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Thread: Neutral / Independent

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    Lightbulb Neutral / Independent

    This thread is started in hope of getting a more active way to discuss the neutral side in the conflict..

    Are neutrals really a side ? well most neutrals seem to think so .. and I am one of them.

    The Notum War how will that affect neutrals should they be abel to set up Towers and mine Notum ?
    My awser is Yes.. netrals does not mean pacifict, we like to make creds as mutch as the next fella .. donīt we ?

    Any and all topics regarding the neutrality on Ao is welcome.. but donīt reside to pointless name calling .. plz.

    Why I became neutral ?
    Well I became neutral because I donīt see what the Clan and Ot differ in .. they both push us around ad say "join us or else" So basicly the both sides are Bullies that try to rule thru intimidation.. ( Rp based story )

    ( keep in mind that this is just the start of the Thread and more will follow.. Ill galdely talk to any and all that post here so that we all can see what we talk about and I do not represent any form of majority of neutrals we all speak for our selves )
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    I posted this in another thread but its pertinent, this is my views after play a newt for the last 14 months or so

    ((neutrals actually have no defined role as a 'faction' we never have and i doubt we ever will. What we are starting to see though is a number of guilds pursue their own interests within the setting of Rubi-Ka and AO, for some examples see Desert Winds, Nanomage Liberation Front, Circle G, Foresight, Elite Operations, Shadow Templar and The Independent Rubi-kans. Some groups have overlapping aims but can not said to be heading in exactly the same direction. Essentially making each guild its own 'faction' to some degree and they may move to help or hinder the other groups.
    Neutral nowadays could be viewed as a 'rainbow of shades of grey' viewpoints between Omni-tek and the clans, there is usually something for everyone. the days of the whiney neut sitting on the sidelines or being the victim seem to be passing and I for one am happy about that. The recurring criticism though is such groups are no longer neutral in the strictist sense as some take quite an active role in events around them, which is only natural.
    some groups could are using 'neutral' as a flag of convenience to hide their more nefarious aims, others take no part in the conflict, others simply ignore all faction flags and take each person on face value, others are neutral as they are not clan or omni-tek and I am sure there are a number of other reasons. Hmm I am kind of going off the point of will neutrals influence the story, i think we will be having some sort of involvement its hard to say why i feel this when i have no concrete evidence, its just a gut feeling.))
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    Arrow DR Tiny

    I must admit Im sort of time right now but I have browed thru your post and find it interresting ..
    As I see it .. i agree that Neutrals have no defined role and seem to be a "rainbow in shades of grey"
    And Im glad that the tide is turning so that we no longer are a victime in the conflict btewwn Ot and Clan .. or er.. not so mutch a victime no longer.
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    The only requisite of "neutrality" that the community seems to agree upon is that neutrals do not take a side in the ongoing conflict between OTRK and the Clans. Everything else seems to be either "fair game" or ambivalent.

    It further seems apparent that the Neutrals' role in the conflict is as a "go-between" or intermediary between OTRK and the Clans. This can manifest itself in roles as diplomats, mercenaries, smugglers, etc., so long as a Neutral does not actively and persistently pledge allegiance to one side over the other.

    I would argue, contrary to what seems to be the popular opinion among non-Neutrals, that they are permitted to form their own political ideologies and to act upon them. For instance, crusading for environmental concerns would naturally put a Neutral at odds with OTRK, and may even lead to militant activism on the part of the Neutral. Similary, a trade dispute between a Neutral group and an individual Clan could degenerate into open warfare (as trade disputes have a habit of doing).

    Note that both of the above involve the potential for military action, yet neither is prejudicial to one side over the other. In the former example, attacks on OTRK have nothing to do with the Clan community, while in the latter, military action is taken against an individual Clan, and has nothing to do with OTRK.

    A recent contentious point has arisen as a result of an attack by a Neutral mercenary group on OTRK facilities in Clon****. A synopsis posted on AO Stratics states "...we have a new faction on Rubi-Ka upcoming: neutrals who call themselves 'independents' who fight Clan and Omni..." The way I see it, so long as these mercenaries are available for hire by all groups and citizens, they do remain neutral.

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    ((poor poor Funcom, we were enough trouble before))
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    Neutral war !

    I like the idea of "Neutral at war" as long as itīs for a cause.. enviromental , economical,safety .. whatever .. as long as itīs a conflict that will make neutrals fight both Clan and Ot if need be,
    That is a cause that neutrals unite behind and is thirs.. not Ot / Clan started..

    ( Rp awser )
    If it ever comes to apoint when neutrals have a cause and are in open war for it .. Iīll die before I let any Clan or Ot rule over me or a Neutral town
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    I don't see neutrals entirely uniting behind anything. Neutral organizations have different goals. Some have no political philosophical ambitions at all. They exist for self preservation and profit.

    Other Neutral organizations have ambitious goals, while maintaining neutrality in the OT-vs-Clans conflict.

    So outside of temporary cooperation between some of the Neutral powers, I wouldnt expect to see any side "Neutral Side".


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    Question Neutral Side

    Well in regards of a united Neutral side.. Id say .. well. I cant see a obvious side.. in the sence like OT / Clan .. but netrals have one thing in common .. and that is their freedom to be who they are .. and in that way Iīd say that all neutrals are on one side.. acually Iīd say that neutrals are truly in Anarchy .. since we donīt follow anyone besides our selves.. abut if we share interrests / ambitions we follow those that share it with us..

    Infact we are united in the matter that we are not united *lol*
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    Two attempts have been made to unite the neutrals, both of which failed miserably. I doubt very much the neutrals could ever be united into one side, i doubt many would actually want to see that.
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    Yes there are 3 sides to this conflict. Omni, Clan & Neutral. How do I know it's 3 sides just because I have the only non newbie TRUE NEUTRAL character in the game. She is not of ANY faction. No Omni, No Clan & No Neutral. As it stands she is the only one to remain objective and logical about the entire affair. Her judicial services will be open for any negotiations that may need judgement on. Thank you.
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    Question Only one ?

    Interresting Sahdow . interresting .. how can you be non Neutral .. that ill puzzel me some time . .but oh well

    ( Somewhat Rp based )
    Im neutral in the sence that I do not think OT / Clan is any option .. I do not whnat anyone ordering me around and I do not like what the conflic do to our beloved home :/

    But I am a member of a Organisation .. mainly because a dear friend of mine is President of that org .. and I ll follow her to hell and back if need be.. but that is to protect a friend and not any cause..

    ( RP out )

    Yes.. there are 3 sides in the conflict as there is in any conflict .. . and even thou we might not hurt in body al the time .. we are hurt in Economy and In out way to move around.. anyone out there that tryed to run around as neutral low lvl in a clan / Ot Town ?
    *laughs* If you didi will you do it again ? Naa dinīt think so.. *lol*
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    Originally posted by Dr Tiny
    Two attempts have been made to unite the neutrals, both of which failed miserably. I doubt very much the neutrals could ever be united into one side, i doubt many would actually want to see that.
    while i aggree that we could probably not unite. i think it would be nice to have a fourm where if we in the neutral community as a whole felt under pressure or attack, that we caould at least form a tempory allience, to fight for our right not to be directly involved in he fight.

    (imo, the reason the neut colition failed in its last ttempt was a lack of a proper meeting place, lack of participation of those who were supposed to be involved, and not having a structure to move the coalitions meetings on quickly with out just turning into nothing more than a discussion about first strike in 25% zones....)

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    A neutral forum

    Hi again

    In regards of a neutral forum .. it would be nice to have an neutral only chanel in game chat .. so that we could communicate easily with any and all neutrals.. That would be a huge step .. And make us more of a united yet seperated mass .. huumm that was an interrestin tought .. oh well . must get back to work now.. but think about it .. a neutral only chant chanel . that is.. Oh and I mean one that acually every neut can type in .. not like one of thos you see but cant to squat with ....
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    There is a growing tide of non-idealogic (that a word?), pragmatic clanners interested in a Republican/Democratic government for the diverse interests of RK. They object to OT rule because they feel that rule of free souls by a corporate entity will lead to distortions, injustices, and other excesses harmful of the human spirit. I am wondering whether neutrals are attracted to such a vision, becuase quite frankly I am not sure what (pragmatically speaking) will better comport with their neutral expressions.

    Beyond that, I always assumed that neutrals were generally apolitical (which explains why my first toon on RK (OOC) was a neut lol). But rule by Corporate fiat--an organizational entity geared for profit--jarred with my pragmatic sensibilities sufficiently to push me to a side--Clanners. How do neuts view these things?

    /me would like to know.
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    As I can oly speak for my self..
    I wil awser you as this follows..

    Democratic rule by Clans seem like a ideology long forgotten since the way the Clans act they constaly harras neutrals, kil our peace keepers .. attck us as persosn.. and basicly tell us to join "join us or else... " This is no better or wors that how OT act towards neutral..

    The there is a side that say Neutrals belong to Clan / Ot and we should obide by thier rules..

    I do not belong to anyone.. Iīm my own, and do not accpet any judicial / terretorial claim over me.

    As far as it gow for economy .. I see no reason why a Neutral merchant should not persue his/her buisnis ideas and try to make a few creds..

    But I canīt see why Clan and Ot should constatly attack us verbaly and mean of weapons.. just because we try to live our lives beside the war that Clan and Ot are responisble of.. the war that is killin our homes and our future..

    But as long as both sides say that "They" have claim to our home world nothing wil be better .. things vil only get worse.. and the methods of persuvation upon neutrals will porbaly grow to more and more burte force..

    We all know that the war is about to esscalet soon ( Notum War pack ) Letīs just home there is room in this world of war for us neutrals that acually just whnat to be leaft alone..

    But of course there are those that hide behind a neutral flag .. but acually suport OT and/or Clan .. and that is sad.. but there is nothing i can do about that Iīm affraid.. I just hope they show their true color in time so that no more true neutrals need to suffer from that fact.

    But then again that is just me talking ..
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    As others have mentioned before me, the Neutral population is not united under one flag. Therefore, the actions of any neutral guild are always exclusively the responsibility of that guild, and should not be interpreted as actions of the neutral population.

    The neutral population is as diverse as any of the factions. The wars on our planet started when people no longer could endure the treatment of Omni Tek. OT very much behaved as the old colonial powers back on earth. They showed little or no respect for human rights, well-being or environment. So, it should have come as no surprise that people revolted. History teaches us that the oppressed always rose against the oppressor. But history also teaches us that often the oppressed became the oppressor, once liberated, and behaved as brutal as their former masters. History simply is repeating itself.

    Yet, if humanity ever wants to grow up, we will have to learn to look past alignments. There is good, as there is evil amongst Omni, as there is amongst Clans, as there is amongst Neutrals. I do not believe, that in the end the pieces on the board will be Omni facing Clan. I believe it will be good facing evil. And it will be us who decide the future of mankind, Neuts, Omni and Clan together.
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    Well spoken words

    I must say Yarko .. wery well sopken words.. wery true in deed..
    The future hangs upon all working togheter ..

    In the mean time.. sadly neutral have to defend ourselves agains bot OT and Clan .. as we respect their words.. thy must respect ours.. If any side decide to see us as enemy we must react as individuals.. Im not saying that brute force is an awser . far from it . itīs the faliure of all solutions.. but If I am attacked I wil defend my self and if my frineds are attacked ( counting all neutrals as frineds in that word ) I will defend them ..

    I will never shoot first . or attack in defence but I wil defend myself and all neutrals until my last breath ..

    No because I especialy like all neutralīs.. but because thay have stated like me that we are our own leader..

    I would also defend neutral against neutral if I tought one of them where violatinng the others human rights.. not that i have any special right to do so . but because if it feels wrong ,, looks wrong and taste wrong . It probaly is wrong .. right ? *smiles*

    One interperation that could be placed upon me is militant .. but that is not right .. I hope. my wish is to be humane. but not puched around..

    I will in the near future see whatis happening in Tir.. just to see how the new "masters" of Tir look upon Neutrals.. and if there really are any new masters of Tir.. or if itīs just rumours.. But that is only to still my quriosity , ( bad spelling i know *lol* )

    Anyhow.. nice to see that we acually have some discussion going on here . it really bost my hope for the future..
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    Angry TIR

    As al neutrals have noticed Im sure.. we are now Shoot on sight in TIR.
    That is because The Sentinentels or what they now are called. Have decided that we Fence sitters must be pursuaded to join OT.. ( I guess)

    If their goal was to make us join Clan .. then maby someone should inform that that true loyalty is rarely bought with a shotgun .. or if you like.. "You catch more flies with honey" right *smiles*

    I have tryed to get a conversation with a representative of the Sentinetells, but as of yet .. I have recived a stonewall reply .. that is .. no reply ..

    But an Ark guardian who shall remain nameles have promised that if possible, pass the message along to any Sentinetel representative That atleast 1 neutral would like to sit down and talk about thier behaviour against us.
    But i do hope that here are more like me that would like them to stop shooting at s just for the fact that we are non aligned.. *scared smile*

    Lets just hope that they can see that even thou we are as they say Fence sitters we are acually a vital part in this conflict.
    And the fact that we refuse to support any side in the conflict is what makes us a 3 side and a vital part.
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    Anyone heard how Notum Wars wil affect neutral ability to contorll land..
    That is if other than Neutral set up controll tower can neutral org attack that tower ? And if we do are we still neutral ?

    I mean .. is there a "Neutral Border" say this land is Neutral this land is Clan and that land is OT ?

    If sutch a map exists.. please point me in the right direction . would love to see it..

    Oh yes.. and since the Tir accord is anulled.. under what lawīs are neutrals supposed to be ?
    We where formally under OT juristriction .. but now ?
    Well acually Im just quroius sice I dot really give a flying rollerat about who say the can juge me.. Noone can . Im a free man . my own master .. .

    I am Neutral
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    Neutral meeting place.. ??

    As i understand the upcomming city of jobe wil be anuetral place .. right ?

    And aplce where many of all sides will be visiting ..
    So ... is there anyone besides me that are interrested in safeguarding that area as neutral ?

    Im looking into the possibility to start a Neutral Organisation on Rk2 , possibly a nt / mp only org to keep true to the storyline that it was those proffessions that created the city of Jobe..

    But the main area of this eventual organisation should be to listen to neutral affairs and try to remain just keep an open mind, whilst safe guarduíng neutrals towards any and all agressions from all sides including neutrals. Althou this mission is impossibe in the game structure.. It might atleast be fun .. ? ???

    As you all see this is wery mutch on the drawing board as of yet .. and if you like to talk about it send me a /tell in game.. same nick as here .. and or leave a mess on this board / a private mess thru this board ..

    Anyhow you see fit .. as of now Im a applicant of The hand in rk2.. but well

    Atleast I have blured teh idea out to you . if we make somthing of it.. itīīs up to us.. right .
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