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Thread: PvP rankings on website

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    please reread,

    i never said you had to exploit to get to high levels.

    however the players who are highlevel now had many
    ways to earn XP, both legit and thru exploits, that
    players now do not have. that was my only point.

    it's hardly fair for a player who leveled up to 150
    at medusas to then go gank lower levels at aces camp
    and then say it's thier own fault for being dumb enough
    to try to play there.. ignoring the fact that those players
    you're griefing dont have the same options you did.

    there is nothing inaccurate about that statement.

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    i take what i said back.

    Your statements are true then.
    i misunderstood statements sorry.

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    In another post besheba claims that she cant hunt at ace camp cause of all the mobs aggroes on her and now she says she likes to hunt there.

    Now Mort is pvp and all clanners are whining about getting ganked at cyborgs, can you feel the pain that omnis suffered at ace camp.

    I can only see one problem they make it harder and harder to lvl, and ppl with a decent lvl find it boring and just go over to pvp to destroy the game for other players.

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    I say implement the system. Bring it on. I would like to see who my targets should be.

    We all know there are grid and wompa campers that got their titles in what you would deem to be less than honorable ways. I have always said, who cares! If you are dumb enough to walk into a 25% zone via a grid or wompa more than 1 time and you get ganked, you don't need to complain. You knew what you might expect to see at the other end, and you deserve what you get (if you complain) because its a PVP zone.

    The carebear whines are really sickening. If you don't want to get hurt, stay out of the line of danger. Don't stick your head into a bear's mouth and cry when you get mauled.

    With this said, I don't PVP too much, but I enjoy a challenge from time to time and I stop by PVP zones to take up some challenges.

    We really need a city, zone, or takeover system for PVP to really mean anything though. Sitting in a zone and waiting for a person to show up so that you can rack up another somewhat meaningless kill gets dull. I'd like to see a meaningful raid where we can take over something. This is a feature that I think should have been in AO a long time ago. It seems like AO, right now, is just a powerlevel game with a little bit of PVP.

    Dynamics and tools for us to play our parts are missing, which I think should have been and were supposed to be key elements to AO.

    The things that are missing are:

    Territory take over system
    Guild housing and better guild management
    Real reasons to engage in battle with something other than NPCs.
    A PC quest system, so that we can assign PCs missions
    More story characters need to be in-game more often

    I'm sure others can think of much more, but that is an important start.

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    please put rankings on a website and maybe some subdivisions like rankings for professions and maybe even level ranges. I would like this so I know who I have to kill to become the undisputed PvP champion of MAs.

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    I don't agree with this idea as will only encourage PvP'ers to go after soft targets. Lets face it some characters and professions are not made with PvP in mind. With the expansion of 25% areas ganking will become rampant.

    Now if you can set up a flag command like "/pvp on" that say changes the color of the characters name "I am ready to fight and are therefore worth ranking points if you kill me". Only those with the PvP flag on my start combat in PvP.
    You can still kill those not flagged you will just recieve no points towards your ranking.
    This would mean that the ranking would mean something as it would be earned in combat and not by ganking.

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    When i bought this game i thought i bought a RPG...repeat RPG a Massive Multiplayer Online RPG.....but to tell you the truth...the more i play it the more i belive i was wrong...cause this game reminds me mora and more of a FPS...FPS as in First person shooter clone of Counter Strike combined with Quake.....why?

    Cause there are little kids out there with no clue what so ever on how to treat other players with respect and think that this game is all about being the best and have the best gear......

    Making a stat/ranking system of all the 1337(elite) d00ds from PvP is not going to make it any better.......

    Why make a ranking when u know there are cheaters/exploiters/twinkers and gankers out there........???

    Isnt this a RPG game? I mean why compare a war in a game with a war in real life?

    Its a game!

    But not for some....

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    I think it's freaking stupid! I had left AO to play DAoC and was having fun until they began posting the same thing for their game. Now I feel stupid for havign ever left AO at all and have quit DAoC for good and returned home. Everyone in DAoC went from nice, social people to jerks(and that's beign extremely nice about it) who cared only about having their name posted on the website for being so damn uber. I honestly think that's the best way to completely ruin any type of gamign community.

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    I think until such time as a PVP title actually means something you shouldnt even be thinking about something like this.

    With people able to at low lvl repeatedly kill a friends "Alt" to gain these titles, with people able to gain titles by killing people 100 lvls lower than they are, and with the non PVP crowd generally having no say wether or not they want to PVP while they are hunting, running to missions etc. a PVP title only tells me that this person is a Ganking, cheating and generally not nice person, I know that this isnt true for some people, but with the majority of people running around with "Rookie" falling into this category I dont mind being mistaken some of the time.

    There have been some very interesting suggestions in this thread concerning how PVP titles should be changed.

    I myself like:

    A lvl 190 person should not be able to attack or be attacked by someone who is lvl 75, thats just too much of a difference.

    Kills in the Arena, or repeated kills of the same person should not count towards a title. Arena fights should be duels, a test of skills used for learning not for repeatedly killing someone's Alt just to gain a title.

    Next title can only be gotten from kills of people who have an equal or higher title than you do. I like this because it makes it so that the title is actually earned and it allows those who wish to go hunting/missioning in 25% zones and not PVP can do so without worry of losing a bunch of items or xp. Of course once a person gains a title they are and should be open to attack no matter what their current activity is.

    Once these or similar changes are implemented then yes, I think it would be cool to be able to go to a webpage and see who has the most kills, by profession and perhaps by lvl. This list should show also the current lvl of the person, his highest lvl kill, his lowest lvl kill and the average lvl of the people he has killed. This way just having a title wont mean anything if you can see that the average is alot lower than the person.

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    Sure, put PvP rankings up on the website ...

    ... after you give us more PvP areas, reasons for PvP (like areas with resources to fight over), and give us the lag-free ability to have massive team-vs-team PvP instead of soloists stepping into and out of "hot zones" like they're at a school dance. Every class being combat viable on its own would be nice, but at this point, I'm so team-dependent (most fixers are) that I can't imagine that being a possibility.

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    I think this is a great idea. I think ranks should be divided in the following:
    Most Wins
    Highest Winning percentage(After a minimum amount of fights)
    Most Wins/highest percentage by Class
    Most Wins/highest percentage by offiliation (Clan/Omni/Neutral)
    Also Rank orginizations(i.e The Dark Carnival)

    I think a well balanced type of competition will always spark good gameplay and goals. Not to mention hours upon hours of reaching that goal. Just my 2 cents, hope it helps.
    Joshua Atoms aka Akyrah

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    Reputation should be earned by the ways of in-game chat, not by a stupid web-site.

    Rankings on a web-site may be fun to climb, but in the long run it will only change game play for the worse.

    Can u say Counter-Strike ?

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    Talking to a player the other day about yalms. He told me that he is going to be paid 5 mil creds and all he has to do is allow himself to be killed until the other player gets their title.

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    Yup, thats what some clanners did too to get Angelicnova Neohpyte title. I don't mind though, more title points for me if I kill such a person, while she/he may not have had the skill to ever get that title (so its easier then let's say Neophyte Dankman).

    To be honest I'm more for non-working outsidebuffs in pvp + no titles. Right now it's winning OR running to a near bunker / zone. Jolly what a fun..

    Happely the new patch will decrease those MA crit buffs and the sudden removal of LLTS will even it out more too. Too bad a lt people (including myself) still have LLTS, they should just remove the crit enhancer, or just make it 1/5th of what it is now.

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    Yeah I'm back, no need to ask your ebay-check questions

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    Hmmm, Im a lvl 71 Soldier and I have cracked about 500k into implants and buffs from people so I can use a QL 96 NOVA, and even with this gun I cant do 50% missions. My armor is above 80 every last item. And I still have like 251 hp left after 1 fight with a dude in a 50% mission(1781hp max). I have to sit down, and heal my self over and over every time im finished fighting one mob. When I'm added Im TOAST!!
    It sux not to be over equipped ! ! !...

    You cant be serious about this patch ? (I like the Reset skill thingy though)

    If you are so worrid about low and mid lvl's getting 132 wrangle buffs.. Remove any buff giving 20+ more Comp lit then.. THen they wont have any NCU's to get wrangled. And they sure aint gonna get high Comp lit with any of the implants at they're lvl, and even if they get them made. They have to get 80+ treatment from a doc, 100 from the Sugery Clinic and +75 from the Med suites. + they're own 40-50 treatment skill.

    Dont like this. I have to do 30% missions from now on then, so I can survive. And then I get like 2k a mission and ZERO tokens and ****ty XP.

    If I understanded the upcoming patch that is.. Something of the above text should be relevant :P...

    hehehe. (Dont flame me If im like WAY out of Line)....
    Tell me to reRead the patch notes 100 more times :P

    Over And out.

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    No, bugs should be highest priority... perhaps later on...
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