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Thread: Ao/ac2

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    AC2 was boring after a day

    Tried to play my entire free month but couldn't take it any longer

    even with lags and crashing in tower battles(and subsequently dying) AO plays better

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    As someone who has played AC2...

    ...I got bored with it far faster than I got bored with the original AC, which is a bad thing. It's pretty bad when I don't play a MMORPG past the initial month.

    The crafting system was ok. Not great, but ok. Severe problems with the rarity of certain items dropping was ridiculous - maybe it's been fixed by now. Towns serve little purpose except to be lag centers - they aren't the centers of player economy they are supposed to be. Still undecided if I like the fact that all player-made items decay. Certain specific looted weapon lines are horrifically bad. Heavy balancing/tweaking needs to be done with the various classes - something that should have been taken care of in beta, and wasn't.

    Maybe in a few months when considerably more content is added, I might give it a spin again. Maybe not. AC2 just did not have enough to keep me interested as a customer. At all.

    Which is really depressing, because I really had been looking forward to it. Ah well, it can go in my "not going to play anymore until they un-suck" pile of MMORPGs.
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    AC2 is good game tho has some bad and good points.

    Yes crafting/skill system looks simple and not much of diversity and work to do. But its not about it i like AC2 becasue i play it on pvp server and i enjoy ability to kill or get killed literaly everywhere. Events and all the attacks wars with guilds are just plain fun.

    I like quest they are more intersting then AO or DAoC quests and not as hard to do. Main thing thats great about AC2 is no lag and NO CAMPING.

    I hate camping i am tired of killing paticular mob to get paticular loot. In ac2 you dont ened it you can have great character by just lvling and getting items from mobs.

    Or doing quests.

    Altho yes some problems like few bugs, sploits and balance between proffesions.

    Ao has on another side great interface great graphics, great skill system and variaety of equipment. But boring gameplay for me lvl 191 doctor who has no point in lvling nothing esle to do besides laging at tower battles and then camping some unique which reque me t press key for heals for about 30+ minuties

    I play both games but i am more and more in AC2 since i am getting to higher lvl and mroe things to do. More people to pvp and more land to explore and dungeons to visit.
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    It's good to hear from someone who did like AC2 - I really did want to like it, honest! It just doesn't seem to be for me, especially with the problems it has now.

    Went looking through the AC2 forums, and it seems that many of the problems I found at the time still exist.

    Crafting is still borked. Apparently it has been nerfed as well, which has many crafters up in arms now.

    The loot generator/tables don't seem to work right.

    Chat system has issues. One of the problems that the original AC had as well.

    Rare trophy drops like Reedshark Plates are STILL not dropping right, from what I can tell. That's been reported since release and still not addressed.

    There are still skills in the skill trees that are useless or aren't working right.

    Balancing/tweaking the various classes has a long way to go.

    The AC2 Live team seems to be working hard (yay!) but they don't seem to be fixing or addressing game issues properly. Based on what I see now, I will probably give AC2 another look in 6 months. By then, the Live team should have had ample time to fix the problems that I'm seeing.
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    Originally posted by Thoughtless

    Do you have no concept of international trade? I can't make a product an instantly sell it in every country i feel like...

    there are dozens of laws, registrations, legal issues, this, that, and the other.... plenty of flaming hoops you have to jump through to get products sold in every country.

    I'm sure Microsoft would love to have your money. But they have to be able to release their product in your country first.
    No I guess that I am not aware of problems in international trade.

    I guess that I was angry how Microsoft/Turbine closed European beta. They just closed servers without any messages in game or in their official messageboards. Most of European beta testers where wondering couple days why servers did go down.

    Also official reason for delaying release in my country was billing issues: they wanted to bill in our local currency. Our local currency is same as in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Netherlands: it is Euro.

    So I wasn't happy how Microsoft/Turbin handled AC2 release and beta in my country when I wrote my orginal message. Maybe there really was some international trade issues, maybe they were busy with US release at time or maybe they thought that game wasn't ready for full release yet. I don't know.

    AC2 is good game for some people, but for me it is just sweet looking candy that taste bad.
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