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Thread: NT patch? yes? no? maybe?

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    Arrow Poll

    I made a poll on the topic (me hopes theres not another one)

    Nopex NanoTechnican Rimor
    Oh great and mighty Devs, stay thine nurf bat. Insted into thine C++ codex and shower forth love and cool items apon my profession. Oh Great Devs, I beesheche thee! Bring forth love apon my profession, so that all thine other creations might know thine glory, and not laff whence i call out 'I am Not a gimp!'
    Amen -Steppenrazor

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    plz all nts vote at the above poll it may make a difference not sure how much but maybe at least a little

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    Re: Poll

    Originally posted by Nopex
    I made a poll on the topic (me hopes theres not another one)

    I'm sorry.. but I won't vote on that particular poll. The things Nopex is asking for are NOT the things NTs need. They do not follow any of the long discussed suggestions in the NT section. Before you make us all look like whiny fools.... please consider the real issues of the profession.

    We absolutely do not need a better nullity sphere. The two that exist are very nice for the purpose they serve. And generally, nothing new that we receive should be along the defensive line. We currently have an evade buff, ns, the enfraam line, and the layers line. All of these are contradictory to the true purpose of the NT. However, because other professions have the same sort of things with better effect, they can be viewed as imitations of code we have adapted for our own use.

    Plain and simple, NTs need greater variation (particularly high end) and more effective direct damage nano formulas (nukes). One of the greatest issues in presenting the NT's damage output problems is the fact that many top end NTs have spent an incredible amount of IP on weapons like the X-3 which vastly improves the damage output of the NT in question... but that output is not from the one source that is supposed to be our only real strength in the game: nukes.

    We all know that if something is possible, it will be done by someone... thats just the way the gamer mentality goes. Soon enough, everyone hears about that guy doing "X" and everyone who is able is running around ... wearing Albrecht tanks, and carrying an X-3, for example.

    While it is possible to do this... most other professions will tell NTs to stop whining and get off their high horse about having crappy damage output. What they don't realize is that the vast majority of NTs are not able to compete to that standard (and in some cases, prefer not to). The weapon skills necessary to equip a weapon like the X-3 are very high cost (16+ base IP). This makes a high QL version of pretty much anything but a pistol using only pistol skill have a prohibative IP cost until that last cap zone between levels 160-190.

    There are of course... some of us who prefer not to squeeze into agent/soldier style equipment because ultimately, we're playing an RPG and it just doesn't fit our character. Generally though, we're choosing to gimp ourselves when we do this.. particularly if we choose to compete in PvP... and now that Notum Wars is out... we're gimping ourselves if we choose not to compete in PvP.

    What NT needs... rather than a new improved HE (which I won't deny would be nice), or better NS (which just plain isn't justified), or an AE mezz (which should remain the purview of the Crat)... is direct damage output that is uncompromised by other aspects of the character. This means we need:

    1. High damage nukes that cannot be used while a weapon is equipped. This damage level should be literally the best in the game for several reasons. It can be overcome through plunder/divest, nano shutdown, and nano init debuffs... and because the NT has NO weapon available, these things completely disable the NT.

    2. Multiple styles of these nukes are needed:
    a. in damage type... so that an NT can choose fire, acid, melee, etc. depending on the needs of the situation without having to sacrifice output.
    b. in speed combinations: but not putting us in the dubious situation of having to deal with recharge rates that cannot be affected by any skill in the game (nano init only mods attk time).
    c. also in unique effect categories... IEF reduces fire ac... EC stuns... these types of nukes have great benefits that work particularly well in teams... I think most of us are willing to recognize the value of sacrificing a little damage in the right circumstances for strategy.
    d. different AE shapes.... cones? hemi-spheres?
    e. RANGE? Maybe the agent should be able to shoot folks at a longer range than anyone else can match... thats part of their assassin typing... but the fact that most weapons can outdistance a nuke... even when we've run a range enhancer (which uses a lot of NCU)... we still get shot up while trying to run into range so we can then stand still long enough to run a nuke.
    f. Varying (and LOWER) nano costs on nukes. I don't have a problem with having to brute force my way through defensive nano programs... but nukes are our babies... like computer viruses, trojans, etc... NTs should want these to be as efficiently lethal as possible... especially considering the sheer number of them we have to run over the course of killing one mob.

    Sure.... I won't deny there are lots of other variations to things NTs have proposed that wouldn't be nice. But I think the one single issue that needs addressed is our direct damage output... and not just at one point in the game (level 185+, for example)... for the profession as a whole.

    I also don't mind, to some extent having to get outside buffs to run the top end nukes... but it should NOT be necessary to run those nukes in order to have a damage output equal to or better than what other professions have when self buffed.

    We are meant to do a lot of damage prior to getting smacked around. Thats why we've got that statement in the manual that says "weakness in all other fields"

    My two or three cents... and the reason I won't be responding to your poll Nopex

    170 NT (rk2)

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    NT Luv

    I have to agree with you. We need our Direct Damage output fixed. I would give all my cash for NS mk1 AS IT IS and be thankful for that (Mind you I am not Uber rich so therefor will never see NS mk1 let alone mk2). I se alot of NT's that don't look like NT's running around with Sinper Rifles???? As a NT I use a SPP for the +14 to Nano Skills.

    The low to High range on our Nano's are down right disgusting. I have NEVER gotten Ol'Faithful to hit for more then min damage and I have WAY MORE MC then required to cast. and the recharge times are dismal. They fixed the recharge on items I read. Since I never fire my pistol I do not know and my ranged Init has never had IP placed into it. Why can't NT's Only true weapon (nukes)have it's recharge times effected by NanoC Init?? I just feel that we have been getting the shaft for a long time. And yes a better HE would be nice. EVERY other profession can just go buy all the Ammo they need and reload only takes a few seconds as where we finally got a nano charger that can be used in combat we still fly thru nano at insane rates. HE is a buff that we cast on others, yes I keep it running but at the level I can cast it doesnt do much help.

    Can someone post a link to whatever this CyberDeck thing is??? I have been reading that us non weapon using NT's can use it (of courese it will have insane Melee Energy and Mech Eng req's or something like that) but have not seen any offical word on even what it may be. Only what Drabin had said???

    Well enough ranting. After reading it all it sounds like just Mush but I am gonna post it anyway. I like what the NT is supposed to be and the potential is great but I am rather disappointed in how FC thinks that adding 1 or 2 items that are 180+ to a game and uber rare drops can be considered and Luvin'

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    I have some ideas plz be constructive in your thoughts of them.

    1.make ns questable instead of sumtin u gotta buy for 50-100mil whats the point then that makes it almost impossible to get for ppl who havent reached awsome lvl hieghts or have a super high lvl alt

    2. Ive seen someone sellin the notum enriched metaplast armor i just wish i knew how to get some of that or maybe make new armor tradeskill notum enriched nano armor kinda like the barter armor for the trader and it will be nt only

    3. Make a nano line that is a nano debuff reflection with a very short life span say like 5-10sec and can only be cast every 20secs so when we are in pvp we can make strategic casts against professions that cripple use completely like trader, doctor, and mps so maybe we can reflect there own debuffs on themselves that would be an awsome addition this would a strategy based nano as it will have a recast restriction and if u cast it wrong time u will be doomed to die the cast time will vary with ql where as higher ql will cast much faster than the lower ones and the higher ql has longer lifespan say a ql 200 has a 12sec lifespan where as the ql 50 has a 4sec lifespan again i must imphasize the strategy dont want ppl sayin that would be a totaly uber nano

    4. We should have matter creation buffs that are greater than all others line could be called izgimmers gifts or sumtin where the highest ql ones will buff mc to 150 or 200 as this is our skill of greatest importance

    5. I would love to see more mezzs in our arsenal cuz 4 between 200 hundred lvls is not too good of a deal

    6. The ncu issue enrages me we really need some way to have more ncu and still be able to equip cpu upgrade, deck recoder, and coolant sink i say we need some kinda recompilin formula
    something in a ncu reduction cost nano
    ex. jobe's ncu recompilation - the ncu cost of all buffs cast upon this person will be reduced by 15% by usin special recoding techniques of the great scientist of jobe

    7. I like the new ga fixer nukes but why stop there we should have nano skill freezing nukes where nano skills will be frozen midcast and such short duration and doing cold damage and chemical damage that reduces acs for a short period of time etc. just special effect nukes that will do things to other aspects of others persons skills acs casting maybe some stunning nukes that dont have recharge which is longer than the stun period weapon skill reducing nukes , nukes that will lower agg/def, evasoin reducing nukes these are not meant to be cast one after another so maybe when used each can lock a skill or sumtin so u can keep a person skills screwed up but u can make an opportunity for u to strike and maybe do some damage again a strategy based line of nanos

    8. I heard this one somewhere but im gonna repeat it cuz i thought it was great why not make it possible to dual cast nukes then the cast times wont matter as much cuz while in mid cast of a nuke u can be castin small fast nukes adding to your total damage cuz as i see it our big nukes are queal to a crit or a special of other professions but while they are waitin on there crits they are upping there total damage with mediocre damaging attacks waitin for recharge of specials and that next crit
    where as we either hit or miss nuke wise and we are not doing any damage while in that cast i find that just castin small nukes when in a team is much better cuz u are not tied up in a cast where u cant mezz if u happen to be the mezzer and that is good thing too u can be castin nuke and mezzin adds all the while u are castin nuke

    hope this gets read plz give me your thoughts on my opinions

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    might want to post NT nanoformula suggestions to the sticky thread for that purpose in the NT forums. this particular thread isn't really the place for them... and its probably not going to get viewed by anyone who matters at this point anyway.

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    Deceivious, NCU buffs ey? why not gridding ability and speed buffs too? Geeez how much do you want?
    Alantria 203 Fixer Squad commander/Recruiter of Eternal Fury

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    I would like to see this:

    1. Some new self-buffed-castable high end nukes with 75% defence check. Using nukes on high level bosses is a joke as it is today. If nukes should be a viable main weapon for NT's they should land more often than not!

    2. A better HE-line or Crunch - maybe make it self only? Or even better: A NT-item to place in the HUD to either improve nano delta or % cost. Once again - if nukes should be a viable main weapon for NT's we shouldnt run out of ammo (nano-pool) easily.

    3. No, I dont want a NCU buff. But making the recompiler a HUD item, allowing me to have 6 ncu units in my belt would be nice. This is NOT a key issue though.

    4. Range. Not godlike uber range - but some of our nukes should at least have a range comparable with the weapons with the best range. To me, range should be one of the class defining features of the NT.

    These are all NT spesific - but maybe even more important:

    1. Laaaag! A casting profession suffers the most from the lag, because we have to initiate every nuke we cast from the client side. Thus, if the client haven't been told by the server that the previous nuke is done with recharge - it wont let us cast a new one. Furthermore - in laggy situations it may take a good 2 secs from pressing the hotkey before the nuke is actually cast. Multiply that with the amount of nukes you cast in a mission, and you can account for quite a huge damage loss.
    And the list goes on with blackholes etc. Point is - fixing the lag problems will fix a lot for NT's as well as the rest of the community.

    A possible creative fix? Well - it have been suggested that nukes should be possible to be initiated once on the client side, and then coutinue to execute server side until either target is dead, a Stop Nuking command is sent or a New Nanoformula command is sent. I like this

    2. Fumbles. It is stated that fumbles are 3%. I'm not gonna argue that it is higher even though I have my su****ions. However - with the problems with lag, counters, interupts, blackholes etc - I would vote for removing the fumble option all together, for all professions. How often does a weapon user fumble a shot btw?

    So to sum it up:
    NT-love: Reliable damage, sufficient ammo and range thankyouverymuch

    General changes that a NT would love: Lag-fix, server-sided nuking and no more fumbles!

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    Just want damage.
    "Yesterday we bowed before kings and bent our necks to emperors, today we kneel only before truth"

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    Originally posted by Centurion3
    Just want damage.
    Agreed, and I hope that this damage wont be so severly limited by Nano Resist...

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    Originally posted by Alantria
    Deceivious, NCU buffs ey? why not gridding ability and speed buffs too? Geeez how much do you want?
    sort of the opposite of the fixer buffs... what we really want is for our nanoprograms not to take so much NCU. NTs really love the fixer ncu buffs because we can very very easily fill 350 ncu with just self-buffs... and thats just the stuff that we like to consider necessary: dark movement (evades), enfraams (hp and ac), nano cost reduction, humidity extractors, layers, nano range (not needed in missions), and of course, the full run of nano skill expertises. Plus we need to keep 30 ncu clear to use nullity... otherwise we hit the panic button.. and still end up at reclaim.

    I'm not quite as desperate as many NTs, because i'm only using a nano init booster and still have 5 x 64 ncu plus more than half a set of mk2. some people use the init booster and the nano cost one (talking about recompiler and optimizer there)... and then it gets ugly fast.

    I don't mind having to set up a team with a fixer in order to be able to get an ncu buff so i can actually use a good collection of outside buffs from the other team members. but when i have to choose what not to use of my own buffs just to ensure i can hit nullity if i have to, something is a bit fishy.

    171 NT (rk2)
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    Anothet good idea would be to give NT's NCU refresh Nanos.

    A nano the would refresh or extend the duration of the nano programs currently running in the NCU.

    Just a idea & waiting for the Patch.

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    did i say i wanted ncu buff cuz i dont remeber sayin that and i think i was there when i said it

    i said an ncu cost reduction nano if i am gonna sacrafice one of my slots to a recompiler i do wish that the top end buffs dont require u to have all your slots containing ncu chips

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    keep the posts comin we need more response

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    Originally posted by milmaker
    keep the posts comin we need more response
    Dont worry Cz should notice this thread...


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    They probably have already, and the others of the like, they are probably not responding simply because they have nuffin to say... read between the lines.
    "Yesterday we bowed before kings and bent our necks to emperors, today we kneel only before truth"

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    another thing.

    I would like to see them fix the "target not in line of sight" (i think its called that) messege i get when a mob or another player is standing right in front of me but is a standing in a spot that is higher or lower then mine.. Also in missions with tables in the room i get this messege if the mob is on the other side of the table.
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    oops forgot.

    I think nt's should be given an item to cut down on recharge time not only for our nukes but our nano recharge kits. I would really like to see a specific skill i could dump ip into for this but i doubt it would happen because there would be many angry people who have wasted ip on trying to get a sweet gun for there nt. maybe not a waste so much now that i am seeing that my nt could really benifit from using a good weapon but i will never give up my pillow nerfcom..NEVER..
    svendor lvl 206 nt
    Eternal fury

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    dont make since since pillows take alot of skills to use and i think its just a waste of ips when u can get u a pepper pistol for the some nice adds and u will also have at least some damage still kinda dumb we need to get our matter creation adds from a pillow or a pistol we should have an item that can be equiped in util or some free slot that will add and takes comp lit or sumtin

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    I use my pillow because i had the sjills to use it without dumping any ip into it. I agree with you and also think that an item to buff nano skills exspecially mc would be a great use for those hud and utilities slots.
    svendor lvl 206 nt
    Eternal fury

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