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  • Yes! Show me those PvPers!

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  • I don't mind. Makes no difference to me.

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Thread: PvP rankings on website

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    PvP rankings on website

    Would you like to see a ladder of the highest ranking PvPers on the Anarchy Online website?
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    Cool hmm..

    IF it don't take time to coders to make this list (in place of resolve more important bugs and fixes),

    IF it don't make 100000 other bugs to have that list,

    IF the pvp'ers are happy with such a list,

    THEN, it could be done.

    I voted i don't care, because i'm not a pvp player, but i can understand that for some people it's something nice.



    EDIT :

    oups, not sure i can post here... sorry
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    Re: hmm..

    Originally posted by Satya
    oups, not sure i can post here... sorry
    No, you can't. And now I have to kill ya.

    A small slip from my side. I forgot to set up the profile for you community site people properly.

    Fixed now, I hope...
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    Closing poll. It's been running long enough.

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