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Thread: Mouse speed

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    Mouse speed

    Hey..I've been having problems with my mouse speed in AO. I've tried both windowed mode and full screen, they both make the mouse speed run slow. The mouse is ONLY slow in AO though, if I minimize AO, my mouse will run perfectly fine in windows.. Has anyone else had this problem before? And if so, is there any solution, or anything that can at least speed up the mouse a bit..

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    Mouse speed is relative to frame rate. Running in full screen in lower resolution with visual viewing distance turned down a bit will make your mouse move faster.

    Funcom Customer Service

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    A nice answer but I'm afraid it doesn't apply to the current glitch. This has been happening to me a lot lately too, with the cursor on screen sort of trailing your mouse movement in slow motion.

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    You tech support guys may want to look into that write up too. Might help you figure out how to fix the code so that tweaks like that won't be needed.

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    Well, that fix was posted by a funcom programmer on these boards.

    As to what I have been told, the change in that fix was applied to the game long ago. Is this not so? Does the same operation actually make it faster?

    Funcom Customer Service

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    Hi Denjiki

    I had a similar problem with AO after a reinstall of Windows XP. The mouse pointer in windows was really fast, but when I loaded up AO (fullscreen or windowed) the mouse would become incredibly slow!

    The ARK I spoke to suggested I had a low frame rate, but I checked my FPS (Ctrl+Alt+F ingame - shown in the top left hand corner) and found to be 85FPS!

    It turned out to be the mouse driver I had installed from Logitech. I had installed MouseWare version 2.75 on the rebuild of XP (freshly downloaded from Logitech).

    Once I had uninstalled this and gone back to a previous version (2.73) all was OK. Infact mouse movement has never been better

    Hope this helps.
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    Originally posted by GM-Zixxax
    Well, that fix was posted by a funcom programmer on these boards.

    As to what I have been told, the change in that fix was applied to the game long ago. Is this not so? Does the same operation actually make it faster?
    Doing this tripled my mouse speed at least. And I did it about 2 weeks ago.

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    Well that is no good. I will report it to the development team.

    Funcom Customer Service

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    Me Too

    I also have this problem with my mouse on top of some other lag issues unrealted to this thread but here my description goes.

    -I have a Logitech optical mouse using the windows default drivers for it. I have it plugged into the PS2 port.
    -My frame rate is on average around 25-30 fps.
    -I am using an ATI Radeon 7500 64 MB with the most current drivers.
    -My base system is an ASUS A7V with a 800 Mhz AMD CPU and 500 MB of RAM. I have an IBM 120 GXP 40 GB hard drive with an ata 133 cable hooked up to it.
    -My internet connection is Direct Cable 1.3 Mbs.

    Any help in this terrible Syrup mouse thing would really make me happy!

    Also, I heard there was a way with in windows to run your mouse on a separate thread. Does any know how to do this?



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    somewhere in you advanced setting for your video card, under the display, you should be able to set how many frames your card draws before your monitor needs it.

    Its in the same area where you can defeat V sync. In any case if it is set to 3, try 2, if 2 try 1. When I upped the res and detail in AO in slowed down my mouse, limiting the number of render frames before, fixed it.

    Again it is under the advanced settings for your display, from there your card tab, then 3d on the card tab, and "more 3d button" from there, you will see the v-sync option near it. It will say "render no more than X frames ahead", reduce the number you see there by one, or more as needed.
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    I get this all the time. Always near any mission terminals in Borealis, And when there are lots of nano effects on screen. I move the mouse and a fraction of a second later the pointer starts moving. The same thing with the keyboard. Very annoying and it makes it very hard to target things with the mouse while the trader is wrangling.(which neuts sometimes have to do as neut mobs don't show up on tab and Ctrl-Tab means you have to cycle throught the team and their pets)

    I had the same thing in Half-Life. This was a d3d problem which was solved by typing "gl_d3dflip 1" in the console.

    As for the fix, I'm kinda paranoid about third-party apps that mess with my registry.

    I have an nvidia TNT2 32 , but I'm getting a gf3 for christmas (I hope) If it persists I'll try the fix.
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    I tried it fix.

    It works.

    No probs


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    Can we get more explaination on this console edit for the d3d.cfg file.


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    Ingame Solution.

    Hey guys, I've been playing for a year and still have the same problem. Instead of using 3rd party tools and/or hacking a game file (which is possible a solution), I upload a mission to my map.

    It's kind of a silly solution but it works great for me. If I know I'm gonna be "out in the world" I always run and grab a random mission first. I then load the mission to my map and BOOM, problem with my mouse is solved!

    Flying over to PW and the mouse lag kicks in again? Upload the mission everytime.

    Hope it helps!
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    I'll be damned. It does work.
    Thanks Halfnelson
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    kewlage works a treat, now I can leave nano effects on in tower battles and busy missions

    nice one very useful tool indeed

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    OMGz OMGz OMGz

    Wow, Halfie, way to be observant. That work-around works for me. (so far)

    thx for the info

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    Thank You

    Halfnelson, Thank You. Uploading mission to map works for me. It is a bit of a pain but definately less of a pain than the sludge mouse is. Would love to see a permanent fix by FC on this of course, but this will hold me over!
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