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Thread: The 3 new tower buttons in the map

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    The 3 new tower buttons in the map

    I've only just bought notum wars, and i havent investigated tower building yet (as i'm only level 8 but, say i open the map (ctrl+4) then close it again, then for example press ctrl+1. if i hold shift to inspect my leg armour, one of the 3 buttons will appear, also if i move left to right with the mouse, the other 2 will turn up, it's more annoying than anything else because it doesnt totaly cover anything and they go away once ctrl+1 is pressed again

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    BUMP! Yeah - this is VERY annoying. The map buttons "shine" through other elements, like the implants you wear.

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    I have the same problem - I experience it trying to click off buffs in my running nanos window. I cant click on them cox the buttons from map are there (even tho my map is closed).

    I have to open my map window and close it again so I can kill the buffs.

    Plz fix this soon!
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    Uhuh getting this too, needs fixing
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    woohoo at last!!!! i've found my MK IV
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    Question Hello? Cz? Funcom?


    This has been reported in other threads as well.

    It is very annoying and disruptive to have the "invisible" buttons actually be there (and function too!) even when the little map window is closed.

    I was really hoping the last patch would fix it (since it was reported prior to that). But it wasn't.

    Could we at least get an acknowledgment that FC is aware of it?


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    hrm... must be related to using the control keys to open/close them... I've never noticed the problem (and I've been giving my mouse a workout).

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    Originally posted by deatheyes
    hrm... must be related to using the control keys to open/close them... I've never noticed the problem (and I've been giving my mouse a workout).
    nope i never use the control keys and it affects me
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    Yesterday I got this with no map or other windows open at all. Tried to click on a character in vicinity and hit an imaginary 'build tower' button. Found out I can not build inside Tir...
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    Yes, I get this bug too.

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    Same here, almost every time I need to cast a lower HOT on someone with not much ncu left but who is quickly dying and best I can do is find out it's impossible to build a tower inside a mission.

    Sort it
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    bump this, very annoying problem, was going to start a thread of my own but here this one is... get on this now, many problems arise from it.
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    We all have this bug. ~bumpy
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    the problem has been here since the beginning: if you use floating panels, the buttons on the team panel shine through other panels, disappear, rearrange themselves, and generally misbehave... now the map buttons do it too and it's starting to get *really* annoying.
    (i haven't experienced it when using the panels in gutter-mode but i hate losing the right side of my screen just so that some buttons will behave...)
    please fix it.

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    Yep i get it too. See the page i made to illustrate that bug.
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    Great job on the screeshots. They illustrate the problem very well. Hopefully will have a look at them now that the holidays are over.


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    Yep I have this bug too. SO here's a bump.
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    bump for a fix
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    Still broken

    and I thought this was just because I had a 3rd party GUI running
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