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Thread: Dual/Multi-class

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    How's about instead of 2 new proffessions, we have dual or multi-classing, then you could have an NT/MP or say an NT/Fixer or an Agent/Fixer, Soldier/Doctor etc... NT/Eng/Fixer could be interesting!

    My two pence worth!


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    Interesting idea. The idea of having to collect 2 to 3 times the amount of exp to do it scares me.
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    We already have that class. It's called an Agent. :-)
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    hmmm.... I'm thinking enf/trader combo.
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    Meta-Physicist/ Engineer

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    i dont like it.

    say for instance doctor/enforcer.

    or martial artist/trader.

    nope i would not want to go against said people or team with them, they would utterly destroy the specs of balance ao got left.

    also how would your skill charts look?

    the only halfway feasible solution would be to "lock" the skills of the inactive class until both are close together level wise.

    and even then how do you sort out the ip costs ... brrrr its a nightmare.
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    Well one thing is for sure, it would cut down on alts, as you'd be able to keep a character you've established and liked. On a dual class, it could be run like AD&D, where you no longer advance your first class, or you choose which class to advance, you xp could be stored per level, and then you select with proffession it'll go to. Could be done much the same for multi-class. I understand how it could be problematic to implement, but it could also be rewarding and cut down on the ammount of info stored on the servers as people wouldn't necesarrily have so many alts.

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    If it was done like D&D, you'd be limited to a total of 200 levels per character spread between all of your classes.

    If they did this, they'd pretty much have to implement level locks on ALL nanos, otherwise you'd just run up 189 levels of MA, then add 1 level of each of the other profs and be uber-everything.

    I understand the sentiment, but it'd be a HUGE change to game mechanics, one that could really only be made in an AO2 - it's just too big of a change to something too fundamental to be in anything other than a new game.
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    This dual classing already exists for everybody except the soldiers & enforcers.

    Doctor + Nova Flow = Healing Soldier
    NT + Nova Flow = Nuking Soldier
    Trader + Nova Flow = Depriving/Ransacking Soldier
    Martial Artist + Nova Flow = Critical Hitting/Healing Soldier
    Meta-Physicist + Nova Flow = Soldier w. Pets
    Engineer + Nova Flow = Gimped Soldier (hehe ok bad example)

    Doctor + Beam = Healing Enforcer
    etc etc you get the point

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    For Shadowlands they also talked about specializing your skills. In a way this might be like multi classing. It will at least make one person even more varied from the next.
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    It will make them more varied, but it won't allow for the meshing of 2 sets of abilities, which I think is both waaaay too hard to implement and an overall bad idea.
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    Multi-classing has been thought of, though little has been done with it - probably due to having a thousand other things to do first (like fixing bugs).

    If you activate your Skills viewer, and move your pointer up over the area displaying your name, class and profession-title, the tooltip message will be 'No previous profession.'

    A curiosity I've stumbled across.
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    Oh come on...
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