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Thread: Retail, pre-order, download and launch

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    Re: hmmm

    Originally posted by IMAD!man
    I am curious, did more people buy Anarchy-Online at retailers or did more people download it? Well over half of the people I know and play with in the game downloaded it. The fact that Notum Wars is not available to me and lots and lots of other people is not to be excused with any kind of market jargon. And the idea that they were not aware that this would be the case only serves to undermine your entire "theory".

    OK, if you want to treat trade publications like Bigfoot, go ahead... but you probably had to explain what Anarchy Online was, or spell "Notum", as most other people had to. Most of the people runnign those shops have absolutely no f*ing clue what AO or NW are.
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    Re: Razishlyat...

    Originally posted by Litigator
    ... fair enough, wonderful logistics and all that but:

    I'm the customer and I don't care.
    That's entirely in your perogative, and good for you. You shouldn't take ***** from companies. I'm not telling you to. Oh, believe me, I'm pissed off as all hell about this whole mess, and I intend to do whatever I can to make them regret it. The point I have is that FunCom as a company got screwed by this more than any of us. Once they make further comment on WTF happened, I will direct my energies at the appropriate agent. I'm not gonna sit around and flame FC about it. Keep in mind that FunCom themselves are a customer of Digital River and whatever other publishers/distributors they are using. I'm sure they're just a *bit* more peeved about missing out on shipment quotas, bad PR, loss of sales, their contract falling apart, or whatever else is going on.

    Don't try and be condesending and tell me I can still get involved until it arrives, thats a disgusting attitude to take.
    I don't recall saying that Litigator should get involved in the towers. I do recall saying that instead of complaining about someone having an unfair advantage, people should do what they can to end that advantage before it begins... whether that statement applies to you kinda depends on if you care, which you obviously don't.

    Yet, on the flipside, I don't care. FunCom, the company has failed to deliver. I don't give a damn about the distributior monopoly, it is rife, but I don't care. In the customers eyes, FunCom has failed and it is as simple as that.
    Yes, you are right, in the customer's eyes FunCom has failed. Can't really change that. It doesn't, however, make the customer "right" in any sense but their expectations of a company.

    Here's a comparison you may like. You put a lot of effort into running a AO item trading/selling (in credits, all nice and legal) website, where you take orders and deliver them ingame. One of your special features is a tradeskill only item that only you have the ability to make. Because FunCom has server issues, you are completely unable to make 80% of your deliveries on the first day you launch.

    What do you do when your customers, who are paying you for a service, begin discussing how they don't care about FC's server difficulties - YOU failed to deliver. They don't give a damn about the server monopoly that FC has and your lack of another way to do it. In your customer's eyes, you have failed, and it is as simple as that.

    I'd bet that your first reaction would be to point to FunCom and balme them. You would say, I bet, that you were in turn a client of them, dependent upon their medium, and you had no control over their server errors. I'm sure you would expect your clients to understand that you had issues with the person in the middle, providing the connection between you and them.

    And being AO players, I'm sure they would immediately start flaming FC for having bad servers and paste copies of their close account confirmations.

    Now, what if the 80% of the people who were counting on that uber item you made couldn't get it, and because of that, suddenly get completely owned in PvP? What about if you took the items back (somehow, it doesn't really translate, but you get the idea)? Wouldn't those players now be the people you were failing as a company because *you* failed to come through, then *you* took away what they had paid for?

    Finally, thanks for the horrible amount of lag introduced to the game, I'm amazed how bad it is. The amount of playfield shifts failing is unbelieveable... or is this a by product of the player limiting aspect? How much fun do you think it is being stuck in a store because the outside appears to be 'full'?
    Mwuhaha, you weren't around for AO's launch, were you?
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    Talking Re: Re: Razishlyat...

    Originally posted by Razishlyat
    Mwuhaha, you weren't around for AO's launch, were you?
    Yup, been here from Beta. I mentioned somewhere else that I love the eye candy, love the setting, hate the level mill and uber collection aspect but at the moment there are few options out there to chose from.

    Nice analogy with respects to the in-game trading and a true one too. although personally I focus my aims on the role-playing aspect of the game and so, personally, should avoid such situations

    To clarify, the comment about style of play wasn't aimed at you but more the official response from April. I understand that they were just trying to offer options to a disgruntled player base but I think they don't want options, they want NW

    Right, time to load Harry Potter for my daughter and go back to the details of the new cars At least I know that I didn't flame even if I posted before the morning cup of tea and one does appreciate a levelled response during a discussion.

    No doubt, see you around.

    *Liti walks away muttering about the 'puter being clogged up with ruddy Potter...*
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    NW was a limited release.

    Okay something does not add up. Is Notum wars a new game designed to attract new people who passed on Anarchy-online? Or in fact is Notum wars a Booster designed to keep players interested, who have been forking out money every month. They could have done this Notum wars any number of ways differently to allow everyone to be on a level playing field. The fact of the matter is almost anything that releases for a massive multiplayer game will be a limited release. The environment in these types of games is to unpredictable for them to assume anything. Every store that wanted copies of Notum Wars did not receive copies, only a limited selection of stores. It doesn't take a degree in business or even a GED to figure this out. Everyone is niave to think that they would not lie directly to thier customers. The ones who pay the monthly fee to play the game. This is todays business. They do what drives the profits up and minimizes risks. When thier customers start to catch on they lie and place the blame elsewhere. What would have happened if this was posted on the website.

    " Today we have shipped a limited amount of copies of Notum wars. These copies will show up sporadically across the world. This was done to help minimize potential server problems. Expect to see a wide release sometime during the 1st week of December."

    This would not have went over very good. So why not just lie and pass the buck. Or why not just give everyone thier nice little graphics and sounds and wait on the Land control portion. If you look at all the evidence and sort it out then thier is only one answer. They did not want everyone to start using Land control.
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    Actually I have been visiting all the stores around town and no one seems to have it, nor do they have AO =(
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    Okay, here are some responses but I want to also suggest that you read my other responses in the thread here: I'm sorry, but I don't have time to respond to the new stuff and re-answer stuff I've already answered...I'm sure you all can understand that

    So, to Zarch: It's called the Notum Wars...wars. All of the articles Gaute has written talk about attack and defense. This was fully intended from the beginning to be about fighting over the land. So no, it's definitely not an exploit to attack the're supposed to!

    Zylina: As we have explained to the press, on our web site and in the monthly newsletter, The Notum Wars is an entirely new way to play AO. It's brand new gameplay, above and beyond what we offer in regular content that is patched out for free. The press seems to understand that now (from my conversations with them anyway, we'll see what it looks like when impressions are actually printed ). They think it's a really cool idea and say it makes sense in how we did it. As for the download offer discussion and how it hurts our perception with retail, please read the posts I mentioned above (I made a couple in that thread). I think that will answer your other comments.

    Imad!Man: Hehe, I see that you are one of the local conspiracy theory people and I love it! It's honestly kind of funny when I read some of these theories people come up with because they all imply that we are really sneaky and coniving, cold-hearted business people out to "screw" the customer. Nothing could be further from the truth and if you actually met us all, you'd see why it's so funny. And the fact that such elaborate theories come from such tiny bits of information makes it really amazing. I've thought of collecting all the theories I see on what we do and publishing a book some day. Hilarious stuff But seriously, as a cold-hearted money-hungry business, why would we want a limited release? Why would we want to wait to "get our money"? Why would we have planned for a new crowd control system if we didn't expect a load of people all at once? Truth: we have had distribution problems. Pure and simple. And no, retailers won't just stock any game that comes along. They have limited space and they will only stock what they think will sell, or companies can pay extra for prime space. The power is 100% on their side, especially with a small company like Funcom. But to get more details on that subject, please read the post I mentioned above. And keep the conspiracies coming...I love it!

    Litigator: "I'm the customer and I don't care." I fullly understand and appreciate that comment. On a basic level, it really doesn't matter why it happened. The fact is that you wanted to play our game (even if it was just for the new yalms, doesn't matter, it's part of the whole game) and we didn't deliver. I agree with you and no one here is trying to say that we have zero responsibility. It's just that we don't have the power to do much at this point. I liked Raz's in-game parallel and it does fit. But I agree with you that ultimately, it doesn't matter if our middle-men don't make their end of the deal and for that, we really are sorry. We're frustrated too though and when people on the boards started asking for explanations as to "why" I wanted to give it. I know that when I'm told "no" I always ask "why". So, none of these explanations are meant to be passing the buck or used as an excuse. Many people think that we don't read these boards and that we don't listen. I wanted to show that we do and to let everyone know that we are doing everything in our power to resolve the situation. (And yes, thanks for being critical without personal flames...appreciated.)

    So, please everyone, read that other thread and I think all the questions should be covered. I really can't just rehash the same questions so unless something new comes up, I'm going to have to close my end of this discussion. We fully understand all of the frustration, we're still doing everything we can (our sales director has been on the phone all day) and we're disappointed too that not everyone was able to get it day one.

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    Originally posted by April
    unless something new comes up, I'm going to have to close my end of this discussion.

    Second post down

    Its not a case of not getting it on day 1, it a case of potentially still not having it a week later (or worse if you live in France) - thats not a 'pre' order thats a very 'post' order.

    You've told us what you can't do, now show us what you can do
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    All said and done who cares now

    I have my copy of Notum Wars. I am about to embark on a 3 hours drive from Holland Michigan to Traverse city. Then I'm going to turn around and head back home. My partner lives up there and I can't play AO without him. Oh I said that wrong. He is meeting me halfway. I stand by my theory. Of course you know you are going to get your money. Just not all at once. Small price to pay if it prevents serious problems in the servers. But like I said I no longer care. I have my copy of Notum wars and I am helping my partner to get his copy. Sad deal about him getting a free month but not me! And like why is it in ULTRA fine print that you get a free month included IF you are creating a new account. Man, I got another theory, oh wait, I gotta get going now. Buh-BYE!

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    Hi Warlock,

    Small Company = Low Power with Retail/Distribution channels

    Its out of their hands now. They can't force the distributors to do what they would obviously like and its probably too late now to decide to turn off land control as that would upset the players who already have it. In any case there is still unclaimed land and more waiting to be turned on if needed at a later date.

    You ask them to tell you what they can do. How about you coming up with constructive suggestions of your own that are realistic and will satisfy everyone of the players and can be done quickly to resolve this to yours & their satisfaction ?

    Although the idea of a in-game gift (e.g. Pioneer Backpack) isn't a bad one - how would you decide who gets it and who doesn't ? If everyone got it then its not really compensation for the players who are getting NW late now is it. Is it going to satisfy everyone ? Or just you ?



    PS. Funnily enough I did check the link but your post was off the top of the page. Go figure.

    /me wanders off to watch someone else flog a dead horse
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    Originally posted by Kytak
    You ask them to tell you what they can do. How about you coming up with constructive suggestions of your own that are realistic and will satisfy everyone of the players and can be done quickly to resolve this to yours & their satisfaction ?[/i]
    Already did my friend, you obviously didnt read the linked post.

    Who said anything about monetary compensation? Wasnt me

    Make mine a Yalm - thanks :-)
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    Originally posted by Kytak
    Although the idea of a in-game gift (e.g. Pioneer Backpack) isn't a bad one - how would you decide who gets it and who doesn't ? If everyone got it then its not really compensation for the players who are getting NW late now is it. Is it going to satisfy everyone ? Or just you ?[/i]
    Well the easiest answer is

    Everyone who pre-ordered through Digital River

    These players ordered in advance, from the 'official' source. A 'pre' order by its nature should arrive before the 'normal' distribution channels, and in time for the launch.

    While I suspect someone will argue that this is unfair to other players (who may have 'pre ordered' from a different source) they made a decision to order from a 'non-prefered' supplier, thus they should really expect to receive it later than the DR orders (notice I havent said later than the launch).

    Its should be no trouble at all for DR to supply FC with a list of people who ordered prior to the launch date (i.e. the order was placed with enough time to arrive before the launch had DR received the shipment) FC then simply contact those players and organise the 'compensation' in the same way they did for the Pioneer Backpack (which, if used this time, should perhaps be universally renamed 'Backpack Of Suffering' in the same line as the 'Ring Of Suffering'?)
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    Originally posted by Noer

    1(!) company has it of my knowledge. ONE - O_N_E. And its not even the official source. How on earth can you even assume they got it in time. Latest is people calling DR, who told them they wont even have the game at DR before 6/12. lol - might aswell cancel the order there. Faster to get the game by midgetpost or walk to Hobostan to get it.

    You can try defend them all you want. The responsibility for the product is purely at Funcom. And they obviously don't want the responsibility since they don't want to act accordingly to the totally borked distribution.
    I thought you left for a better game and company? Oh wait you're back?

    Would you quit crying already? Get back to the game we all enjoy.

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    To April and Raz

    While I understand that the problem is out of FC`s hands now. it should never have left their hands in the first place.

    Least of all for those customers who preordered AND prepaid as far back as in august!

    All preorders should have been handled directly, by mail from the same distributor that Funcom normally uses to ship things.

    Preorders should have been in the hands of the customers first, since they should have priority. Maybe the day before it became available in shops.

    As for general distribution, I think we all expected something to go wrong (even thats not a very good indicator of past quality.....).

    Whoever planned the shipping routes (FC or Digital River) need to look through their routines and find out why noone anticipated the problem in Irish customs.

    Now my ISP tells me I wont get xDSL in my new apt...... GAAAAAAH, my day becomes more and more perfect by the minute

    and a whole litter of bearcubs ...

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    EU RELEASE: 03-Dec-2002 | US RELEASE: 26-Nov-2002 | STATUS:Released US

    This is copied from

    I have searched most of the Online stores in Norway, and NOONE got it...
    This is the only thing I have found about it at all...
    Almost none of the shops have even heard about it... ;(
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    Angry NW means No WHERE!!!!

    I live in the Pacific Northwest and still can't find NW at retail. I have been going to or calling the software mall stores, CE stores and Computer stores on a daily basis. So few have been shipped to retail it is a joke. So Funcom's statement that retail shelf presence is important doesn't hold much water with me.

    I know about distributing product and it seems that Funcom and their distributors in the US didn't do a very good job at convincing the retailer's to order NW or order enough product.

    Please make it available for download now. Your whole player base wants it for Download. What if your guilds Traders are from Europe, well they can't get it yet so No Tower's for you. You are penalized.

    I have wasted enough of my time trying to find NW. Time is money and if I ever do get NW it will have cost over $100 US.


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    Anyone know when land control will be opened up again? Is there a date for it?

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    Talked to my store today, they had talked with Funcom yesterday, and FC said NW was sent to the distributors, but the distributor in Norway seem not to have it, or don't want to send it out... FC please have a chat with them...
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    Thumbs down Download Option Should of trump retail

    Quote: "Basically, a download offer would undermine our retail partners' sales, and we're not going to do that. "

    Yes but in my opinion the customers requests for the option of download should trump retail partners.

    Let's look at some negatives,
    1. Funcom blew a chance to make history and automate the first big MMORPG expansion by offering download and retail.
    2. Funcom wasted a chance to make 100's of happy customers
    that requested said download.
    3. Funcom reversed a policy that allowed AO main to be downloaded like I did to purchase the game.
    4. Funcom let me, a disabled U.S. Federal retiree, drive 3 hours in town to every store not and not be able to find it.
    5. I refuse to mail order for personal and logistical reasons.

    Funcom sacrificed the satisfaction of it's download subscribers in order to make sure it's retail ties where not damaged. I do applaude CZ for a good honest answer but listed above are my professional complaints.


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    No NW for me.

    Sorry for 2 posts on this but I forgot to add.

    That I am protesting Notum Wars now by not purchasing it due to the lack of the Booster download option.

    Even if the stores get it now I got left out of a few guild battles and that was enough to push me over the top because the last time I checked Funcom let me buy a product with my cable modem and hard drive. My money's not green anymore?


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