A thunder of feet beneath him, the thunder of weather above him. "The wrong book.. How could they give me the WRONG BOOK?!"

    A different place, sometime later.
    "She's doing well, her production is beyond what we expected. Now what we are thinking is that if we gave her more freedom, she might..." "MORE FREEDOM?! Are you insane?!"
    The dark figure throws the desk with a slap of the wrist before him, almost hits the scientist talking up above. "Ye...Yes... We thought maybe she would give more and perhaps cooperate more if we gave her more freedom.."
    The scientist clears his throat while the figure steps closer and closer, determined for something.
    "Our latest numbers and data SHOWS that when she is more relaxed, it's less time between each suction and.."
    The scientist hangs and dangles by the neck, held by one hand of the dark figure.
    "..and..we wouldn't .. drug..her..."
    Close to choking the scientist, the figure drops him down on the floor, who's now gasping for air.
    "And what freedom would you give?"
    The figure bends down, picking the scientist up to his feet.
    "Oh.. uh.. We were thinking we could give her a few hours outdoors each day and.."
    "THOUGHT DECLINED!" The figure yells and disapears in shadows.
    The scientist left in dead silence and darkness of the audiotorium, whispering; "But she's getting stronger..."
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    OOC sure what to make of it yet. I guess all will be made clear in the future though!
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    Breaking An Entry

    The thunder grows louder from up above, and settles below. He dismounts his steed, slaps its back and it rides off into the horizon.
    Carefully, he sits down, just within range of the entrence. Reaching for a rifle on his back, reloads it, and hides in the shadows, and only the sounds of thunder and rain disturbes the desert canyon.

    A cigarette lights up inside the steel-ribbed helmet. "Hey, did you see the fight last night? Killer eyh?" Two guards relaxing, not expecting. "Yah, t'at guy Boneslamme' sure smas'es'em up yah."
    The other one laughs. "Yeah you were great.."
    They both laughs, the short one with the cigarette falls to the ground. "W'at t'e?!" The tall atrox grips his beam and looks around carefully. A whisper, "Stay quiet if you feel your life worthy.." The atrox nods slowly.
    "Open the door." The atrox slides his hand into a small hole by the door, and it opens.
    "Thank you Sir ... Oh.. And I suggest you run..." The atrox nods and runs down the hill.
    Well inside, a door opens by itself, closes shortly after, the cloaked one appears, hiding behind some boxes. "Now I need time..."

    "There you go." Another guard grins at a short, skinny opifex girl as she walks into her cell. He closes and locks the door. The girl sits down in her usual corner of pillows, holding around her legs, crying yet again, then slowly falls asleep... slowly....
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    "I guess you were the lucky one.."
    The two opifexes stands face to face in the darkness, in a light of hope.
    "I suppose..."
    The prisoncell door behind them is slightly open, lockpicked, and the guard outside passed out.
    "...But anyway, lets get you out of here." The little opifex girl nods.
    "Just follow the tapping." The cloaked one disapears in the shadows, the girl left confused. "Tapping..?", then a soft whisper, "Just come on.."
    Her hand is lifted, she feels the touch but doesn't see what's holding it, she gets pulled slowly through the corridor of the so-called condemned mine, now used as a secret laboratory.
    The girl whispers, "Malcom, are you sure you know where we're going?". A soft shh, and then a shot, a guard in the distance falls to his knees, then flat to his stomach, Malcom descends from the shadows. "Come on, we have to hurry."
    Running through the corridor, peaking by corners, the two coming closer and closer to the free outside.
    "Something's wrong Malcom.. Something's very very.." The girl loses the grip of Malcom's hand and falls on the ground screaming.
    Quickly Malcom turns, ready to fire, but nobody there. He picks up the girl, and rushes as fast as he can, the guards still knocked out from his entry, he easily passes through, and outdoors to the raging, terrible storm, the girl holding around his neck, crying into his cloak.

    Panting against natures wrath, corns of sand in the mouth and throat, fatigue he stumbles and falls, gasping for breath, coughing. "I...can't carry you much longer.." He looks down at her.
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    The Gift

    A shelter, the mighty walls of Stret West.
    "Come on, come on.. Wake up, they'll come look for us..damnit.." The little opifex girl lays still, lifeless on the dirty and wet ground. On the edge of crying, Malcom embraces the girl, whispering in her ear, "I want the book..I need you to tell me where the book is..Please.." Her leg is covered with dried blood and infected with the brutal sand of the desert.

    The moment passes, his tears blends with the soft, tinkling rain, when the expected happened..
    Like a light from heaven, blue faint light, dancing light around her leg and body, she levitates, Malcom gasps and gets blown back and slams into a tree, knocked out. The girl, spinning, twisting, blue, bright light like the touch of a god, lightning blinks around her, thus it ends.
    She breathes, slowly opens her once dead stare, watching Malcom knocked out by the tree. Slowly, Seema gets up on her knees, and looks up, the storm and rain has stopped, her leg is healed, and she's as fresh as morning dew. Again, slowly, she gets up to her feet, and starts walking away, running on a path unknown...
    . . .
    Malcom wakes up, pulling himself together, checking his rifle, while looking at the ground where the dead girl had lain.
    "Damn her.."
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    Knight Of The Gun

    The sun sneaks over the horizon, birds begin to sing, the storms of the night passes, and people fills the streets of West Athens.

    Suddenly, some birds spooks and flies to the sky, screaming, the quick tapping of light feet, claws of the forest shortly after.

    Seema, almost out of breath, her legs teasing to fail her, chased by a sabertooth, quickly runs towards the city gates, and safety, but it's too late. The sabertooth makes its leap of death, growling loudly, forcing her to the ground, she tries fighting it off with a very old looking staff, but it cracks in half, she screams for help, just as the sabertooth plunges through the air, and lays dead a few feet away from her. Panting heavily she looks up at the morning sky, how beautiful it is, and peacefull.

    Rushing footsteps from the city gates.

    "Are you allright Miss?" An opifex with a visor starts checking her, using his healing powers of nanobots to heal the scratches of the sabertooth.
    "Yes...Yes I'm fine..Did you..?" The opifex smiles at Seema and waves his BBI Faithful. "Yeah, I heard you screaming, would've come earlier but I was asleep over there by the tree" He points at the tree and looks back at Seema, giving her a hand so she gets up on her feet.
    "Thank you, Mister...?" "The name is MithNess, but people usually calls me Mith, or Mithie." Walking towards the city gates, tired, she watches Mithie, and catches a glimpes of the dead sabertooth in the corner of her eye, shivering, she pulls her robe closer, keeping her warmth.
    "What would your name be Miss?" Mithie smiles as they walk into The Cup, quiet as usual, with soft music coming from the speakers.
    "Oh..It's.." Doubting for a moment, knowing she's hunted, thinking of a better way..A different name.
    Mithie nods, understanding she doesn't trust him. "Leopus?" He says, winking. Seema smiles, "Yes...Leopus..", she lays down in the comfy couch, and as her head touches its arm, she falls asleep. Mithie turns from the bartender, holding an empty glass and a bottle of water. "I was thinking maybe you wanted..." He smiles again when he sees her, sleeping in her wet robe on the couch. He whispers to himself, "Guess I'll be watching over you then", Taking off his dry, clean, coat, laying it on her, steps away and carefully pulls out a chair, sits down and whobbles it backwards, leaning against the wall, closing his eyes, yet not sleeping...

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    Dark As Ebony

    A heavy sigh as he sits down, leaning against a rather smelly building, in the shadows. "Now there's a change..." At the sight of the Council of Truth building, Malcom carefully opens a can of water and sips it, not spilling a drop. He sits quietly, watching the people with a careful eye, all so busy, yelling, talking, disturbing. The dust whirls as they run by, combat, fight after fight, one mans blood is another mans blessing. Malcom sighs. He stands up, his rifle hidden in his cloak, still sipping the can of water, he walks the streets of Tir, trying to find that face.
    He thinks to himself. "Fair Trade...Seems busier..If she'll be anywhere..She would be here.." He thinks, and sits down underneath one of the tents, relaxing in the shades.

    The day passes by, and still no resembling face. Malcom gets up on his feet again, stiff after sitting all day long, he takes a walk. "Suppose one could wonder why they came to Rubai-Koasho...And why the hell I look like them in the first place...", Malcom thinks and sighs. "Need that book..." he whispers, perhaps a little too loud. A voice behind him, "Hey man, ya got a beer?" Malcom doubtfully turns around, nobody there.. "Hey, ya blind or sumthin'?" He looks again, and yes, besides a building, under a tent, a young girl..Not THE girl...But a girl..Her skin is dark...Dark as Ebony..
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    Nice story Cham!! pliz tell me more!! Maybe one day we will know the end.

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    "Who is she? You just found her?" "Yes, she was chased by a 'tooth. Couldn't have it eat her.." "Ok..Well you better take care of her Mithie, I doubt she would last long in the wars.." "I will Zack, don't worry." "I still don't trust you Mithie...You're an alien...Can't trust what I don't know what is." "I understand Zack...I just need to find my Master, then I'm gone..." "Hope so..."

    Footsteps, and the door opening, footsteps vanish into the music of the night.

    Seema opens her eyes carefully. Mithness is whobbling his chair, drinking a glass of what seems like water. Seema tries to force it back, but has to express a yawn. Mithness looks at her and smiles. "Hey, you're awake. Had a good sleep?" Seema smiles. "Yes Sir..", She sits up, looking at the coat on her, not hers. Volcanic, hardly dirty, warm, warmer than usual coats.. "Want something to eat?" Seema jumps, forgot Mithness. "Oh..Yes, yes please.." Mithness smiles and walks up to the bartender. "Should I trust him..? I don't know him, but he seems nice enough.." Seema thinks as the door of The Cup opens again, and a constant tapping.. tap...tap...tap...tap...tap....

    "Hello there young one.." Seema looks around and sees a young girl like herself, looking down and leaning on a staff. "Hel..Hello..Did you just.." Interrupted. "Speak to you? Teehee...Yes.." Seema touches her head. "But.." Interrupted again. "I talk into your mind..It's the only way I can communicate..Teehee..." The girl smiles. "Oh..Can you read.." Interrupted yet again. "Your mind? Yes, I can, but you would know when I am.." The girl sits down in a chair after hitting it with her staff. Mithness turns around. "Heya Aqwa, need something to eat?" There's no answer, but Mithness nods and brings Seema her food. Seema smiles and begins to eat the food. No words are spoken. With her food half eaten, Seema slows down her chewing, something hurts..Her head..Feels like drilling..She drops her fork on the platter, it clings horribly loud.. Mithness gets up and bends over her. "Are you ok Leopus?" He says, comes out as a blur of words, frightening.. Seema curls up in the corner of the sofa, holding her head in her hands, screaming..
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    Visions Of The Past

    "A person..Someone like me..It's..It's Malcom..Malcom..Ashwell..I know his name.."
    "Good day"
    "Good day Mr Ashwell"
    "I'll climb up there with him..The cube..There's a hole..I...I know how to do this..."
    "Mr Ashwell, Good day!"
    "He's not answering when I talk to him..Does he know I'm here..?"
    "I'll show him how to do the cube...It'll give us the...Thing..."
    "Here, let me help you"
    "He did it almost right..He..He did his part..I'll do mine..."
    "A bright flash...Blue..I can't see anything...It's too hot..."
    "Here it is...It's...It's the book..."
    "Hm...The Book Of Dun..."
    "He's still down...Confused I guess..."
    "Come Malcom"
    "I can't hear his footsteps..."
    "Come along Malcom. It is your name isn't it?"
    "I'll take his hand...He'll understand then..."
    "You don't want to come?"
    "He ran away...Stubborn...Why did he run off like that?"

    Seema screams.
    "Stop it! Please! Stop it!!" Holding her head, sweat drips from her. "Stop what Leopus?" Mithness sits down next to her, looking over her conserned, then looks over at Aqwa. "Aqwa? Are you doing this?" ... "Please stop it Aqwa, she can't take it." Seema stops screaming all of a sudden. Shaking and shivering, crying.
    "You are not like the others here... Yet you're not like me and Mithness either...You're old...Much older than you look...Young girl...Your age doesn't make sense..." Seema looks up and at Aqwa, then closes her eyes, fainted.
    "An age far greater than time itself..."
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    Making A Friend

    The music from the speakers was soothing and relaxing. Malcom carefully sips this newfound liquid, called beer.

    "What do ya think man?" Said the young girl. "Heh, it's allright. Tastes better than water." Malcom smiles at the dark girl while sipping some more. "Yeah, water ain't good." The two sat in the darkness, drinking, talking, laughing. "What's your name anyway?" asked Malcom. "Name's Em, yers?" "Malcom..".

    Time flew, Em went to bed in the small rooms of the Happy Rebel, while Malcom talked with the bartender, studying the fine bardesk.

    "So who is she? She lives here or what?" The bartender cleans some glasses with a piece of cloth. "Yeah, she's usually in here when she's not out in the city. Some local brat." "Oh I see... Isn't she a bit young to be drinking?" The atrox bartender nods, "Yes, she shows her ID, though I know it's fake", he shrugs, "But there's not too many customers here these days." Malcom nods, the bartender continues. "Well, her name's Em, don't know if she has any parents or anything. She sleeps in those rooms we got in the back. Maybe you could take care of her?" Malcom grins and laughs, "Me? Can hardly take care of myself.." The bartender prepares to close the bar. "Hm..You two could take care of eachother then. It's not good to have her waste her youth sitting around here. You seem to be around her age, older though, I'm sure you'll get along fine." Malcom nods and slaps some credits on the bardesk. "Maybe..We'll see.."
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    "WHAT DO YOU MEAN GONE?!" The noise stirrs the windows of the office. "She..She's gone Sir..She's escaped the facility..All the guards..Dead...Dead Sir.." The dark figure leans over his desk and grabs the lone guard by the head, headbutting him. The guard falls to the floor bleeding from the forehead. "Gone..A girl..A girl killed all the guards in our research facility..Do you think I'm stupid..?" The dark figure says as he corners his desk calmly, with his hands folded behind his back. "I...I don't know..Sir..I went to do my shift..She was gone..They were dea.." The figure grabs the guard by the head again, lifting him up, squeezing the head of the guard, crushing his helmet and skull. "Fool.." He walks back behind his desk and finds his com-link.
    "Send one unit over to the research facility, gather what you can and clear any trace of us and them." A short static responce.
    The cloaked one mumbles to himself, "That rogue... That... Cloaked... Bastard.. of.. a.. Dun...!" The figure vanishes.

    Someplace else. The forest. Two opifexes walking easily through the terrain. "So where are you from Mr MithNess?" MithNess smiles at Leopus. "Please, just Mithie, or Mith." He looks ahead of him, moving branches away for Leopus. "I'm from a distant planet..Here to find my master.." Leopus looks at him strangely for a second, then keeps going. "Another planet?". "Yes, a great planet..The planet of Nessuvio.." He sighs slightly. "I'm afraid it's history now though..Without my master they could never survive.." Leopus jumps easily up on a log. "They?". MithNess smiles giving Leopus his hand to help her down again. "Yes..His people..My race.." Leopus jumps down with the help of MithNess. "Oh..Race?" MithNess looks down and around casually, watching for beasts. "Yes, the Nessuvians.." Leopus dances about the trees merrily. "Nessuvians?". MithNess smiles and laughs. "You are a curious one, aren't you?" Leopus stops and looks at MithNess, examining him. "You don't look different. You look like an opifex." MithNess nods, leaning against a tree. "Yes, I couldn't survive here with my real body, so I had to take someone elses." Leopus tilts her head and looks somewhere random, thinking to herself. "Well he sounds allright...He's different..Like me.." Leopus looks up at MithNess and smiles, and they continue to walk through the forest.

    An add.
    Malcom studies the piece of paper. "Hmm...Voice Of The People...Maybe they know something...Seems interesting enough.." He takes the paper off the wall and walks off to Fair Trade, where he sits down leaning against a wall, tapping his Comlink.
    "Good day, my name is Malcom Ashwell, I would like to apply for membership in 'The Voice Of The People', as I'm currently a fresh newcommer, wanting to get around some more amongst friendly people. Hope to hear from you soon."
    Malcom sends the application and rests against the wall, waiting for the future to unfold...
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    Talking woot

    very good, cant wait for more

    ill definately have to write up my story some day, hey maybe ill tell you so you can do it mr author

    P.s. will i get a signed copy when its done?
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    The feeling was intolerable. Something was wrong. Malcom tossed from side to side in his small living quarters in the Happy Rebel, unable to sleep, unable to wake up. The lights flickered on the ceiling, the locked door trembled.

    "Hey! What's going on in there!" The owner was pounding at the door yelling.

    Malcom kept tossing himself in his bunkerbed, his crystalic eyes glowed red, lighting up the entire room. His feelings felt ripped to shreds, gutted, stabbed, screaming uncontrollably in an unhuman melodic way.

    A thump.
    Sudden silence.

    The owner of the Happy Rebel barged through the door. Malcom was on the floor. His clothes was sliced and ripped. The room was filled with dark, clouds, black as ash, thunderous inside of them.
    "What..the hell...?!" The owner exlaims as he slowly walks inside.
    Malcom stared at the floor, his eyes slowly turning to the blue, regular shade. He felt alone, something was gone. The dark clouds slowly fades away as the owner walks inside and kneels down at Malcom.
    "Hey, are you allright? What the hell has happened in here?!"
    Malcom scraped the floor with his fingernails, laying still, feeling something fall apart inside of him, something leaving him, something taken away from him, something dead.

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    "You've just got to keep writing, if that's what makes you happy,
    even when there is no indication anyone is actually reading your work." - Savoy


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    The Alien

    Leopus awoke from her sleep in her new appartment, her arm dangling down from the edge of the bed. Something was weird, a funny tingling feeling. She giggled, looking down at her com-link on her bedside table, there were no messages. She sighs and rubs her eyes and utters a weak yawn. Picking up her comlink, she speaks.
    "Good morning MithNess, how are you today?"
    There's no answer, just breathing.
    "MithNess? Are you awake yet?" She giggles.
    A deep voice from the comlink. "Creation is the creator..Creator is the creation...."
    Leopus blinks, thinking of what was said. "MithNess..? Is that you..?"
    Suddenly her bedroom door slams open, a figure stands staring at Leopus, wearing a lavacloak and hood, his face hidden.
    "Oh! MithNess.. You scared me.." Leopus sighs from relief. "But..How did you get into my appartment..?"
    The figure begins to cackle, slowly turns into a manic laugh as he enters the little bedroom. Leopus falls back into her bed, back against the wall as the light hits the person's face. His eyes were dark and eerie, his mouth was missing and there was no nose. Leopus screams from fright from the very bounds of her body as the figure grabs the top of her head.

    The door to her appartment crashes down.
    "Leopus?! Leopus, where are you?!" Zack ran through her appartment, and slowly opens the door to her bedroom, not looking in. "Are..Are you decent..?" There's no answer, he opens the door some more and looks at Leopus sitting in her bed, her eyes are dark as if hollow, breathing slowly and relaxed..Blood drips down on her lap, her jaw is on the floor.. Zack's eyes widens.

    Malcom "Chamaelo" Ashwell - Ex-Immortal.
    Vanguard Adriaan "Demongun" Blackwind - Hermit.
    Jawquez "Jawalooc" Loocazt - Bounty Hunter.
    Michael "Mirkle" Kreble - Creep.
    Christopher "Xelger" Junior - Coffee Maker.

    Child Of The Omni - The Boy With The Kitten - Sleepless - The Storm/Breathe - Terminal

    "You've just got to keep writing, if that's what makes you happy,
    even when there is no indication anyone is actually reading your work." - Savoy


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    Thoughts Of Home

    MithNess layed down easily next to the lava and took in all its warmth, and took a deep breath.
    Oh how he missed his homeworld; the warmth, creatures and his own ones. Rubi-Ka was cold.. Cold and hard, without the love that he so longed for, the peace, the younglings running about his feet..His Master..Oh the Master that he served with such honor and devotion, his lifelong friend and companion, now lost in a world unknown, in a form unknown..Even the language..
    MithNess dried his tears on his sleeves. Tears..So unfamiliar.. BBI's..Ranged weaponry..Unthinkable..
    Suddenly his comlink screeched loudly and staticly over the public guild channel. He sat up and grabbed it, listening again to what was said.

    "My Lord! My Lady! Anyone! Please help! Something has happened to Leopus! She's...She's lost her jaw...She...She looks horrible..Hurry to her appartment! West Athens! Anyone! Bring a doctor!", it was Zack, he seemed terrified, a change from his usual calm. A different voice, calm and easy, but worried for his friend. Cer', the agent of the guild spoke back: "Easy Zack, easy, I'm on my way, Scott and..uh..Dr Data..Is with me.", MithNess spoke into his comlink. "I'm coming aswell Zack, on my way this second." MithNess got up and began to run, as his comlink buzzed again. "Stay the hell away MithNess! I don't want you here..! You..You did this!". MithNess almost stopped but ran on, looking at his comlink puzzled, thinking; "What..? Me..? But I've been at Lavadippers all day.."
    Malcom "Chamaelo" Ashwell - Ex-Immortal.
    Vanguard Adriaan "Demongun" Blackwind - Hermit.
    Jawquez "Jawalooc" Loocazt - Bounty Hunter.
    Michael "Mirkle" Kreble - Creep.
    Christopher "Xelger" Junior - Coffee Maker.

    Child Of The Omni - The Boy With The Kitten - Sleepless - The Storm/Breathe - Terminal

    "You've just got to keep writing, if that's what makes you happy,
    even when there is no indication anyone is actually reading your work." - Savoy


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