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Thread: Explaination of "unaffected by" messages

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    Explaination of "unaffected by" messages

    I will try to explain a bit why some mobs that are supposedly immune to mez or some nano suddenly not be immune if you spam the casting key enough times and why sometimes its won't change a thing.

    For example, currently all regular mission mobs are not immune to mez/fear/charm/root/snare. But, a level 250 Ace Enforcer will resist your nanos alot due to your attack rateing(nanoskills) being much lower. The charm/fears will not work only because the psychic check is too high.

    Another example, for a level 100 team boss it is flat out immune to mez/charm. No ammount of repeat spamming the mez or charm nano will get through. Beause a team boss can't be mezzed or charmed at all. It will eat up your nano, but give the message, mob is unaffected by xxxx. Resists or attack skills do not even enter into the equation. Imagine a mob thats immune to projectile damage and you can see the problem.

    The last example for cases of partial immunity is when the mob isn't 100% immune.(Examples include innate root resistance from some de-root buffs/Grid armor or Doc skill debuff protection nanos) It works like an extra layer of defense roll. If a mob has a 50% chance to be unaffected by root for example and you cast any root nano. There is a 50/50 chance the root will be ignored flat out not do anything. Resist or attack skills do not matter. But say your root does pass the 50% innate resistance check then nano resist comes in.

    The problem is that for pratically all of the new mobs like the Primus, Secundus, Team Bosses etc. are immune or have a very high innate resistance percentage against many things. With mobs that are immune to both mez and roots the psychic checks on fears also prevent it from being used past mobs of around level 200.

    Another example of the problems with innate resistance is traders saying they pratically can't drain anyone defending a tower. If you take a look at the tower effects they confer a 50% innate resistance against many things, one of which is skill drains. Hence traders trying to drain defenders under the influence of a controller constantly get "player not affected by your nano."

    Hope that helps shed some light and why crowd controllers such as bureaucrats have problems when the mobs are immune to mez/root/stun and the psychic checks on fears render the nano inoperative.
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    Completely missed this when it was originally posted. Good explanation. Thanks!
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    I'm bumping this ancient post for good info. The only thing that is not enjoyable to me about playing a crat is that everything is so all-or-nothing with us. We either have supreme control over a situation, or we are totally and utterly helpless. It feels arbitrary at times. =(
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    lol, maaaaaaajoorrrrrrrrrr necromancy!

    sadly it's still a bug crats get to deal with even after all this time =\

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    necormancy bad,crat nerfs bad,info good, 2 outta 3 bad overall seal of approval bad! Lol but really we deal with it and move on we're good at adapting.
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    Hey.. I call exemption from the necromancy clause, on the basis that this thread is referenced in a sticky-linked guide! (chapter IV, section 6, clause 49, paragraph ii)
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    Which is why it doesn't need to be necromanced.


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