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Thread: The Omni-Tek Medical Academy is Recruiting!

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    Exclamation Omni-Tek Medical Academy is Recruiting!

    OTMA is looking for a few good docs! Omni-Tek Medical Academy is recruiting doctors and other professionals in preparation for the coming wars.

    Omni-Tek Medical Academy is an equal opportunity organization providing the finest combat medicine on Rubi-Ka. Affiliated with Omni-Med, closely allied with MI-R2, the Dojo, G.E.A.R., and 95th Rifles, OTMA is also an active member of OTOP, the Omni-Tek Organizations Pact.

    The Academy's primary mission is to develop and support the best doctors on Rubi-Ka; unsurprisingly, our medical membership approaches 60 percent. We deeply value the skills and insight provided by other perspectives, however, and the Academy enjoys a broad fellowship of genders, races and professions.

    Courtesy, professionalism and community spirit are all central to our mission. We seek mature, respectful and creative members to carry OTMA into the wars and beyond.

    If combat medicine or field support appeals to you, please contact me, Director Myrabai, or Board Members Tansilla and TheOlympian for details.

    For more information on OTMA philosophy and policies, please visit our website at:
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    Is there any activity for Scandinavian player? (GTM+2)
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    I'm Finnish as you well know, and at least for me there's also an acceptable amount GMT+1/GMT+2 people around when I'm playing. Join the club
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