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Thread: MP Wishlist: Extension of Heal Pet line - Angels

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    MP Wishlist: Extension of Heal Pet line - Angels

    Hi All,

    Two subjects that come up often on these boards:
    • 1) We need better and more useful healing ability in high level teams - both in PvM and also in PvP where the addition of Notum Wars has so enhanced and changed the group/mass PvP game.

      2) At the beginning of AO (waaaay back when) FC apparently made some reference to both demons and angels.... yet we still have no angels.

    I've taken some ideas from Sallust's excellent MP luv thread posting to kick off the discussion. In it he proposes a series of Guardian Angel pets that echo the Demon line on the attack pet side.
    From Sallust's post
    Make the Guardian Angel a series of pets that don't path (I.E., stick like a Wen-wen, or immediately behind the Conjurer) to make it easy and useful. Take the pixie model, color it white/silver and resize it (Use different sizes for different versions maybe)

    First Angel pet can only (and automatically) be used on the MP controller. It automatically heals him and has an increased heal rate over the earlier heal pets. (For MP level 150-160 target)

    Second Angel heals the MP and the MP's other pets simultaneously. (For MPs level 160-170)

    Third Angel heals the MP, pets, and the MP's team simultaneously. (Casts an area heal effecting all in the MP's team) (For MPs level 170-180)]

    Fourth Angel does the above but also casts a small HP buff. (For MPs level 180+)
    Some questions on these suggestions might be:
    • 1) Do we want our new heal pets to be wen-wen like?
      2) The first pet is owner only healing. While this is how many MPs actually use the heal pet at high levels - is this something we'd like to see? It's essentially a HoT that doesn't take up NCU.
      3) How high should the heals be?
      4) How fast should the heals be?
      5) What should be the requirements of the nanos (both nanoskill and level)
      6) How do these heal pets compare to other professions and is that comparison unbalancing or just redressing a balance?
      7) Would it be an idea to have the second heal pet heal the MP and any pets in the team (whoever owns them)?
      8) On the fourth angel, should the HP buff extend (like the heals) to other team mates? Or is the HP buff for the MP alone and the heal a team heal?
      9) How would the QLs look? Belamorte is already QL 186, where would the four others be pitched?

    I look forward to seeing a lively and constructive discussion as this is a much sought after change for the MP. Personally I love the basic ideas, but a lot depends upon just how powerful they are and the detail of the design.

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    1) yes, this would be great.. they could almost be like summoned items and be equipped where the Wen Wens go (make it vanish after 40 mins, or when it runs out of nano?)

    2) Cant see it would help pvm much, a normal heal pet can keep us alive in missions (as long as it dont get stuck doh), and against the uber bosses, even with a enhanced healing pet, we would still die in 2 hits max.

    3) First one similar to belamorte's heal, but at a faster healing rate.

    4) Maybe a heal every 5 seconds? or would that be too much? (considering its about 8-9 seconds now...)

    5) 1st one at TL5 start (150) imo, requirements should stay in range of what we currently have (although nano QL would be lower to belamorte, Requirements should be higher, as it is a improved pet)

    6) Again, for pvm its not really a issue, as long as it cannot heal a whole team (like docs/Advs/MA's (to some degree) can. (making 3rd and 4th one need redesigning)
    But in pvp, some may see it as rather unbalencing that it heals for more, and faster than a MA can..

    7) This would be a nice addition, however, iv never seen a slayer really die in missions (unless owner runs off leaving it to be smacked on). Possibly only useful for Tower battels, Whole team of engis w/ slayers but for one mp, with their pet healing all the slayers, gonna be hard to bring them down once they start to smack a tower

    8) Team healing should be a no no, Maybe 3rd one could do a small hp buff to team, and heal any target as well as pets in team, and 4th one do a larger hp buff, heal selected target as well as teams pets, and maybe a small team Nano Delta increase (talking maybe +40-50, would be a nice addition, and help a NT with HE + Nano Delta imps nuke much longer)

    9) As said before, start at QL150-QL160, as it would be stupid to have 4 pets crammed in at the QL190-200 space, Just make the requirements higher than for that of belamorte.

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    Maybe a heal every 5 seconds? or would that be too much? (considering its about 8-9 seconds now...)
    Yup Bela's heal:

    Attack: 3.2
    Recharge: 5.0

    457 - 820 Healing

    Just adding information to the discussion.

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    A team heal pet would be nice. Mabye like demons but with steps (lemur,, fiend, demon,caco) and like the first one is a solo heal the second one is a solo heal the third is a powerful solo heal and the last is a team heal. That way you can eithr have the good solo heal pet or the team heal pet. Or something...
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    1) Well if they were like wen-wens that would certainly solve the pathing problems... how bout we make the attack pets like wen-wens too and make them ranged... then we can make them both really small like the beefy pixies and have one over each shoulder kinda like a good conscious/bad conscious thing... angel on one shoulder demon on the other... w00t!! (j/k)

    2) Yeah it would be like a HoT kinda... but unless the thing is gonna heal us every second it wont do much good. I mean a mob can hit you for like 600, you get a heal for 300-500, get nailed 2 more times... then healed again... eventually you will die. I think the angel would have to heal alot faster for a self only heal to be reasonable.

    3-4) Don't know... I never keep my heal pets on myself so I'm not sure what would be good compared to the pets we already have.

    5) Reqs should be a little higher than normal pets, but please, not the outrageous reqs that some of the new nanos have... and please don't force us to use a specific implant layout just to be able to use the highest level angel. (Evocation of the Abomination anyone?) I am totally opposed to level reqs tho, I hate them and I wish they didn't exist. Forcing a player to gain 20 more levels just to use a nano they had the skill to use 10 levels ago does not promote character development, it promotes the fact that it's just another stupid new nano you don't have when you make an alt or quit.

    6) Dude I have no idea what that means... I'm so sleepy right now.

    7) How many times has anyone been in a team with more than one pet class? I think I was once but it took 45 minutes to get everyone and our pets thru the main room. Never again!! I can't really see the use in healing other pets though. I mean all pet's already have an insane amount of life compared to the caster anyways so the 300-500 life healed might not be as important to a pet with say 20,000 life.

    8) I think the HP buff should extend. That would certainly make MPs a more welcome class in raids and missions, but I think the amount of life the teammates get should be less than what the MP gets. Mybe something like +350-450 for team and +500-600 for MP... values may seem a little high but this will be a ql 190+ pet after all.

    9) I think somewhere around 150+. Summon Angel MKI ql 150. Summon Angel MKII ql 165. Summon Angel MKIII ql 186. Summon Angel MKIV ql 200. Want something a little higher? We already have nanos up to ql 239. Why not make them ql 175+? MKI-175...MKII-190...MKIII-205...MKIV-225. At least then the level reqs would seem low when compared to their ql. Whatever the actual ql of the nano would be, the level req would probably have to be 150 minimum. =(

    What would the names be? That's not so important right now but I wanna be the first person to vote for an angel called
    "Nephilim". weeee...

    ok guys, keep up the good ideas... later.
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    i don't see why is unbalanced in pvp, we don't have powerfull nuke, we don't have the most powerfull pet, we can't use the most powerfull weapon without terrible sacrifice and we don't have many life.

    ma have powerfull attack, hit fast , high hp and extrem evade

    doc have the best life, if is an atrox, can use powerfull weapon, can cast extremely fast an heal, have extrem evade againt nano and can wear easyly the best armor

    adv have good life too , good weapon , good attack speed rate and have morph in pitlizard....

    ok this is the advantage of the 3 other heal class

    and 2 of them are theorically support class

    then i ask this question why the mp are so bad.

    and angel ok but not an pixy i want they made something of new for change.
    for the heal and team heal made 2 line of pet and the team heal are less powerfull
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    1) Not really but it sure is a solution to pathing.

    2) That one seems unnecessary. Bela is there for that already. I think all angels should have a healing effect on multiple targets.

    3)4) The slowest of all professions with healing capabilities, balanced with the size of the heal so that of all team healers we'd be the worst.

    5) Seraph's not around? Ugh! Numbers!

    6) Probably much like a Fixer's HoT: few HP at a time which could save your life but nowhere near true healers like Adv or Docs.

    7) Cetainly yes. That's one more reason why the heal it does has to be low. Now I'm not sure it should be for only the pets owned by the MP or all pets around too.

    8) MP only, a low one though. HP buffing never was one of our privileges and should not become one.

    9) Start a bit lower than Bela like 160ish I suppose.
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    Good to see a lively discussion here.

    I'm thinking that we could maybe split the MP personal healing pets at level >=150 and level >=175 respectively. The higher two team healing ones should be level >=185 and level >=195 in all likelihood.

    The general feeling so far is that the top two heal pets should be able to have a team effect, though if there is a team effect it should be at a more Team HoT like level than a team heal. Something that wouldn't compete with true team healers.

    We would of course compete with the HoTs.... which also take up NCU so we'd have to look at the levels.

    The QL172 Doc HoT uses 53 NCU for 258 -293 28 hits, 5s delay (non level restricted)

    The QL152 Fixer HoT uses 25 NCU for 362-370 180 hits, 10s delay. (level restricted >=195)

    When considering HoTs we need to look at the overall duration (number of hits times hitrate), the amount healed and the speed of hit. From this we can calculate the maximum heal delivered. I was actually surprised by how much better the Fixer one is in overall healing terms at 65160 minimum heal compared to the Doc's 7224 due to the Fixer HoT's high number of hits (duration). But of course the Doc's hot is more intensive since it hits every 5 seconds - so delivering a minimum 516 per 10 seconds compared to the fixer's 362 per 10 seconds.

    The fixer one is probably a good guideline considering the high level restriction proposed for the team healing Angel and also considering that the duration of the fixer one is closer to that of the heal pets.

    So let's assume a 30 minute duration on at least the third and fourth Angels that Sallust suggests as this is the duration of the uber Fixer hot . I'd like to suggest that the healing effect be stronger upon its owner than upon its team mates. I'm thinking maybe along the lines of

    Heals MP for 260-350 and team mates for 140-170 every 8 seconds - 180 hits.

    This would add up to a max total heal of 1200 every 8 seconds which would seem reasonable (given Bela's max of 820) and a minimum total heal of 960 every 8 seconds (compared to Bela's min of 457). The max heal isn't massively bigger - but the minimum heal for the team is more than twice that of bela without the necessity of switching the heal pet of course.

    I don't think that we can speed up the hits though otherwise we'll begin to intrude on the intensive healing preserve of the Docs.

    I'd add the suggested HP Buff for the MP to the fourth one (as earlier suggested by Mindfire) at: 500 for the MP and 350 for the team. (to be honest the team HP buff part might well be difficult to get - but no harm in trying ). As he points out - we are talking about the very highest levels in the game at 195+ and here an HP buff of 500 points can be as little as 1/3 of a normal hit and 1/10 of a crit/special..... it's not a huge amount - especially for us nanomage MPs.

    So... working back from the difficult top two Angel pets to the bottom two Angel pets - we come to the level >=150 one that heals the MP only (increased heal rate) and the level >=175 one that heals MP and his pets. Since the top of the range are going to have to be NCU-less HoTs, then we should work these two out in pretty much the same way. Sallust's original suggestion was that the First Angel should heal faster than bela. Assuming a 30 minute duration as for the above, this would be:

    457-820 heal every 5 seconds for 360 hits for no NCU usage.

    which would massively outclass the Doc HoT of course... but Sallust's suggestion is that it's a HoT that is only for the MP and cannot be given to others. In theory, the Bela can be stuck to the MP and act as the following:

    457-820 heal every 8 seconds for 371 hits for no NCU usage

    Firstly this gives you an idea of how very good the bela's HoT actually is - it outclasses the Doc intensive HoT - I think that many people underestimate just how good bela can be. And of course the Bela is switchable and can be used at long range.

    Which brings me to my next point: Range.

    Generally the aura style effects are only available within a certain range of the caster. For example the Engineer "Sympathetic Forcefield" has an AoE of 10 metres. This of course has a major effect on the MP whose most common style of fighting is at long range. These 'aura' style stuck to the shoulder heal pets will not help a demon 50 or 60 metres away fighting something. It may also not help many of your team mates in a Notum Wars style battle where range (in particular to the demon) can be much greater than 10m.

    At the same time, the demon pets have a distinctly different intended function to the other attack pets, so I see no reason why the Angels shouldn't have a similar distinction to the other heal pets.

    My suggestion would be that we extend the team HoT effect down to the first two Angels too!

    Simply by reducing the amount healed in the suggestion above we can provide a small team HoT at a lower level.

    A Transcendental Enmity will still be cast by the MP for a situation where damage is needed - but the demons are pulled out for situations where tankability is needed (ever tried to pitch an enmity solo against an Ace Enforcer...?). In the same way our Bela would be cast for situations where we were focussed on intensively healing a single target or a target at range, our Angels would be pulled out for gently healing a team within 10 metres range.

    What does everybody think of this idea given the abopve reasoning?

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    While I don't have anything useful to add, I do want to say that you guys do have a good discusion/research here on this. I think the idea of pets having a fixed location near the meta like a wen-wen is a superb idea. While having a pet follow you like a seperate entity is pretty good for realism, it doesn't do good at all for pathing. I don't know about others, but I would rather have a "wen-wen" type pet for its usefullness than a furniture humping pets. One more thing to add. The attack pets have 2 graphics for it, why not the heal pets?
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    Cuz FC got bored making the MP prof, so decided to add Grid Armor and go play Beta Fixers instead (Ok, so GA used to suck.. but.. umm *whistles..*)

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    and GA armor sucks again if you're a fixer in PvP.

    Luckily I never found any GA for my fixer so I've got nothing to whine about.

    My main idea between the four heal pets was to have 4 levels of heal pet that truly make a difference. The demon pets come so close together, that having 4 of them is almost sadly pointless. If there was some kind of "MP quest" (The way I'd like to envision a class-defining MP quest) I'd like the 4 pets to have a real difference between them.

    I'd really like to see a faster heal pet even if it isn't as fast as a fixer HOT. The reason is that the heal pets (Especially after 14.6 with the current heal pet bugs) are too slow to respond. So I often see that second or third vital heal popping up inbetween dying and showing up at reclaim... in other words a second too late. I also view healing as a HP/second type thing that matters. Big heals are nice, but not so useful for countering fast hitting MOBs (they change targets too often).

    Also, with all the new weapons and items other professions have gotten in PvP our heals no longer hold up like they used to (and a HOT can't be calmed in PvP either.

    also, Vs the HOTs one has to look at the fact that the HOT buffs can be placed on everyone. I'm tired of those cranky teammates who always ask "why wasn't the heal pet on me?" ... because it was on someone else who had been dying just a few seconds ago. So the way we look at a team heal should be radically different from a solo heal. I would propose that the team heal pets (if they're seperate levels) heal no more than a solo pet for balance.

    I also view the angel pets as strictly high level content. This should be something to look forward to after getting Caco. The highest level pet SHOULD be something that you need all the nano advantages to use... maxing Biomet, T&S, towers, special buffing items, wrangles, etc. This should be the title level 5 & 6 class-defining nanos in my opinion. They should be tough (have great heals) and have insane reqs. I think the Angels should be equivalent in scope for the MP as Tara loot is to my Advent, or the pest nanos are for NTs.

    The Wen-wen idea is just one so we don't have to worry about pathing. Plus instead of a team (or pet) heal, I suggest an area pulse heal for all friendlies (pets & teammates). This would also give some of my teammates an incentive not to leave me behind. Something many of us slow MPs could appreciate.
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    Hey Sallust,

    Glad to see you join in the fray after all.

    I'd really like to see a faster heal pet even if it isn't as fast as a fixer HOT.
    The suggestion I made above actually has the team heal pet healing faster than the Fixer HoT (every 8 secs instead of the fixer HoT's every 10 seconds) so I'm all for it being faster. Just not as fast or as much as a Doc HoT... they need the intensive HoT to maintain their balance as prime healer.

    I would propose that the team heal pets (if they're seperate levels) heal no more than a solo pet for balance.
    Do you not think that the solo pets ability to heal the attack pet at range and to point heal other team mates for a much bigger heal would balance the Angel's more spread out heal (though larger in total)?

    The Angel's team HoT within 10 metre range would potentially be healing a total of more than the Bela can - but the heal total is spread out across the team as long as they're within 10 metres - and of course they may not all be taking damage at the same time. Whereas with the Bela if there's only one person taking damage you can switch Bela to that person and he gets the full force of Bela's heal - which is quite considerable as things go.

    I could imagine that the Angel team HoT would be uesful for group PvP and multiple add PvE environments. Anywhere where several members of the team might be taking damage at the same time.

    The Bela targetted HoT would be used more for situations where a single player is taking all the damage and for when you need to heal someone at range.

    The Wen-wen idea is just one so we don't have to worry about pathing.
    It does have other impacts though. Since it cannot be targetted it cannot be attacked or calmed etc. This actually quite fits with the idea of it being an angel - untouchable in some way. It also means that it's a little more reliable in PvP.

    On the downside - since it cannot be targetted then essentially its heal effect will be counted as the effect of the MP. As a result, the Angel couldn't be used to attract aggro from adds... and because the MP would be healing the team - we'd possibly get a little more aggro than normal too.

    These two sides seem to be quite well self-balancing.

    I think one of the good things about the Angel as a team HoT that functions within a 10 metre range would be very useful in the NW PvP battles where it's likely that several team members will be taking damage at once. There were requests in that thread for a team heal of some kind. And with the wen-wen approach - it would also make it more reliable since it would no longer be susceptible to calming or rooting (except in as much as the MP himself could be rooted. )

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    Team heal pet idea numero uno.

    - Have it path like a wen wen... hmm interesting like a MP guardian angel. Make its heal up to par with like a MA heal.

    Team heal pet idea numero dos.

    - Have it as i said before in steps like the demon line. Mabye for creativity sake make it look different every time.

    Angel pet idea numero tres.

    - Have it go like this - (LT cant make names cause im dumb like that)

    Angel 1 - Team - Healing 400-700 - 3s 5s
    Angel 2 - Solo - Healing 600-900 - 3s 5s
    Angel 2 - Team - Healing 600-900 - 3s 5s
    Angel 4 - Solo - Healing 800-1200 - 3s 5s
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    Hiya LT,

    Do you think that the MAs/Docs/Advs might complain a bit about making the angel effect a team heal rather than a team HoT as was suggested above?

    Would their complaints be justified? If not why not?

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    I think making it an actual HOT would intrude on the Fixers & Docs place too much. Plus if it worked as a HOT, then they could wander off from the radius of the MP. Make it an area heal that ticks off IMO. Every 5 secs a pulse goes out that heals all friendlies in a 5m radius (10m is probably too large).

    I don't imagine FC would be too kean on the wen-wen idea, so don't preach it too hard. Still, I'd like to have a good pet that doesn't get stuck. Every time I evoke my attack pet up to do some good damage it seems like he gets stuck (or of course, I notice it the most then ). I like the idea of an untouchable guardian angel hanging over my shoulder. Maybe even make it like a HUD item that we have to equip so you can't use a Wen-wen too.

    I would see Bela being useful at lower levels still, and for healing targets that are going to range off of you (like your attack pet, or a pulling teammate).

    Anyways, they're all good ideas IMO. So lets not try to stick ourselves too much to any one particular set of them. The more ways of implementing it we show, the more likely I think we are to get it.

    I also see the healing as helping us replace our horrible high level damage from pets that can't hit reliably. So how good of a heal we get should also depend on whether or not they're going to fix the attack pet (I don't want to hear any of that "pie in the sky stuff", by fixing I mean in the next 2 months).

    This ability would be great for high level MPs in tower wars and facing off against some of the high level named MOBs. But I think it is only if FC wishes the MP to be a desirable profession to play.
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    Originally posted by XtremTech
    Hiya LT,

    Do you think that the MAs/Docs/Advs might complain a bit about making the angel effect a team heal rather than a team HoT as was suggested above?

    Would their complaints be justified? If not why not?

    omg its like a essay portion on a test. But hey screw writing it like an essay and il write it LT style.

    Complaints being justified - Yes. Why? it is fringing on their usefulness. It still isnt as good as a doc heal, its better then a MA heal and im not sure bout adv. But why would you make it a HOT? I dont want a HOT i want a heal. Belamorte = HOT Belamorte = sux.

    Il take a h e a l anyday. And wont the Fixers be mad at you then?
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    Good points too.

    What I may try to do - if everybody's agreeable is split up this thread's ideas into several separate wishlist entries:

    1) Team Heal Pet

    which would lay out some ideas on the heal side.

    2) Team HoT Pet

    which we've pretty much got the stats for above

    3) Guardian Angel

    which would suggest making the new high level heals (if they come) into wen-wen like Angel on the Shoulder that is untouchable.

    We're going to need to do some more comparitive work on the Team Heal side of things then. Let's look at what team heals are available on the Doc, MA and Adventurer side and try to decide where we'd pitch the new Team Heal pet style suggestion.

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    Hey all,

    I just read back through some of the posts and wanted to be clear as to the difference between Heal and HoT.

    A heal is something that you do when the target is damaged. In the case of a Team Heal - you would only cast it when one (or more) person in your team is damaged. Everybody in the team then gets a heal but only those who are damaged will actually get any benefit. The Belamorte is a Heal Pet - and does a healing stroke (and uses up its nano) only when you are damaged. It doesn't continually try to heal you.

    Heals also vary widely in the range of healing given. So a heal (like Bela's) will have a wide range. Bela's heal is 457 - 820. So Bela's heal may average around 650 but can be as much as 820 and as little as 457.

    A doctor (in theory) preserves his nano by doing single heals on individual players but needs to be ready to go over to a team heal for situations where so many people are taking damage at the same time - that he can't keep up with single heals.

    A HoT is something that pulses out healing at regular intervals even when nobody is damaged. The healing pulse is usually smaller in size but is regular and fast. The HoT is extremely reliable ticking out its healing every few seconds whether or not somebody has been hurt. It's range of healing is usually much smaller too... so a HoT might have the healing range of 258 to 293. The result is that the amount healed is usually very predictable. In bargain for this predicability though, the HoTs heals tend to be smaller overall.

    With regard to the team version of the heal pet, there are advantages to both. One of the reasons that Bela's big heals can sometimes seem to come very late is that Bela first needs to recognise that you've been damaged, then move to you, then do a heal and there's a fairly long recharge too which makes the whole thing happen fairly slowly.

    In a Team Heal version of the heal pet, it would hang idly until somebody got damaged and then do a team heal. After that it would have to wait until its heal cycle recharged and then check again to see if anybody is damaged. When it sees somebody damaged it would do another heal. If you get damaged after the first heal, it'll take a while until the heal pet has recharged and checks again before healing. This will seem like a long delay at times...

    A Team Heal pet would also sometimes heal for 500 and sometimes heal for 900 and other values in between. The larger healing range of a Heal means that you're never sure how good the heal will be.

    In a Team HoT version of the heal pet, there is no check to see whether somebody has been damaged. There is no movement or recharge time (per se) before the pet checks again whether any damage has been done. With a Team HoT pet all players in the team (or possibly radius of the heal pet) would be hit every few seconds with a smaller pulse of healing whether somebody needed it or not.

    The Team Hot pet would benefit from the predictability of its heals too. It would heal for a smaller amount most of the time - but very predictably.

    The difference between the two is usually one of heal size and how reliable the heal is.

    Team Heal: Less reliable, needs time to register damage and then heal, bigger heal pulse

    Team HoT: absolutely reliable, always heals for an amount every few seconds

    So given all that.. which would you prefer? A Team Heal pet or a Team HoT pet?

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    Well, the area pulse heal would be my first choice personally (which works kind of like a HOT). Besides that I'd take a team heal over a HOT. The HOT would definitely intrude on the Fixer and Doc who have more specialized heals.

    We don't have complete heals or even the 1k+ heals, so I don't really see ourselves coming close to intruding on the Doc or Adventurer. The area pulse heal would give us a great support function in teams where people cluster around us to get stay healed all the time.

    The downside being that this would leave the team very vulnerable to area of effect attacks by NTs, Engis and those special MOBs. A good and interesting tradeoff. Most importantly an area pulse heal would be UNIQUE to our profession and truly give us something to be proud of.
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    I know what you mean Sallust... it would look like the ones that tritoch mentioned:

    Angel 1 - Team - Healing 400-700 - 3s 5s
    Angel 2 - Solo - Healing 600-900 - 3s 5s
    Angel 2 - Team - Healing 600-900 - 3s 5s
    Angel 4 - Solo - Healing 800-1200 - 3s 5s

    So the team heals there are happening every 8 seconds for 400 - 700 or for 600 - 900. Problem is, that with it being a HoT (so pulsed every 8 seconds) the Fixers would quite rightly look at their top of the line HoT:

    362-370 every 10 seconds on a single person taking up 25 NCU

    and scream blue murder. Even healing at minimum heal, the lowest 'pulsed team heal' as LT suggested would heal

    400 every 8 seconds on everyone in area taking up no NCU

    You can see why the fixers would be annoyed.

    Even on the team heal side of things... the Doc's top of the line team heal "Conglomerate Health Plan" is:

    485-970 nanocost 178

    and the pulsed team heal as suggested above would do higher heals on the whole (due to higher minimum) and wouldn't cost us a drop of nano. A heal pet like this would make the Doc redundant.

    You see what I mean. You can't call it a pulsed team heal and hope that nobody will notice that it's actually a HoT to all intents and purposes.

    Xtremtech: MetaPhysicist currently resident on Test. (209 + 21 AI Levels).

    Various other test MPs of differing levels and builds available.

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