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Thread: Confused About Weapons

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    Confused About Weapons

    I have been using a QL14 Cheap OT Kerans Auto Grinner (dmg 1-44) and have been getting busts upto 140 points, critical 110 points and normal attacks upto 55 points.

    I then found a QL21 Cheap OT Kerans Auto Grinner (dmg 1- 53) and assumed because the dmg and QL is higher it would be a better weapon.

    However I have found that the QL21 weapon is significantly weaker than the QL14. I get a bust of max 71, Critial 66 and normal 23.

    How can this be? They are identical weapons, therefore I assumed the higher QL weapon would produce more damage?

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    Problem solved, I do not know why but:-

    I completed the mission I found the gun in. Requested and started a new mission and applied the usual buffs whilst holding the new gun. Then during the mission the damage was increased as expected.

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    Originally posted by Asus
    Problem solved, I do not know why but:- ...
    You zoned

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