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    Re: Sollutions to Tir guards ?

    Numerous people have written about the Sentinel thugs in Tir.
    As for a demonstration...I have suggested numerous times that Clans should patrol the Tir transportation system and if a Sentinel shoots at a Neutral then we simple gun the thug down.

    And I disagree with you that stating you are Clan or Omni means you are a soldier...stating you are Omni only means you are an employee of could be a simple salesperson. And saying you are Clan simply says you are NOT an OTC employee. And, for example, a citizen of a country does NOT automatically agree with the actions of its leaders NOR is it necessarily possible or even expected that such a citizen give up that country.

    You still talk as though there is this Clan and Omni and even Neut way of thinking...I say that is not true and there are as many philosophies on both sides as there are people. The faction 'tags' are artificial and have outlived their usefulness. The original purpose was to live a life sepparate from OTC and fight for our freedom. In a sense ICC has given us that freedom in part with the deregulation of mining. It is time now for groups that want to enjoy that deregulation to band together across the OLD faction lines and protect their investments in a civilized manner.

    Back to the what stretch of the imagination do you think the Sentinels are our 'leaders' anyway? They are simply a band of thugs that took over one of our cities. Some of the residents seem to like them but overall I don't know many Clans that approve of their actions. I just fail to find the logic in you thinking they are somehow representative of the rest of us...

    Unfortunately mining operations, be they Clan, Omni, or Neut, must have protection from the bands of thugs and outlaws that roam our land right now. I hope one day that this is not the case and civilized rule of law prevails. I see Neutral towers "hindering" the passage of travelers also. During certain times even Clan towers "hinder" my travels. I've been shot dead while rushing to defend Clan towers and Neutral towers alike. I see no diferentiation between factions in this respect.

    So by your way of thinking; to "prove" to you I don't agree with the Sentinels I should be come Omni? Then, once there, to prove yet again I don't agree with Omni laws I should become Clan again? That sounds a bit preposterous and would only serve to hurt my family. Personally I prefer to toss aside the old ways and become faction-blind.

    At least in one sense Neutrals and Clans are similar; none believe they are OTC employees. The real difference seems to come in that Neutrals just want to be left in peace and, at least early on, Clans wanted OTC off of Rubika. At the moment I personally believe that way of thinking is is never going to happen that OTC will just up and leave and take such a huge population with them. Like it or not this planet is home for those OTC employees just as it is home for you and I.

    Again I don't understand why you say OTC and Clan expect anything from you. Yes there are radical orgs on both sides that only want to see our differences and wipe us off the face of Rubika...but those orgs do NOT speak for the majority of us.

    We all need to get past this silly 'faction' way of is unbecoming for a society so advanced...

    Originally posted by Pharesis
    Huum interresting .. well Iīs suggest a demonstartion by Clan mebers in Tir against itīs current rulers... and maby Open bublications in Clan hold news against Them ? Yes individuals are defently free minds.. no matter what alignment . but as ai said.. by stating you are Clan or Ot you state that you re a "soldier" in that army .. sort of speak .. hope you can see the symbolic value here.. and .. I care what any individual solider do and say .. but they are still soldiers in a Army that shoot me on sight .. .. In that sence your color really matter ..
    Or maby the Ideology of Can and Ot is something I have dreamed of and it relly dosnīt exist .. ?

    If you wish to show me that you really donīt support what your side is doing .. change side.. In many cases I wish you could change to neutral if you donīt support any of the 2 sides there are ..

    Neutrals that attack towers are doing a criminal act .. yes.. But also .. if that tower have gun turrets placed so it hinders the movement of others on well established roads.. the holders of that Tower is makeing a greater Error.. donīt you agree ?

    But you are wery right .. a neutral unprovoked attack is not a legal act .. and should not be conciderd so ..

    Personally Ill help any one that is my frined or standfor a side that kill me on sight .. if they are wrongly attacked.. likewise Id never help said frines if they do something that is wrong and/or Illegal..

    On teh matter of me putting peopel togheter in grups.. well Isnīt Clan supposed to be a side ? and Ot ?? Neutral is only bound togheter by ideas and touhgs .. and we do not support the general Concept you stand for.. in many cases.. but ofcourse there are those who say Neutral but act in favour of one side or another .. those are not truly neutral ..

    But to act neutral in the way that Clan and Ot say .. thet means that we really must just sit down and beg for our living .. That I refuse to do..

    Im neutral in the way that I donīt support your basic ideology .. Im not a pacifist .. and Ill never become one..

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    This is all very true, Nelida. But if the majority of these orgs do believe this, then why is the situation the way it is? I would hate to think that this whole war is being perpetuated by a few individuals, and if so, why are these individuals allowed to remain in power?
    As for us neutrals wanting to be left alone in peace, for some this is true. They just want to go about their daily lives, make their living, and get on with living life. But for me, I believe that there is no way I will be able to live my life in peace so long as this conflict goes on. I think the major fundamental change that needs to occur is for us to stop thinking of each other as Clansmen, OT personnel, or Neutrals, and start thinking of ourselves as Citizens of Rubi-Ka.
    This, to me, goes beyond mining rights or faction disputes or even rogue pirate clans. There needs to be something to unite us all, and I don't see why this planet isn't the reason why.
    However, this change needs to happen slowly, and steps need to be taken to make sure it is done right, that grievances are answered, that problems are resolved, and differences are recognized and tolerated.
    I know there are some who don't have this paitence, and would sooner pull out a gun and deal with things that way. But peace has got to start somewhere, and I know there are those who agree with me... and trust me, I'm trying to get those people out and active... but it all just takes time.

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    Kyrstina, It seems that when I look around I do see that these few factions are the ones holding us back from peace. Because as is human nature, people on Rubi-Ka focus on the negative. If there is just 1 Clan guild that attacks an Independant tower, all Clans will be blamed, saying "These are your people. Take care of them." Where in this new world we have been born into by the ICC, with the advent of the 5% gas I myself have also been attacked by other Clanners. The factional boundaries have blurred to me.

    I now only see agressive and nonagressive guilds. That is all...

    And I totally agree with you Kyrs, I have been trying at the same goals as you are for the last few months.

    Benjamin "Fixerben" Bacarella - L212 AL10
    Haywood "Brawlking" Jablomy - L220 AL21

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    Stands corrected

    Im no more or less of a man that I can admit when Im wrong ..

    And Yes I have been wrong .. I have been guilty of simlefying Clan and Ot. And I have been guilty of focusing on the negative sides of Rubi-Ka.

    There is mutch more sides within the Clan and Ot community .. but still The Clan and Ot community proclame to have an higher governing form, right ?

    This is something the Neutrals simply donīt have.. we make our decisions by our own minds.
    As Clan / Ot you make part of the decisions in your own right and part is dictated by your higer leaders.

    Your higher leadres speak for al of your fraction. and in case of the Tir situation .. your higher leaders have proclamed that Neutrals are shoot on sight .. ..

    Anyhow.. Clan personell patrolling Tir to help neutrals is a wery good thing .. It sure makes me happy to hear that there are those within Clan that activly show their greivance with the current govenours of Tir and in that fact the higher Leaders of Clan.

    And in regards of changins side to show that you dis agree I understand that this is an extreme measure.. but If you cant support Clan and as it is now canīt change neutral what other thing is it besides choosing between 2 evilīs ?
    But as I say this is a really last way pout to show your disslikeing.

    Anyhow all that I like to see is a sollution that involves me not getting killed.. my sollutuion as of now is to not show my face in Clan controlled areas.. this is how i can deal with the situation .. sad but true..
    I love the engie combo, i create to destroy, how constructive

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    Talking Sad / Happy news ?

    Well depending who reads them and what you think ..
    But Im leaving Ao for a unkown period of time..

    That is due to the reason that Im moving and well .. I have more pressing things to do . than Ao ...,, I nkow I knwo . itīs hard to belive that there is more out there besides Ao .. but there is.. belive. me..

    Iīll probaly get back sometime eraly next year .. ( I hope =)

    Take care you all .. Neut/Clan/Ot .. whatever we think . allways remeber we make the planet .. regardöess of freaction . we make the planet as individuals
    I love the engie combo, i create to destroy, how constructive

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