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Thread: 2 Hand Edged

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    Cool 2 Hand Edged

    Ok I have just started a new enforcer and I have decided that I want to go with 2he, he is not my main char so I am not worried about gimping him.

    But what I was wondering is what weapons that use 2he do I have to choose from?

    and are there any that stand out above the rest?


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    First of all, I cannot reccommend your choice of edged weapons.
    Enforcers has buffs for blunt weapons, not edged. So you'll be able to equip better weapons faster when going blunt.

    BUT if you really are set on edged weapons, I point out some options for you:

    *avoid all kinds of weapons with sneak attack as a requirement. Enforcers don't sneak, and the sneak attack is very rarely successful (as the mob must not notice you when attacking)

    *energy requirements: not sure, but I think damage is increased with energy requirements, but if you want ip's for nano's I'd reccommend to try to find something else

    *brawl/dimach requirements: brawl is good. Dimach.... is kinda good, but has a looong recharge, and if you don't intend on maxing it every now and then, it does poor damage as well. (anything helps though)

    *fast attack: extra ip=extra attack. again: do you want the nano's early on, or are you ready to wait with them for a couple of lvls? having the best essence-line IS a good thing for us (also mongo and the others...)

    *heavy weapons requirements: some people say that this is a "must" to avoid hitting for minimum damage all the time. Not too sure about this, since I've never used weapons with heavy weap.req. but most people swear by it.

    anyway, 2H-edged....... most people use warblades/lonmoons
    rider-type is heavy weapon and brawl and is slow
    merchant-type is fastattack and brawl and is fast
    peasent has sneak attack (avoid)
    protector has psycho modi (AVOID)

    out of htese, I'd reccommend rider warblade, merchant warblades or longmoons.

    BUT, let it be said that I REALLY reccommend blunts.
    I know you'll be looking just like everybody else, but there's a reason so many people are using hammers/beams! even non-enforcers seem to use them nowadays. (esp. MP's)

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    I've been writing software all afternoon so my mind may have turned to mush but your list of suggestions is a 1he list surely?

    If he wants 2he the choices are things like:


    Katana's - fast but run into damage capping problems at higher levels.

    e-blades - lots of reqs but do a bit more damage ata slower rate so will max out later

    Galahads - seemed OK at low lvls (30s) when I used them but again will probably end up capped.

    Umm can't remember any others without logging in and looking.

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    um... no.... all my suggestions are 2handed.

    there are rider warblades (which is 2-handed)
    and rider executioners (which are 1-handed)

    peasent warblades and
    peasent executioners

    merchant warblades and
    merchant executioners

    and longmoons? yup. they're 2handed as well...

    anyway....I didn't mention e-blades, as I said stay away from sneak attack. I jve not met a single enforcer EVER made a successful sneak attack. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!

    and the galahads, well I forgot about those. katanas? never seen one, so I don't know their req's...

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    edge seemed like a good idea at the time.

    I use 1he, but have experimented in my youth with 2he.

    (Bgumble, the 1he blades are executioners. The warblades are 2he. )

    I like the look of the rider and merchant executioners, but they aren't as fast as 1he or as hard-hitting as 2hb. Not bad if you just want to have fun and look unique.

    Katanas seem nice from my knowledge of them at around levelk 30-40. You may hear about these burning copper katanas or burning (whatever) katanas. (they come in several variations).
    For the IP you drop into the additional req (melee energy I believe), they are not worth it. They do Rad damage, but less of it than the normal katanas do of melee damage, so after armor, they are about the same or very slightly better.

    If you're going for 2he, and you know they aren't the best, then likely you're going for look, or to be unique. I'd say pick something that looks tough and try it out. If you stay in the main class of 2he, you should be able to switch between a few types with only minor loss of IP, and find out which you enjoy the most.

    Man, I wish they made a huge frikkin axe that would be comparable to the hammer (as tall as most Opifex characters, big enough to double as a dinner table, slow as dirt but cuts people in half in a chop or two. guess I'm getting off topic).


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    I made successful sneak attack on a leet in the backyard! ..least I think it was a sneak attack, it did the same damage anyway even if it did say 'of sneak attack damage' or whatever it said...

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    Originally posted by Barakon
    I made successful sneak attack on a leet in the backyard! ..least I think it was a sneak attack, it did the same damage anyway even if it did say 'of sneak attack damage' or whatever it said...

    I stand corrected...

    BUT(!) at what lvl did you do that? and have you ever achieved that in the real world? (not backyard, I mean)

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    it was a goofy joke(but true nonetheless), you can sneak attack successfully, the question is: why would you want to?

    I always had the impression that Sneak attack was the equivalent to Aimed shot, but for meleers ... never really checked it out though, its kinda hard to sneak that close to a MOB when you have the typical sneak skill of a melee-type character...

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    Originally posted by Skybert


    I stand corrected...
    Not as corrected as me

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    Here's how 2H edge weapons rank (having used most/all of them) and their stats for QL100.

    1) Rider Warblade. Mild reqs, good speed (caps at 2.5/2.5) and the best damage of any 2H. Speed increases with QL. Heavy weapon req is very easy to meet.

    2) Longmoon/Haxor. Average reqs, good speed and great damage.

    3) Katana/Bladestaff. High reqs, premium speed but low damage.

    4) Sword of Sir Galahad. Too many reqs, very good speed, low damage, insane crits.

    5) Merchant Warblade. Avg reqs, very good speed, low damage.

    5) Burning Copper Katana. High reqs, blazing speed, insulting damage output.

    Every weapon with a Sneak Attack req is a complete waste of time (IMO). It has no affect on your damage output and the chance of S/A working successfully (without a considerable investment in concealment) is zilch at any level over 20.

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    Talking Thanks!

    Cool this is exactly the info I was looking for.

    I think I will give the warblades a try first.

    As I said I am just playing this char for fun so I doubt that He will ever make it past 60 so I reckon that I will be able to deal a reasonable amount of damage and look a little different for an enforcer.

    Thanks guys,

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    Interesting to compare the damage per second for those you've listed:

    Rider 55
    Longmoon/Haxor 48
    Katana 58
    Galahad 34
    Merchant 49
    Burning Copper Katana 19.5

    All pretty similar at around 50 (i.e. QL/2) except for the Galahad and the Burning Copper Katana.

    Now look at the min damage for the Katana and the crits for the Galahad and remember that these are before attack bonuses and I bet you end up with all of these weapons doing very very similar amounts of damage for at the same QL.

    I believe the min damage is statistically very significant because your multipliers are put on after the basic damage is calculated.

    Obviously the Katana's may suffer because even if you up melee init a lot they wont get much faster and the all the low damage ones will be hit by damage capping at whatever level.

    Basically if FC fixed the damage calculations and the inability of the game to actually run fast weapons fast then all of these would be viable weapon choices.

    If I could be bothered and if my rusty maths was up to it I'd try to work out a program to calculate this properly... I believe FC used one when they set up all the weapon stats. Unfortunately they then wrote bugged software :/

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    Oh and don't forget to make a 2HE MA weapons!!

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    (please don't shout)
    "Donner à des millions une connaissance de l'anglais, c'est les rendre esclaves". (Hind Swarâj, ch. 18)

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    that hurts my fragile mind


    not that it matters much if they make 2he ma weapons. the latest statements about ma fists and weapons stacking being a bug is just lovely.
    Last edited by Thyrra; Jan 15th, 2002 at 01:03:04.

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    Btw ming, there will never EVER be 2 handed MA weapons of any type.

    Due to the way they work.

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    Longmoons: I like em..

    Heh. I asked this same question on this board a while back, and Miir was kind enough to provide me with information similar to above.

    I started with Rider warblades, then switched to longmoons. I am 55 right now, and quite pleased so far. I have even owned a couple of you Hammer atrox enforcers in the Arena :P

    at 55, i can self equip an 88 longmoon with 449 as the 2HE req. And they work. Keep your melee-init maxxed, use our rage nanos, and a flurry of blows (uses fast attack skill), and you will be amazed at how fast you hit.

    I used to be a Hammer Atrox, in another iteration. I am having much more fun breaking the mold as a longmoon-wielding Soli.

    I am led to believe by many here that I will pay the price at higher levels due to my choice of 2HE. That may be, but I am having a BLAST right now..


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    Why wouldnt there be 2HE MA weapons? I could care less if I punch for squat or not, but I want my MA skill to count for something when this ner- er, fix goes through.

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    you can always spend a couple level's worth of ip to get hammer skills up when you can't help yourself anymore cali.

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    hope that the ma fix goes through before the expiration term on the ip wipe ming.

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