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Thread: Treatment labs should modify weapon skills

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    Treatment labs should modify weapon skills

    30 seconds of blindness is too long and drastically changes solo gameplay (More fully explained here

    A more reasonable penalty is 15 seconds of your weapon working at 75% effectiveness. This allows play to continue without requiring you to use the minimap all the time. (The rapid healing has left you temporarily with "jelly" legs and arms).

    At higher levels, the treatment labs fall behind the healing curve of mobs, especially in the front room, making missions undoable. The emergency treatment labs are essential in this regard, so that over time you can wear a mob down and continue.

    After a challenging fight it might take 5-6 ql 125 treatment kits or 2 treatment labs to fully heal. Thats a long time or a full minute of blindness- boring.

    Or you could double the healing of the normal treatment kits.

    At this time, my character has just squeezed into ql 200 implants, armor(must run stamina boost to avoid OE) and has a ql 200 beam at 132, so he is now as relatively strong as he will ever be. He is currently taking 50% missions and a lot of naps.

    Do something about time sinks, solo players are not a danger too level to quickly. Have one of your employees take a 70% mission on your test server solo and ask him what percentage of time he spent in darkness.

    BTW, I have no problem with doors, nanos or chests blinding for 30 seconds, they make sense.
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    I forgot about this: WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

    I have been paying very handsomely for these kits and those with the pharm skill have been getting rich off me.

    The trade skill is obsolete now. Without the change these people would have been sending their Rubi-kids to the finest schools available.

    Now what? All they can hope for is scholarships.
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    I'm going to do it! Yes I am! I'm going to spam the game mechanics forum.

    What kind of maniac does that? I mean, that's just sick.

    A maniac who wants an official response.

    I'm still playing some, but most of my time is spent on the new Leisure Suit Larry.

    This fantastic new game capitalizes on the world-wide fervor created by the release of Notum Wars. The first official spin-off.

    In this game, set far in the future, Larry actually plays an 8 year old boy who's goal it is to go down to the local mens bath house and take a swim without getting molested, photographed nude, or lured away by a stranger with candy.

    Why am I here and not playing the game? Well, I was doing pretty good. I was buffed with "iron towel" and "grip of death". I was showering up when my "grip of death" nano expired and I got ganked by a high level player who hit me with the debuffs, "slippery soap" and "locked knees".

    Needless to say, my bar dropped to the floor and when I bent over from the waist (locked knees) to pick it up, I got PvP'ed big time. Hello reclaim.

    Oh, the name of the game.....

    You guessed it.......SCROTUM WARS
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    rofl, bump for some funny shizat
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    Who else can complain but make you laugh at the same time- that's right- good ole, unrepentant Hobbes.

    Check out my sick action as I get giggy spamming this forum. I've been known to post up to once every 3 days keeping this controversy at the top of the forum no one has ever heard of.
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    I solved the 30 second downtime---or so I thought.

    A "quickie" would be just the trick.

    This, unfortunately, got an unequivical thumbs down from the lady. Maybe if blindness were 45 sec, we could then cuddle for 15 sec and maybe she would come around on this issue.

    So please increase blindness time to 45 seconds, please, please!
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    Still sucks, please change

    head------------------------------------------------> wall
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    Well, I haven't read the post above as I'm so , dead, tired and intoxicated heh.

    One thing about treatment labs ( pharma tech ones )

    REMOVE the 30 sec blindness please, they were usefull before other effects disabled that, hence I had a stock of over 10k. Now I can use them all up for myself "yay" weee.

    Would the removal of the blindness be overpowering ? no

    Would it make the doc (or any other class) the absolute uber profession "rocking" everyone in pvp ? naaah

    Would it make me a rich filthy bastard? nah, they werent selling that good before , but dont sell at all now ;p

    Would it remove ALOT of annoyance ( blindness) and annoying waiting time in a mission, as, for example an enforcer would be able to heal up 15k of hp with costum made packs instead of the old ones? Hell yeah.


    Oh yes, would it prevent georg from ipring his pharma tech for the second time ? probably, which is very very good :P
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    Georg is a genious, listen to him.
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    I agree, either get rid of the blindness, or have it affect a weapons skill??

    Hmm maybe if they want to keep the blindness idea, maybe only make the screen 50% black? so you can still see somewhat.

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    Oh pretty please! New patch coming, hope springs eternal.
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    Halleleuh brother preach on. They do nothing but make the game move faster and I believe somewhere funcom once stated they wanted to elilminate the downtime associated with other mmorpgs??? Was I mistaken?

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