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Thread: Nenomage enf advice

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    Nenomage enf advice

    Hi i just wanted to ask u guys if being a nenomage enforcer is a viable option. Or should i just forget about it and o Trox?

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    do what makes you happy, trox will rox in lower levels, but you will be able to cast the big boy nano's sooner than a trox.

    You will want to focus on evades big time to try to keep yourself alive (less hp and all).

    there are nanomage enforcers out there though.
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    So u think in the end game i mean lvl 150+ nenomages enf do pretty good?

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    Originally posted by NENOMAGE
    So u think in the end game i mean lvl 150+ nenomages enf do pretty good?
    I'm only 144, so I should perhaps not answer here. Besides, I'm an atrox, which makes my answer biased.

    BUT I'm gonna throw in my opinion anyway.

    pre 100-120, a nanomage enf will have trouble. He (or she) will have to struggle for survival unless in a good team. But after 120-140, a nanomage has advantage over atrox, because of the nanopool. Dispite what many think (even I didn't think that), enforcers uses alot of nano during combat. Mongo, layers, challenger, rage, mongo, rage, layers, challenger, mongo, mongo, rage, mongo, challenger etc.... so a biiiig nanopool (when you can afford to max it) is nice to have. But until you can actually afford maxing it, you really don't have an advantage there. Except for beeing able to cast the top nanos earlier.

    BUT I'm an atrox, and only 145. So don't listen to me.

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    Well u r still a pretty high level i don't even have a char over lvl100
    Gues i will just have try and see how it goes hopefully i won't be disapointed. Thanx for advice.

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    In my opinion, the key to a nanomage enforcer is really working hard at being cutting edge on nanoformulas. Try to put a huge priority on keeping your nanoskills high (especially the ones leading to the Challenger, Rage, Essence, and Mongo lines). I did that by minimizing all expenditures elsewhere.

    For instance, simple 2HE weapons are about the cheapest weapon to use, IP-wise. You need 2HE, Brawl, and a dab of Dimach...but no Fast Attack, Sneak Attack, Multi Melee, or slightly more expensive 2HB.

    Getting those nanoformulas levels earlier than other breeds can go a long ways towards evening the score. At the highest levels, when even atrox can self-cast all their nanos, you may start to regret your lesser HP. Specially if you are trying to tank any of the huge nasty boss mobs. But you'll have a much higher nanopool for chain-casting Challenger, Rage, Layers, and Mongo. So it's all about style.

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    solies are pertier

    a viking kitty enf would be the best though

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    I wonder which is better, dual wield Viking Kitties or do Leet Doll/Viking Kitty combo.

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    I know I am only noob lvl 30 nano 2HE enforcer but I have no probs with 100% missions... . I use Carb armor (NCU!), Meibutsu Dai Katana (highest w/o OE) and I constantly upgrade my NCU (with temp imps) so I can cast the biggest lines I can use. It rocks...

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