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Thread: How and where to blitz missions...

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    Question How and where to blitz missions...

    I started this thread becuase most fixers dont know how or where to blitz missions. The best missions would be the cave missions with only some rooms , i know of one that has few rooms and it´s in Aegean (1700.2100).

    Anybody know of any more small cave or regular mission thats pretty easy to blitz ?

    Come on now fixers share your missions , were all in the same boat.

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    All aegan missions except those at the mountain top in the clan OP.

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    more precisely

    Most missions in caves in Aegan are small (makes it easy to hunt tokens!).
    The ones that are regular medium->large caves, are the ones stating:
    Tent that leads underground
    Rising sun
    New road
    Tube that leads underground (near Rising Sun)
    Wrecked warship (near Andai and Herders)
    Underground facility
    (I know some of these overlap eachother, whereas Rising sun and tent that leads underground are the same)
    Notice: Missions on Rising sun are almost always large, but thats ok if u want alot of loot and xp. Also, there is a save terminal just outside. There is like always someone there, so even if it takes some time, you got good chances to get a buff or two from someone.
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    Clon**** also has a large number of small cave's (although I dont have any coords) once I get home from school I'll transfer my blitzing posts (found on the FE homepage) those are mostly by me and Couningstars just simple tricks and tips.

    Eka - BTW Assault rifles Rock

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    Well here it is the compleate Eka's guide to Blitzing well most off it anyway.

    1) the most important part of blitzing is the aggression slider. Set it to full defence. Otherwise you will alway's be turning around to shot at the mob's

    2) Get your self a system....that is alway's follow the left wall or something like that. "Rule of Left works in most building and cave missions"

    3) turn all non essencial panels of... hotbar, chat window, etc.
    just leave the map on for guidance.

    4) this I shouldnt even have to say but here goes anyway. Run buff's, HoT's, HP buff's and evade boost are all very very important.

    5) in the white cave missions...discard the "go left rule" the "go right rule" rules here.

    6) and in the cave's with those silly drapes in (hanging cloths) its usually straight ahead.

    7) at the mission booth select...max bad, order, money. select a difficulty that suit's you. And alway's take a locate object mission.

    Concept: smartblitzing (heard that somewhere dont know where)

    Smartblitzing is when you cover one door of the main room before exiting the mission area to heal up. When I say Cover then I mean that you make sure the item isnt anywhere behind that door. most main rooms have 9 doors (give or take).
    Its a good idea when doing max difficulty (100%) missions to use this method as your survival chances are most likely measured in seconds once you have been agro'ed.
    Also remember that if the main room is empty use the chance and scout out as much as you can before starting the acctual blitz.

    Also smartblitzing is a good idea if you start blitzing a mission but then realize that you cant do it on your own. being able to say that you covered say 5 doors out of 9 helps the one that you ask to help you with it , not to mention allows you to save a little face.

    I know most of this stuff is farly basic but its still sound advice and feel free to add anything you remember

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    Maybe this is silly to ask but..

    How do you blitz, if you can't be in "combat" when you pick up the item? aka..can't complete the mission.

    Is this a "only interested in the pickup item" strategy?

    Just wondering because I thought they changed the ability to run into a mission grab the item, the reward, and the cash so easily.

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    You can pick up mission items while in combat no problem. Funcom specificly allows this. You can't get tokens or exp this way but you do get the cash.

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    7) at the mission booth select...max bad, order, money. select a difficulty that suit's you. And alway's take a locate object mission
    And this is for missions blitzing? You're just making life more difficult for yourself.

    There are other kinds of missions that require less time, less searching...
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    Well Karrd, share the love. What are these settings?

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    I prefer the Repair missions for blitzing. The objects actually stick out a lot better than the little cubes. I put the fix item on the cursor and go for it. I have died tons from missing the cube on the ground (always seems hiddin in the corner where you have to stop and turn to see it). Unfotunatly you only get 1 item but its a lot safer. Also locked doors are a pain.

    I use the sliders at these settings


    I can do missions 20 levels above me depending on the cave situation, but i don't have grid armor. I also find monster missions almost easier as they don't root as much (damn agent mobs)

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    Originally posted by Karrd

    And this is for missions blitzing? You're just making life more difficult for yourself.

    There are other kinds of missions that require less time, less searching...
    This goes for Tourn too. As far as I know, the only missions you can get coats from are the find item describe, maybe find item return but I haven't done one of those in ages. You also double your chance of getting an item worth blitzing for by doing find item missions since there are two items involved of course, and if you are lucky, BOTH items will be worth something.

    Ekasel did a pretty good rundown on the basics. Heres a few tips from me that may help...

    1. Take your lockpick and fill your function bar with the icon of it so you can grab one quickly to pick a door, or if you wish, have your inventory open and the lockpick in a place where you can grab it quickly, preferably no other items showing so you don't grab something else on accident.

    2. For missions that have the 3 mobs in the entry room, try to walk into the room without getting detected, use a net on them, THEN run, if you're lucky it will nail some of them and cut down on what is hot on your tail as you run. Works best if you have the agg/def slider on full agg for fast use, then quickly slide to full defense as you start running.

    3. Have your first aid kits in a convenient place to use, generally a spot on your function bar. You'll probably only get to use 1 in a tough blitz, but every extra second or two it gives you to live can make the difference.

    4. This is probably more personal preference, but use mouselook. You can maneuver much more accurately this way than just using the arrow keys or WADS system by themself. Definitely useful in cave missions where there are some rooms that are VERY difficult to maneuver through. It also lets you keep your view on the ground, which is where an item in a find item mission is going to be unless it is a nano, in which case it will be a funny looking black floating square, looks sort of like a floppy disk.

    5. Common sense. Sometimes the item to find really is HIDDEN. There are lots of fake walls in cave missions, don't pass these up! One example, in a cave mission you may get a large room with lots of toxic sludge and some barrels/containers in a corner usually has 2 mobs, you can walk through these barrels and usually there is a good chance for a chest to be there, but I have seen the item to find there too before. Also, for any particular room, the item if it is there, will almost always be in the same spot, so remember these spots to speed up your blitz. You never know when you'll hit a dead end, and being able to just glance where the item might be and start running the other way is a lot faster than running around the entire room checking for it.

    6. If you are lucky enough to get a mission VERY close to a reclaim terminal, grab your body as soon as possible and hop right back into the mission to recover. This keeps the mobs from returning to their original patrol room. So you can retrace your steps and clean up any chests you might have seen along your previous run and maybe pick up some extra loot. You can also do this to lead mobs to a known dead end and park them there so you can get further, safely, into those really BIG missions. If you can get a friend to just hang out inside by the entrace this works also to keep the mobs from moving back to where they started.

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    Post Slider settings and the Zen of blitzing.

    Nice post ekasel. your kung-fu is strong grasshopper.
    The most important aspect of blitzing is this. Practice. You begin to feel how the rooms flow out from the main, and the Map upgrades are crucial. I spend more time navagating via my map screen than I do the main window. Another thing to look at is the confidence factor. Just go in knowing that your going to do it and you will. Once you get nervous you start making stupid mistakes and the mobs begin to pile up. Dont be afraid to jump over tables or water pits. Just dont stop the forward motion. The mouse look is also critical. Its the fine control neccesary for the more difficult missions. The last thing Ive noticed is that you can't "want" the reward. Once you start caring about the blitz it all falls apart.
    Sorry this isn't "hard and fast" tips, but as you'll find, the flow is what gets you through.
    Also, Reckless D is a great escape hatch, if everything else looks grim. I tend to do it all the time after picking up the item, just to speed me home, rather than out of trying to escape. One word of caution, make sure you don't have any DoT's on you or you might as well /terminate.

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    Wildest mission blitz in a long time...

    I'm level 67, clan, and last night I blitzed a Q120 "observe" mission for some stupid item and 90K creds. It was in the city of Home (Broken Shores). The events that followed were totally weird:

    I ran the mission as I usually do. Typically as soon as I see the item, I target it, start casting Reckless Digitization, hit the Retrieve button, and hope for the best. Sometimes this results in the item dropping into my post-death inventory, as if it granted the item AFTER I died and zoned. I've also gotten mission XP this way, granted AFTER I die.

    This time, I died about 1/2 second before the Reckless completed. Both me and my wife heard the death scream but the zoning process had already begun, and I popped into the grid, alive, with 0 health, 0 nano, and all my stuff. Turns out I had a DOT on me which fought my HOT for 3 ticks, then I died in the grid. Elapsed time, perhaps 10 seconds. Much too fast to react.

    Funny thing though, it treated the grid death as a PvP event, telling me "the target didn't lose enough xp" which I find equally interesting... at least I could say now that a PvP'er couldn't loot my corpse if I zone and die of a DOT.

    Other thoughts about blitzing:

    1) The part that often does you in is the dead ends. The mobs get a chance to shoot you as you turn around and pass the train. If you KNOW you're heading down a long path to a dead end, cast Reckless as you reach it. You will trap them down there, and as pointed out before, you get to loot the chests.

    2) Use your lowlight targeting scope / nightvision goggles. I discovered this at level 50something, and it really makes spotting those tiny lever-boxes easier.

    3) Some missions are disproportionately difficult, the mobs are fewer but harder. They will make your life miserable... we walked into a Q70 mission at the Tooth last week, and it was full of blood red Lifestealer style radiation-death-dealing mobs. We were immediately annihilated. If you know you found one of these missions, ditch it and move on.

    4) If you can, run missions for BATTLE SUITS since they sell for a lot more in the terminals than anything else I can think of right now. The terminal gave me 500K for a Q120 Desert battle suit last night. Your comp-lit makes it pay out more, so MAX IT!

    - Zoldax

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    Great tips all

    Now i just enjoy my fixer even more , many things i didnt know about just got so clear to me ....

    Keep up the good tips and share your experience so everone can be that Lv 200 fixer ...

    And thanks again ....

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    Lots of great tips =)

    Also, since no one wrote it yet:

    If you're doing a pickup, the item is _always_ in one of the four corners of the map. ( layout may distort what seems to be a corner, but it is in a corner anyhow )

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    Newland gives missions to Broken Shores alot. These missions are normally easier to run because of the lack of water hazards.

    Also, brown cave missions are littered with water hazards. Grey cave missions are the best to run because there is just straight running... no jumping or swimming involved. If you can, try to grab 3 in the same area... chances are you will get a couple of grey cave missions.

    Tokens are a snap to get... run in and out a few times and you will almost always get a token (yes, it still works).

    Sprinting implants (for run speed) dont conflict with any major clusters... this will give you a good boost in speed too.

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    I started blitzing last night, 5 in a row, only ever went down to half health.
    the advice that was given on the board that I found most useful was...
    item usually in a corner of the map. relax. limit amount of clutter on screen down to little map. buff with HoTs etc.

    one thig I did find was... I ran into the mission, ran through most rooms didnt find the item... ran out.
    went back in, the majority of the mobs were sitting in the 1st room waiting for me, so I snared them all
    it made it very easy from then on. it was a large mission and i could take a little bit more time finding the object. came out with mission reward and 90% health.

    thanks for the advice guys, it was very handy

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    Pernicious, you get tokens from blitzing missions? I have done enormous numbers of missions for the reward (without killing anything in the mission), maybe gotten a token 1% of the time. I often go in and out of the mission as you mentioned, for various reasons, and this doesn't get me a token.

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    You will probably NOT get a token when blitzing, since you need to kill mobs in the mission to increase the % chance of getting the token...

    Myself, I've gotten 2 tokens from blitzing, but that was just luck, I guess..
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    Some good tips, thanks for posting 'em!! One thing I have found, though, in the lower 20's is that if you have a long, long hallway type set-up, that it's actually better when you get to the "dead-end" to let the mobs catch up with you. If you have a fast runspeed (I have 300+ w/buffs at lvl 24) then you can easily outrun them more if you get them in one spot. It's weird, but it works. It makes them stop and turn around, whereas if you're in a hallway and pass them they instantly turn around and it's harder to outrun them. Also, this gives your HoT time to work. (Just make sure they aren't nuking you through the walls! )


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