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Thread: PvP rankings on website

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    PvP rankings on website

    Short and sweet:

    Would you like to see a ladder of the highest ranking PvPers on the Anarchy Online website?

    If you want, you can vote in a poll on this subject here.

    And of course, any ideas about how you would like this list to be displayed is welcome.
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    Some people got their title well deserved but there are alot of 'rookies' who got their title by ganking.

    Titles don't have rewards, only could be a 'status symbol' but it aint so at the moment because of the gankers.
    High lvl content is the key to fix the game. Add new hunting grounds, make some viable loot and money-dumps for higher lvls.

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    Perhaps if you could show detailed info on who killed who and when. The current pvp structure is already quite misunderstood if anyone really undstands it all. (i don't )

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    Thumbs up In favor

    I say go for it. Those who don't like PVP don't have to look at it. Those who do, can.

    Things I'd like to see:

    "Ruba-Ka in Conflict" or some other sappy title as the entrance page, and a list of the last 10/20/30/whatever people killed in battle, and by who. From there, you can browse by rank, and look at each person's win/loss record, so you can see who killed who, when, and what their ranking was. Basically, more information = good. More people interested in PvP = good. More people interested in playing the game = good. Maybe you have someone who checks in everyday to see if someone has claimed the bounty on Snarf.

    Can't attend pvp battles? Check the highlite reel afterward on the website. You don't have to pvp to be interested in pvp. Cheer on your favorite twink. Gamble on him/her.

    And let's not forget aggregating all those rankings by guild so we can see who the #1 PvP guild is.

    (It would be nice if same-side kills in 0% zones were differentiated from political kills. That way the "great heroes of OmniTek" wouldn't be a bunch of people who killed their own).

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    The current pvp system sucks.

    From level 1 to level 74 super twinks kill everyone. Not from skill... just from over-equipping.

    From level 75+ there are only a few classes who win, and overall battles are boring as hell. They are longer than they should be, and healing is nearly impossible to beat someone as a soldier (unless I'm using a gamma beamer and get a lot of crits)

    Healing needs to be limited. Like damage in pvp. 50-75% of healing instead of the current 100%. Docs at later levels can stack high-end DOTs then continuously heal themselves to full health.

    It's boring when many fights come down to ganking or griefing (what do you think those people who came to kill you when you were leveling were doing? Leveling themselves? Ha, no! They came there to piss you off and make you lose hours of work.)

    Before anyone is recognized at least fix pvp. Right now it's slow and boring, and the majority of people who do well are either do to obvious unbalances or because of a flawed level range system.

    You should know by now the majority of "gimps" are level 150+ Thus the 75+ free for all range rewards them to be punks to people level 75+.

    I won't use names, but it's mostly clanners ganking Omins (afterall, best omni leveling spots past 100 are 25-0%)

    Make pvp free for all from 75 to 149. Then 150+

    It prevents the horrible slaughter some players do (not for titles, or even pvp notoriety... to harass others and piss people off. It's called griefing...)

    So what exactly do you find makes 75+ free for all "worth it"? All you get from it is high level people bored with leveling hunting down level 75-120 people leveling and they try to make them lose millions of XP.

    If the griefers die they lose NOTHING and can come right back to do it again... if the targets die they lose a ton.

    So either change the level cap, or do something to punish griefers who get their asses kicked when they try to grief (i've seen it happen quite a few times) Possibly make them 100% lootable or drop 1 item they have equipped.

    Otherwise, griefing will continue to be supported by this ill-planned idea of free for all...

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    Hrm, I must've missed the part where Cosmik said, "Please use this thread to continue your previous whines about the AO pvp system." All I saw was, "Do you want to see PVP records on the website? And how would you like them displayed?"

    I take it your answer is no.

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    Who cares

    I for one could care less. How about less website revisions, less work on things like irc chat, and some real work on the game itself. It's been a month since any patch. Not even a word of when you might try to patch again or even put something on test server. I think we would rather have GAME CONTENT vs WEB CONTENT. Or at the leaswt info on when content could be expected

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    im sorry ahead of time for this rant but god dam stop crying its people like u guys messing this game up and made me leave uo after 4 yrs
    now pvp is not broken it works fine u guys complian about people over equiping not worried bout roleplayingbut pvp and pking is very much part of ao and will be.because in every mmrpg there will be pks and whiners but les keep these roles in game pks pk in game whiners cry to your freind ingame look this game is a war game desgined anddeveloped around a 4yr story line which is 2 sides fighting each other if u are not here for that then i suggest u picked the wrong game.... i on the other hand am looking forward to a decent stroy line being able to train [study and reserch how to build my charater] and develope my evil chars to pk serch and destriy and so forth ....... invcest some time reserching game to make your char the best u can be in stead of complianing to funcom.........
    Now to ganking ganking is not 3 people killing u for coming in a war zone u want duel find a secludeed place in 4holes if u take chance going to a 25 percetn zone u tak chance of getting smoked part of war is fighting and numbers dont mean nothing think the vietmanese said les not gank america because we have1000000 more troops in holes and tunnels.. no not at all becuse thats part of war and u my freind piked a game based on war......if u want a game where u have to follow strict guidelines on leveling and cant get killed by pvp the u can always play tetris on final fantisy 10 o r11 whaTever they have out now
    Now a gank is when u go some where see 1 guy by self and run away from him only to come back 10 mins later with 5 guys to kill him
    thatsa gank
    when u with your freinds in the neighbor hoiod and a enemie comes up past u what do u do kill em kill em adn kill his freinds when they come for revenge

    well sorry for rantagain i get tired of see punks crying about a game that they spend no time reserching or knowing what it is about

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    Well, ok..I say put the rankings up. Let those who PvP have their fun

    Oh, Cern, Cosmik can't code. Really. He did try back when 12.4 was on the live servers, but the result didn't impress me at all. Sorry Cos. Neither can the other web guys, so I guess it's for the best if we allow them to do what they do best: improve the website.


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    I say, if it's taking time away from making important contributions to fixing the game, then don't do it. It's uneccessary. If PvP actually made a difference in this game then maybe. But in this game PvP has about the same effect as playing a 1st person shooter. Sorry, boring. If that's what i wanted, i'd still be playing Team Fortress. I say leave it alone 'till more important issues are resolved. Like balancing the proffessions.

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    Thumbs down

    I say no to the Ranking System. Have nothing to do with the storyline and will only result in more players gridcamping and so on.

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    75-150 pvp cap would be great anyhow

    so would the pvp list

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    Hmm the problem is gonna be the people will just get their friend to stand there while they repeatedly kill them to get to the top of the tables.

    For a PvP table to work, you might like to consider making it so that only unique (or a small number) of kills against one person really count so that people cannot rise to the top by killing the same (willing) player over and over. Also, put some restrictions on very low levels from doing this, else they'll just get their friend to reroll new chars every few minutes to get the 'unique kills'

    Having tables is a nice idea I suppose it's gonna be open to abuse - which is unfair on the people who work hard to get to the top legitimately...


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    I think it's a pretty good idea, BUT:

    - Make sure you also list ranks PER PROFESSION.
    - Make sure you also list ranks PER LEVEL RANGE

    Snarf: Level 165 Atrox NT

    "At one time you were maybe a little useful Snarf. Now you're just being annoying." -- Hawkman

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    Thumbs down No thanks

    No need to reward the gridcampers and exploiters who now have some way to attack you before the 15 seconds has gone down past 12 or so...

    Not to mention some people do nothing but sit in 2h0 all day long. God forbid I actually pass through 2h0 on my way to somewhere else. Now not even getting in your yalm before you whompa and setting your slider to full def is enough to get by the godd4mn exploiters, because theres ten of them waiting for you with the new trick of the month.

    Entering 2h0... fps = 3
    15... fps = 5
    14... fps = 5
    Attacked by JackassTwiceYourLevel#1
    13... fps = 5
    You were hit for 900 points of Aimedshot dmg by Jack@ssTwiceYourLevel#2
    You were attacked by nanobots for 828 points of fire dmg
    You were hit for 700 points of melee damage by JTYL#3
    You were hit for 1200 points of flingshot dmg by JTYL#4
    You have died
    12... fps = 10 gee now you have a chance of fighting back, since the client will actually let you press TAB+Q
    pvp grace period over, you are now open to attack
    Your remains are available
    fps = 60, since you're now back at reclaim.

    If it takes 5 seconds away from someone who could be fixing the game, I'm very much against it.

    If its some web person, I'd rather see things like more guild info (leaders, ranks, join dates) and such. And no carrots for these people who have nothing better to do. The sooner they leave the better.

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    With class balance the way it is, this isnt a good idea.

    Fix class balance first, then start working on PvP.

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    Thumbs up

    PvP is war. I have no respect for campers but they have their title and camp keep it. There is no honor in sniping too. War is ugly and you wanna play war. Accept the lack of rules.
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    Angry Hmmm

    There is no fun in PvP, I tried a couple of times, but all people at the arena is so twinked its almost ridiculous. I asked the last player I fought (around lvl 10), what his secret was. He told me he just bought 20million credits at EBay and some high lvl guild friends helped him buff extreme high QL weapon/armor on. He recommended me do the same if I wanna keep doing PvP...

    Thats why PvP suck so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im not whining, Im just saying fix the game before you start something useless stuff outside the game for stuff that dont work ingame (and PvP is just one of many things that dont work in AO!!!!).

    "There is a new word for incompetent, Funcom",
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    Post Yup

    I think it would be great to give the PvPers something to strive for. However, keep in mind:


    It'll be lame to show our chars who have been killed 20000 times (non PvPers, mind you - people who are ganked)...


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    Im all for Snarf's idea, kudos to that.

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