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Thread: Nanomage vs Atrox

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    Nanomage vs Atrox

    There have prolly been other threads about this but I'm too lazy to look.

    What do you say? Atrox vs nanomage enf!
    Is there some Nanomage enf out there that own in PvP?
    I'm not that high level with my atrox so I'm seriously thinking about changin breed, dunno yet though... would like to hear what you guys/girls have to say!

    And I know that PvP actually is 90% or more about skill, that NTs (no matter what you say) can actually own too. (Highest title on RK1 isn't that an NT? )
    Anyway I was just thinking about the HP loss/gain and the Nano loss/gain.

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    if you are going to pvp at high level .... F it , i got too lazy to finish, just go read the 30 other threads discussing nanomage enf effectiveness from the past week.

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    interesting new hairstyle, or is that what worrying over the EOT has done to you?

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    I was about to ask that myself.

    Paint it silver and you've got a fake Biomech helmet


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    I have a nanobreed enf at lvl 161 at the moment, im not mutch for pvp but if someone want to test against me in the arena just send a tell and we can get together.

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    lol, was just checking over the different hair style available for my face, apperently I didn't switch back before I went to bed (btw, what's with the crooked head shape? :P)

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    well, now we know you are really bald and just wear a wig to cover it up.

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    Don't we all
    I suspect there are more than 99.9% of us here wear a wig

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