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Thread: 2hb not green

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    2hb not green

    I created a new nano enforcer, but it seems to me that 2 hb isn't green but blue/green. Do you people suggest 2hb(hammer) is the better choice or should I go 1hb? What do you all think is the best weapon for a nano?

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    There are a ton of threads on this all ready. Using the search button will help ya find a lot more info than I can type in 2 minutes. The idea is 2hb all though its not dark green is cheaper due to less skills to raise.

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    With all these new weapons from the weaponsmith, I'm not really sure what to recommend....

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    [list=1][*]you are nanomage, no beam for you (so 2hb has no special meaning for you)[*]before the new weapons came out blunt (1h or 2) was the way to go[*]now the new weapons give you a good variety up to Quality 135 or so in any type[*]they say they will "fix" the fact that there are no 200's of the new weapons[*]I suggest you use what makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside (warm and fuzzy is how all big mean brute nanomage enforcers should feel)[/list=1]
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    In my opinion, low level enforcer weapons should meet the following conditions:

    > Less IP = Better (avoid multi wield, avoid special attacks, use the cheapest skill)

    > Faster = Better (use a 1.5/1.5 or better speed weapon until your melee init hits 300ish, then move up to 2.5/2.5)

    Therefore, I highly recommend the Katana (the one found in missions that is 1.4/1.4, 2he, Brawl, Dimach) til the low 40's and the Meibutsu Dai-Katana (from the melee vendor) after that.

    If you grow impatient trying to roll Katana's as mission rewards, the Merchant Warblade is available in Shops and also is a good choice for low level. It uses Fast Attack, but just raise that skill the minimum needed to wield the warblade. FA isn't worth the IP to keep maxed through the middle levels, but you'll return to it at high level for extra damage and Flurry of Blows. Or start using the slower Meibutsu sooner.

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    I should point out that my above opinion is based on my nanomage enforcer playstyle. I am playing a nanomage because I want to be as "cutting edge" with my nano formulas as possible.

    High intelligence trickles down to a lot of blue/dark blue skills for enforcers, namely nanoskills. Also, nanoskill implants tend to have an intelligence requirement, so my nanomage tends to be better implanted for nanoskills than the other breeds I've played.

    However, none of this changes the fact that the nanoskills are seriously expensive for enforcers. Therefore, my nanomage enforcers are extremely strict with IP expenditure. You must be prepared to keep your nanoskills high to take full advantage of your breed choice.

    I allow myself no frilly skills and I use every trick in the book. For instance, I stopped raising Map Nav at about 90 skill, got a full set of Map Nav implants to raise it to 130, uploaded the Monster Map Reader upgrade, and haven't touched it since. The only things I value more than my nanoskills are Int/Psy/Sta/Body/2HE/MeleeInit.

    The 2HE route used to be acceptable, if you weren't an atrox. But now with 2HE skill buffs, and the Meibutsu's, it's downright good. And cheap for IP too.

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    No enforcer implants require intel. With the exception of the head, when/if you put in a bright dimach. Before that, head is agi. Im basing this on the 2hb/1hb/1he/2hb implant setups I have designed for my enfs. They always take str/stam or agi. -Frost
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    round mid 40-80 lvls, IPs can be very tight, so using simple weps is often best, 2hb has some very powerful weps (even disregarding beams) and it isn't significantly more expensive
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    Thats funny! 2hb for soli is teal too.

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    Originally posted by FrostGigas/LS
    No enforcer implants require intel. With the exception of the head, when/if you put in a bright dimach.
    Err, yeah. Unless you design them to use Int, instead of Agi...
    Like say, for instance, because you are a nanomage and your Int is higher than your Agi.

    As you mentioned, Bright Dimach is very handy in the head. I also have Int-based ear, eye, and right hand implants for nanoskills. And guess what...they are enforcer implants. I can tell because I'm an enforcer and they are implanted in me.

    Sure, I could probably change them to Agi by implanting things like Conceal and Aimed Shot, but that would make them worse. As a nanomage, I have a very high intelligence, so I can put in really nice nanoskill implants that require Int. As opposed to making mediocre ones, that require Agi.

    Originally posted by Curmudgeon
    Also, nanoskill implants tend to have an intelligence requirement, so my nanomage tends to be better implanted for nanoskills than the other breeds I've played.
    Let me rephrase this: A nanomage's high intelligence, especially if they have items like Shades and VT Eggs, allows them to make nanoskill implants that require Int, and implant their nanoskills better than the other breeds I've played.

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    Ty FC for patching on my holyday, it gave me time to do some experiments with weapon damage calculator. Meibutsu Dai-Katana will be the weapon I choose with my nano enf.
    Also I tried Schiacciamento Vento on a testchar, but the looks were... uhmmm ... censored ... !
    TY all for the tips!

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    Katana works great,but lvl 135 is a little bit low...could get a ga 4 fixer down to,hm,lets say,i hitted with every special...about 500 dmg brawl,800 sneak(min requirements),1,6 k dimach,and about 200-300 fast... but the weapon hits not hard enough...perhaps punishment rod with its fast attack+dimach...must get one these days(or try to get one...)

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    Originally posted by Curmudgeon
    The 2HE route used to be acceptable, if you weren't an atrox. But now with 2HE skill buffs, and the Meibutsu's, it's downright good. And cheap for IP too.
    What 2he skill buffs are you talking about Curmudgeon?

    Also I need some advice. I am lvl16 atrox enforcer and I want to know what level implants I should be looking at. I have yet to do any implants. Althought I think I understand the priniciple of it and it mostly depends on your level of treatment, the higher level imps will require more tweaking so I just want something basic to start off with. I am thinking maybe level 30 since I don't want to outgrow my implants too soon but how do I know if that is too high or too low? Also what is the best way to get the QL implants you want? The prices of implants at stores are outrageous so I've heard of people blitzing for imps and buying the clusters.

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    Originally posted by Rioko
    Thats funny! 2hb for soli is teal too.
    skillcolor (or cost, if you like) depends on profession, not breed.
    Breed only determines the cost (color) of your attributes (strength, agility, int, stam, psy, sense)

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    twinkin enf imps in

    I dunno always base mine on agi/stam/str(str for left arm) due to the buffs you can intell buff except general.

    Using the basic twink method stam/agi and str always yields highest ql for lvl

    implant: shine/bright/fade
    chest :stam/bm/str = stam req
    leg: agi/stam/blank = stam req
    foot: blank/agi/duck = stam req
    and waist faded swappers either
    agi = stam req
    stam = stam req

    Using ic/ps/ess/pillows/fg/and general agi/stam buffs design the rest of your imps for stam/agi/str req and get the chest/leg/foot/waist stackers in you'll always find treatment being your limiting factor for ql >lvl50 Of course this is why you design agi based treatment imps to take you even higher. Once all your other imps are in swap out for your real head/eye/hand replacing head last then chest/leg/foot/waist unless you want some good carb on ie.ql63 non-oe'd at 25 for greatest effect.

    The only 3 nano skills that really count are bm/mm/mc si/pm being secondary and with this method you can always max them out even at lvl's lesser than 50.

    Doing this you can have ql90 imps in at lvl25 (i've done it with an enf) and ql125-130 in at lvl50(again i've done it) again after lvl50 treatment is your limiting factor not base ablities. Ablities do play somewhat of a part prior to lvl50 this is why stam based ablity stackers are so useful especially early on.

    This method does favor atrox breed though above all others until lvl50.

    errrrrrrrrr what was I talking about again? bah time for sleep
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