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Thread: declaration of indepancance. past present and future of neuts, from a neut.

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    declaration of indepancance. past present and future of neuts, from a neut.

    wow, the neutrals, what can u say?
    we make up so little of the population, yet all the rage seems to be about what we are or are not doing.

    lets talk about past present and posable future shall we ?

    before the notum wars, there wasent much, the attack on commander steel was interesting, but many clanners miss took it for an attack on Tir.
    to set things straight as much as possable, it was an attack on commander steel in retaliation to his brutality. not aginst the clans or tir. if ICC guards were attacking clan in the streets of newland or meetmedere, shooting before asking questions i would expect the same responce from the clan cummunity. but how many times have i seen clan or omni people killing our guards in front of the newland main gate or at the meetmedere prison with out anyone really getting their feathers ruffled about it?

    after talking to a clanner the other day though i think that you now understand some of the same fustrations we as neuts have had about our guards being shot down in cold blood. but how many ICC guards have shot at you for no reason and without provocation? oh well. i feel like im beating a dead horse, and that the damage and misconseptions have already sunk in too deep to be retrieved.

    neurals have some land. not much, and to my knowalge all of it was obtained without blood shed, with only 1 or 2 not being the first prospectors on the various notum veins throughout the terraformed regions. some sites have held on for good time, while some fell victom to the opening attacks of notum wars. for the most part clans are the only attackers, but a few omni come in to test the defense shield capablitys from time to time. the intersting thing is that when people attack neut mines, aside from a few blatent orgs like omni-pol they always seem to have an excuse and act sorry for attacking. like the dishonor of fighting so small a group instead of your real enemy needs apoligy. watching a grey mark turn to red/blue without provocation brings enough shame on your name, even from other orgs on the same side. why waste time with the neuts that dont have to numbers to own many more when you could be fighting for the freedom of rubi-ka or the preservation of the corporation. some try to justify, but with all the fals roumors about neuts, and some neut orgs, like EO to which i belong, ive lost hope for understanding. everyone wants to hold a grudge and find an excuse to wipe out every grey spot on the Lcs map. while were on the subject of total annilation......


    can u imagine a world without neutral notum mines? some long for that day, even go so far as to threaten it, but relly, lets ponder the question.
    in 29250 omni-tek allowed neutrals to leave the corp without retaliation so as notto have to deal with ICC regs about them. the neutral populace of rubi-ka are not going away. ICC will see to that. but without land neutrals will drop all the inhabations they had earlier. which means that you will have an entire populace on RK angry and disgruntled with nothing to lose. a people with nothing to lose do some crazy things, when you have nowhere to go but up your willing to even sacafice yourself and eveything you own to "get back". there are a fair number or neut merc groups that own land. can u imagine a Elite Operations or Circle G that have nothing better to do then distroy, terroise, grief, any and all org's that got in their way in the past, only to place up an unguarded controler so that it can be taken away so that they can distroy and troment the next guild to take the spot ? with out any worry of retaliation on nonexistant holdings the neutral community would be one in something that they already have proven theselfs to be very profecent in. revenge. ive even heard talk of it already, as if people are just waiting for that situation to arise so that they can take revenge. to declare their freedoms and be left alone.

    the days of calling neuts fence sitters are gone. we do believe in something. the automony to be left alone. we fight for the same freedoms that the clanners of old did, and unlike the clans of today who seek to overthrow the corperation. we can se a world where pease between all sides can exist. what it truly comes down too, is rubi-ka as a whole willing to set aside its differences, and achieve that.

    i for one dont think so, so untill then, i walk with my pistol loaded, and my heart proud, that i am one of the few on rubi-ka that can call herself, Neutral.

    elyse "shaquaneeva" orbin
    adventurer Elite Operations
    and miss neutral rubika 29476

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    Not all Clans nor clanners seek to overthrow anything.

    This clanner, like many others, simply wants to live in peace and prosperity.

    This clanner, like many others, thinks that fighting over notum mines is not terribly productive.

    This clanner, like many other clanners, omni and neutrals would just as soon be faction-blind.

    I call upon all of you who no longer see in faction colors to band together with me and others like me and bring about a new face of that isn't continually contorted into a painful visage of endless death and destruction.

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    Nelida, I am with you.

    We must be the 'Voice' of freedom. We must spread our message to the planet. We must begin a peaceful campaing to take our message to the people of Rubi-Ka. To bring peace and prosperity to all...

    Benjamin "Fixerben" Bacarella - L212 AL10
    Haywood "Brawlking" Jablomy - L220 AL21

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    Shaquaneeva, I can also truly call myself Neutral. As it pertains to the war that the ICC has thrust upon us. I have no towers to mine, no profit to gain, and nothing to benefit from this war. The only way I am ever involved will be in my effort to cease the fighting.

    You can be a Clanner and still be Neutral it just depends to the conflict you refer to. I am locked in an endless battle to bring peace to Rubi-Ka. In that way I am not Neutral. I dont beleive in any form of opression, whether it be from the Sentinels, or Omni-Tek. They are both equally wrong in my eyes.

    So think as you wish. We will remain vigilant, and we will have our peace...

    Benjamin "Fixerben" Bacarella - L212 AL10
    Haywood "Brawlking" Jablomy - L220 AL21

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    i'm only calling things as i see em. please don't take any of it personal, its a statment of things as a whole. i know of a new neut guild that is hell bent on removing all clan and omni towers in the holes in the wall area, starting with clan. general shaquacruz of the elite academy was there before the retaliation attack on the controller of this org. normaly we protect all neut towers but cruz under order from EO pulled out EA troops beause of this orgs dishonerable actions on a non-voilent clan. obviuosly i don't put this org in that catagory of seeing people or guilds in a personal basis. but the point im tring to make is that the feelings and issues im addressing is what most neuts feel from most other clan and omni. i havent spoken to a clan member yet that liked the steel assination, or have tried to seriously see it from our perspective. and even if it's just a few peeps that are spoiling this situation were in, it only takes a few. one apple will spoil the whole bunch. and that apple can turn rubi-ka inside out if something doesn't change.

    i scanned through my post, i don't think i used any term that would refer to ALL clan or omni being placed into a stereotype.

    then again. i hope im not reading too much into your responces. i know you mean the best

    i appreaciate your stance of being "faction blind" and neutral in that ideal, but the pride in being a neutral that i speak of is in reference to enduring the hardships that you only experance as an indepandant nonsided neut, and esspecialy as a land owning neut. beyond the normal issues of advantages that we forfit not being affiliated with otrk or clan, there is now a delicate tightrope that must walked, with twice the enemys that most others face it takes more effort than most just to maintain and hold onto what we do have. and being affiliated to either side in the ways you guys are still means means that you have less to lose in what happens to the declared neutral population.
    war or no war, more then just notum benefits and land titles are in the balances for us, our pride is on the line. one of the things we hate most is being seen by most as weak or "undecided fence sitters" the more were poked and proded with this stick, the more we will fight against it to prove otherwise. (fisk did not help the situation at all, but he'll learn soon enough what we believe in, and how we can use the fence posts we sit on to fight with) i fear that if we are pushed too hard by either side we will become the terrorists which even we ourselves hate, but it would be better to die standing proud taking a few with us then to live with the shame of defeat. and while you may not care to belong to an org or want benifits or even see the value in them, realise that there are many that do. and to many it's more than worth fighting for, its worth dying for.

    but that being said, and with a lot of politics and other issues going on at the moment with a clan that have removed land from EO in the past, im not too optimistic. at least as far as i am concerned, there's little reason to be.

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    We're a mixed bag, always have been and hopefully always will be. It's what makes the Neuts so damned annoying The big problems come in as said with the recent friction over mining rights, and scuffles over these mines. One neut does something against a Clan or Omni, and all neuts get blamed. The same goes when an Omni or Clan attack a neut, we've all tended to blame them all. This is totally unjustified and as such something which would be great to see end...yet is unfortunatly something with so much hostility around at the moment something I can't see end any time soon.

    I've always believed we can all accomplish alot more through diplomacy and negotiations than has been gained through conflict on this planet, and as such I fully supported both Mr Ross' and Mr Radimans cease fires and peace talks only a year since before they were so messed up due to the Dusters. But yet again the Dusters were only a few disrupting the peace of many. Yet they got their way and as such got what their masters on Omni Prime wanted the most, the end of the cease fire and the ability to do what they wanted against the Clans. And the Clans have moved in and actually unfortunatly given them every excuse almost what with the loss of Radiman and the sheer amount of hostility eminating from the Sentinals, who are if anything more Omni than Omni in how they've walked over the basic Clan beliefs of freedom, justice and democracy.

    I know I snap occassionly and go on a little rampage somewhere...god help those criminals known as omni-pol when I catch up with them finally ;P This is all about feelings, and that is the strongest force known to us all, Neut, Clan and Omni - its what makes us human with all its mistakes and problems. So much more could be acheived through belief in peace and the sharing of resources, justice and democracy on Rubi-ka. But with freedom and democracy comes a great power for good and bad in the universe. Used correctly it is something which unites the peoples and helps everyone, but it can so easily give power to those with much darker goals and soon give the ability to decend into the crazyness.

    I think I'm starting to get side tracked now, but basically am trying to say talk is good, fighting is bad (usually) and basically we all do need to get something rolling in another direction
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
    Neutral and proud of it!

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    Are you feeling ok Nya? *looks concerned*
    President Anisha "Trisagiona" Kenley of the Desert Winds

    "Here is the price of freedom:
    Your every drop of courage,
    ounce of pain, pint of blood.
    Paid in advance."

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    Originally posted by Trisagiona
    Are you feeling ok Nya? *looks concerned*
    Have I ever been ok?
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
    Neutral and proud of it!

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    Well.. erhm.. no... I'll delete that post
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    President Anisha "Trisagiona" Kenley of the Desert Winds

    "Here is the price of freedom:
    Your every drop of courage,
    ounce of pain, pint of blood.
    Paid in advance."

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    Sanity is just so boring...or so ppl tell me :P
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
    Neutral and proud of it!

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