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Thread: THE REAL post about Nano v.s. Atrox Thread

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    THE REAL post about Nano v.s. Atrox Thread

    LOL, I know what you think, but this thread will actually "go" somewhere instead of becoming silly ones like the others

    So here it goes~

    Since I don't have numbers on my hand for the life/nano of Nano/Atrox Enforcers after the patch, I cannot really compare them (AO Skill Emulator 14.2.3 does have the extra life/nano for Nano/Atrox Breed considered in).

    However, I'll just assume the numbers using the 1 extra life/nano per skill point in Body Dev/Nano Pool.

    We'd get:
    level 200 Atrox Enforcer:
    Life: 4606+727=5333
    Nano: 1692

    level 200 Nano Enforcer:
    Life: 3632
    Nano: 3010+665=3675

    Let's analyze!

    At level 200, Atrox would be able to obtain 1701 extra Life, while Nano would get 1983 extra Nano. If we translate the extra Nano into Life using Mongo Crush (676 Nano-->2300 Life), it'd means Nano Breed would actually have nearly extra 6900 (almost 3x Mongo Crush) Life, making Nano Enforcer having a 5199 HP advantage!!!

    However, there are also a lot more to consider...

    1) Starting off--Play Style.
    Most ppl suggested to start off a Nano Enforcer like a NT/MP, and use Int/Psy Armors, but the lack of Int/Psy buff would handicap your ability to use higher ql Armor. Int/Psy clusters conflict with almost everything, making it impossible to implant. Thus, it wouldn't be an advantage either.

    If you start off the Enforcer Fashion (maxing str/sta/agi), you wouldn't really be gimped compare to others, but you'd just be a lot tighter on IPs early on.

    2) Breed Specific Stuff.
    As you all know, Atrox has a good number of items useful for the Enforcer Breed. The only thing that'd be useful for a Nano Enforcer would be Shades (Professor Jones? lol... don't tell me you're going to max Nano Programing...), which IMO is good, but not nearly as good as the Leg Chopper Glove/Beam.

    3) Weapon Equiping.
    Well, the difference in abilities would make about 13 or so difference for the weapon skills... on one hand you'd think it's neglectable, on the other hand, if you're not lucky enough, it'd hit you as hard as a whole Title Cap...

    Not to mention the Leg Chopper Gloves... They're a lot easier to get and better than Smelly Butcher Gloves...

    4) Ability to self-cast nanos
    Nano Enforcers will able to cast the Top nano a lot sooner, and even sooner with the help of Shades... Imagine how much sooner you'd get with more than +30 to all Nano Skills from the trickle down of Base Abilities (with Shades of course)!

    5) Fighting Super Bosses
    Ok, the 1.7k less HP would make a difference of being 3 hit or 4 hit by a Super Boss, it'd be a matter of life and death! (since you wouldn't have the time for Mongo to run through).

    So in the end, who's better?

    SOLITUS OWNZ!!!!! (lol j/k )
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    atroxes make a good target
    nanos would have higher nanos and possibly as a result better atk rating and a tactical edge
    either one is playable of course
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    The ultimate Enforcer

    An Atrox/nano Breed!

    The strength of an Atrox and the intelligence of a Homo-Nano.
    Up the Irons!
    Nunquam Retrorsus!
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    Re: THE REAL post about Nano v.s. Atrox Thread

    Phione, you make some good points about armor, but it's really quite simple. You put on the best armor you can. The weird thing about nanomage enforcers is that "the best" armor stats change over time, and so must your armor.

    In the first several levels that will be Cyber (Int/Psy).
    Quickly, with Essence, Concrete Cushions, and Str/Sta implants, it will turn to Str/Sta.
    Then, as your Str starts to fall behind (cause it's dark blue and it will fall behind), it will probably be Psy/Sta.
    And eventually, when you max all your stats, it will be whatever you want (for instance, Lockforcer mentioned he's wearing QL200 Carbonum).

    I'm currently at the stage where Shades, Concrete Cushions, Essence, and Sta implants make Biomech the best armor for me. I am using Brawling instead of Strength implants, and have let my Str fall behind by quite a bit.

    The thing I like best about my nanomage enforcer is that he casts nanos soooo much earlier than my old 'trox. Specially when I borrow my friend's Shades to put in nanoskill implants. I could wear int-requiring implants of QL90 when my 'trox was still wearing QL50. Between the trickle down points from Int and the considerably higher implants, it gets to be a serious difference in total nanoskills through the large middle portion of the game.

    But, it all comes down to style. I have no plans of tanking high level boss mobs, so total HP doesn't matter much to me. What matters to me with my style is how quickly I'm losing HP, and my evades/AC are good enough that I lose them at about the same rate as any other breed, I reckon.

    I would never try to convince people that nanomages are the best enforcer breed. In fact, I think all the breeds make good enforcers (even opiflakes). People should feel comfortable picking the breed they like best and going with it.

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    my opifex enf is awesome, and i would say the opi breed is just as well suited as a solitus for enfing
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    I think the most important aspect of HP is your starting amount. Mongo is fine, but needs to click through it's cycle before you get the full effects. The cushion that the Atrox has is easier for the Doc to deal with and will benefit in areas that Mongo is not appropiate.

    A high base HP is something you always have with you, not something you hope to have 10 seconds later.

    My Current Armor Setup Nail Armor Baby!

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    Regardless of what breed you choose, there WILL be some differences and variations in stats and skills, obviously. There is not a breed that is significantly BETTER than others. In my case, I'm Opifex. My evades are now somewhat innately higher than average, with a possible higher potential. Fast attack, Sneak attack, and Multi-melee, are also slightly higher than average. On the down side, my HP is and will be significantly lower then an Atrox and slightly lower than a Solitus. On the upper hand, my nano pool will be significantly higher than an Atrox. So, pick what you want - HAVE FUN.

    Besides, I'm OPIFEX, I'm damn SEXY!!....Except for my hellishly pale skin =P

    <----Yay!! My first post =)

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    I guess for me it all comes down to the beam question. If you want to use a beam for most of your enf career then go Atrox. Beam is an excellent choice, but if you want variety then another race is probably best. Taunters have been nerfed so badly that I no longer use them; I would not let that be a consideration in picking a breed.
    More nano == (does not equal) more HP; getting up in levels means that there are multiple adds that need to be calmed, rendering Mongo a liability in a lot of cases.
    Advisor of Rising Phoenix

    current setup

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    I agree w/ Strax on the mongo issue. There are many cases where if you mongo you will free adds and pets from calms and therefore you cant allways be mongoing. But if you have higher permanent health then you wont need to mongo as much (also you cant mongo as much b/c of lack on nano) overall i dont think 1 breed is clearly better tho. I only chose atrox cause i think ther are kool and its fun to make fun of them in game...(for instence refering to myself as "me" instead of "i")
    -The one, the only, the Borf-
    -Borfinator 107 OT enf on RK1
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    im 107 now w00t
    -The one, the only, the Borf-
    -Borfinator 107 OT enf on RK1
    -Atrox Pride-

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    The ultimate Enforcer
    An Atrox/nano Breed!
    The strength of an Atrox and the intelligence of a Homo-Nano.

    Or perhaps the Strength of a Homo-Nano with the Intelligence of an Atrox?

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    That's why they say Solitus Ownz... we have average everything! No need to worry about any weakness! :P

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    no specialty, but the solitus breed does best suit 1he/1hb
    enfs best suit the str stam weps 2he/2hb
    opis are more suitable for piercing agi/str/sense
    and nanos get an edge for melee energy which is somewhat psi dependant or something, but who cares bout dat cuz melee energy only has garbage weps atm
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    Originally posted by Strax
    More nano == (does not equal) more HP; getting up in levels means that there are multiple adds that need to be calmed, rendering Mongo a liability in a lot of cases.
    Dominate Foe for crowd control is better than calm because you can mongo at will without breaking it. Also works on bosses

    It's only a matter of how well you use all your nanos.
    For long fights a high nano pool is better, you can challenger, rage, layer, mongo more without having to sit to recharge.

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    Well the point is that even if u cant mongo at all times, an high nano pool is still very valueable. I dont have any clue how many times my layers have saved me or other people in the team. With a high Nano Init and good nano pool the layers are really good.

    Use a mongo when u can, then just instacast those layers while u use ur specials. Again if ur a atrox and using beam u wont have all these specials, probably a lower Nano init and off course a lower nano pool.

    And whats the problem with Opi enfs, dont see why Solitus owns a opi enf really. Off course u get some higher skills, but that aint much. The only problem is FC really, they every 2 enf tool/weap/armor atrox only... making it a hard life for all us others trying to survive out there :P

    An advantage nanomages get other than an earlier mongo... is off course that they can at lower lvls use better shields, better essences and better melee skill buffs. At higher lvls they wont have to use every possible way of getting nano skilled imps.

    I do as an opifex enf have a little problem with my waist implant at.... I am currently using a faded ql 200 bio met cluster, but i should really have a 2h edged faded cluster there.... but again if I change, i wont be able to cast crush, failing or behe anymore :/

    So i need to ding 1 or 2 times and use alot on IP to max BioMet and hope that its enough to make up for the 40 points I loose when I switch to get a better 2h edged skill and an higher attack rating. With hopefully both shades and pro jones and a green intell skill a nanomage would have an easy choice here... Forget about the biomet cluster and just put in the 2h edged cluster.....

    K, that was just my thoughts...

    -Keomps, atm 167 Opi Enf

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    More nano == (does not equal) more HP
    if nothing else:
    more layers == more hp

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    this is of course assuming they aren't doin fire damage so u can rage and cast fast layers (and not burn thru the layers that will be hit!)
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    .... true

    true course ... i got a 950 nano init without rage.... so i dont have to cast rage to cast my layers fast, but ... i do need the rage to get a faster melee init with my sloooow qb :/ So my idea is off course just good against everything else than fire dmg...


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    Well what can I say .......

    I have a nanomage enf at level 179........ When I created that char it was because I wanted to take a real good challange.

    What is bad maybe is that im very lazy with maxing my char with implants..... I take it as it comes....... if I come into a situation were I feel that something is wrong ..... Like I cannot solo my own level in mission (ql 179 at the moment) i just try to figure out whats wrong and then I adjust it.

    Its a good challange and I enjoy it alot. What benefits alot is the satisfaction of being able to selfbuff into the best essence. And in fights I have good use of the best mongo and sometimes I renew layered buff during the fight.

    And well in mission fear nano have been a lifesaver many times , but after the last patch to use fear nano means that they run away so effective through the wall so I never have a chance to get working on him again if I dont run back to the entrance were it seemes like they end up mostley when feared.

    What do I have in health ??? Well fully buffed I have 8,3 k ..... Well it is with tower effects if I remember correct . Anyways it doesnt feel like a problem , since I can always get some extra hp I can get from chainmongo and renew of layered unless a trader had put his unfriendly buff upon my NCU.

    How do I do in pvp ? Well not exactly good , But I never had it as a main goal , and well it doesnt matter how "strong" you are since you can always get ganked and sent to ressurection.

    I have seen a phonemian though that some opponents belive that im easy to kill , a form of underestimation because of my looks and breed , But well I have sent them to ressurection were they have had time to think about what happend...... Ofcourse that is not always the case :P

    Anyways I can se a future development of this char were I put on armor and other cool items that gives extra points to intelligence so I can remove some of the implants that is directed to stimulate execution of nanoprograms and instead put in implants that stimulate the strenght of my weapon.

    I use a hammer and with flurry , rage and pd I get melee init up to 1,8k ........ yeah I know its not that high ..... but I will improve it in the levels to come.

    And now to the Issue what breed is best ? well let me answer this way , its a matter of what you enjoy , if I like to play your char whatever breed it is then its the winner for you , some like apples, other likes pears or even bananas.

    Let me broaden the issue. And give some questions to this subject.

    What is the best breed in PVP?

    It will probably be atrox because the damage output they can give out ....... but still anyone can get ganked and then it just doens matter, but in a one on one fight without interference I would say atrox.

    What is the best breed in team mission ?

    I would say that a nanomage is a very good pick because of the buffs that they can give to there teammates , but well it doenst have that big importance really since it can always be solved with a MP buffing a atrox to buff into a good essence for the teammates.

    What is the best breed for hunting ?

    the key issue for hunting is to reduce the adds that can come and I can say that as a nanomage I can still do very good damage to the mob while I tab around and fear any add that is unwelcome for the moment , I have full control in that situation and I can fast and easy send any mob on a safari with a short notice.

    As you can se I have left out any comments about Opi or Sol breed. Since I havent tried that comb to high level I feel its unfair to comment on there capacity. But feel free to do it.

    Its all about having fun folks, the one that have most enjoyment of there char wins everytime. They win big , and always a crystal clear victory.

    Enjoy yourself


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