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Thread: ARK Evolves

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    Well the rating for the game is TEEN so I figure not. *shrugs*
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    Tomorrow, my free trial shall end and I will begin to pay for Anarchy Online.

    In two months, three weeks, and one day, I will apply to become an ARK.

    Why? Because I enjoy helping people.

    That was what drove me to become a Guide back when I played EverQuest...not because of the free time (though that was a definate bonus), but because it made things easier to help people.

    I was on my guide account more than my regular, constantly logging to answer the petitions, forward bugs to the dev team, and HELP THE PLAYERS.

    /THAT/ is what an Ark, Guide, GM, or whatever your game calls them should be.

    And that is why these limits are understandable. Three months and a level 30 (or two level 20s) allows FunCom to know that the person understands the game, and the interview helps them to know that they are capable of helping.
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    Well, I think I know enough about the game/mechanics to be a lot of help to some people. Some help to others. With that being said, here's my rant. (And I don't rant too often)

    About 2 months ago, I applied to become an ARK. I took the interview, and was told that I would be contacted within 1 WEEK. I waited. And waited. The week came and went, and I was thinking perhaps that's their way of telling me I'm not accepted. I shruged and continued on my merry way, content with their decision if that was the case. Finally I started to wonder "Why haven't I heard anything yet?". No biggie, I would just contact them and ask how my app was doing (to make sure I was rejected). No reply from the e-mails I sent. So, I sent more. All to no avail. Now I was beginning to get mad. The least they could do is tell me I wasn't accepted. I would have dropped it at that. But no reply was forthcomming.

    A week ago, I just learned that a RL friend of mine, who has been playing the game as long as I (but doesn't really know an entire lot about the game/mechanics ie. casual player), was accepted immediately into the ARK program 10 minutes after his interview.
    He was accepted into the ARK program without any real interrogation in the interview. (He showed me the logs of his interview). They were -very- basic"What are whompas" etc..etc. He even got some of the questions incorrect.

    Now, I've done CS for a long time. I'm tier 3 and 4 support for a major bank. I know how to answer questions, and if I don't know the answer, I know how to find them out.

    Let me ask FC this...if the interview was supposed to seperate the candidates into the most qualified people to do the job, don't you think it backfired a little? Now mind you, I'm not sore about my RL friend getting into the ARK, more power to him. I'm upset that I didn't, and without reason or response.

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    Do you take curmudgeons?

    Oh, never mind - I almost forgot I'm a casual player. It's all I can do to keep up with my characters on test and RK-1.
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    I guess I don't see what that has to do with anything. I was merely stating my experience with the ARK program.

    And "cusual player" has nothing to do with ability. I was pointing out that he was a casual player, and didn't put forth the time it takes to learn the places/items/etc of the game. I have no qualms with casual players.

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    Ummm.... sorry, Nanodood - I wasn't addressing your post - In fact, I apologize but I really didn't read your rant. I was addressing Cosmik's thread starter.

    You see -- I am a curmudgeon (and proud of it). And -- I am the casual player mentioned.

    My post was not in response to yours, it was just sort of thinking out loud about ARKdom.
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    Originally posted by Paldorr
    Ummm.... sorry, Nanodood - I wasn't addressing your post - In fact, I apologize but I really didn't read your rant. I was addressing Cosmik's thread starter.

    You see -- I am a curmudgeon (and proud of it). And -- I am the casual player mentioned.

    My post was not in response to yours, it was just sort of thinking out loud about ARKdom.
    Ah, then you have my sincere appologies, Paldorr.

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    I was actually considering becoming an ARK until very recently...

    I like the ARKs, nice people, does their best to help, but what made me decide not to sign up was that they can't do anything to help. They simply don't have the power to do what the players need them to help with. And if they technically have the ability to do it, they can't because of the guidelines they have to follow.

    It seems that except those basic things like getting new apartment keys, and helping people who's stuck somewhere, the only thing they can interfere in is verbal harrassment.

    Yay! They can't do anything about grid-spamming, twinkers hiding somewhere in a 25% zone sniping people, and they can't do anything about people just being jerks in general.

    Yesterday, I missed Dodga's quest because some jerk (again)jumped in as soon as he spawned, gave him the brain thingy, and made him dissappear, although the rest of us just had cards, which wouldn't make him disappear.
    I petitioned, not because I expected help, but figuring it'd be worth a try...

    And no, they can't make dodga spawn again to let those of us who's been waiting 4+ hours get a chance, they can't do anything about that jerk, and all they can do is to say that "spawns don't belong to anyone"

    Now, it really seems to me that becoming an ARK is a waste of time. I'd like to help people, but I don't want to spend all day telling people that I feel sorry for them, but can't do anything...

    Funcom, how about giving ARK's the neccesary power to 1) be taken seriously by players, and 2) help out people who's got other problems than having lost an apartment key?

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    Thumbs down

    I see a lot of negative comments regards ARKs looking through these boards. Would just like to say so far I have had quite a good experience with arks, Liaker done a sterling job of helping me with my apartment =) and was rather funny to boot.

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    Question I wonder why...

    (This is my first post here... so please bear with me..)

    I have been very happy for the work the ARK's have done for me thru out my weeks of living here on Rubi-ka. I have succeded in reaching, for me the amazing 37th level with my only character... i have done this with the help of people all around and when I found out how to contact the people of ARK i did... and I was helped with many of my low level questions that I maybe sometimes should have looked for in the FAQ.

    All this time since I have known of ARK i have been intrigued by their helpfullness and somewhat of their almost legendary status to the newbies... and i have many times found myself wishing that I might some day become known as an ARK... to help others in the game...

    I am still trying to justify my wish of becoming an ARK...for several reasons...

    I feel I can do almost the same work as most ARKs do by just helping those who ask me...

    I dont have to spend the 40 hours of the month that should be "online ARK duty"... I can make my own schedule...

    I can interact and go on missions with those in need...

    I can give information that I know of from ingame experience to my fellow people...

    it is me people help later on when I have troubles by normal exchange of favors...

    (well I think you all get what I mean... )

    Does anyone have any good reasons to join the ARKs?
    CS (customer support as I figure it to be lol) in all its glory... but why should I join some organisation that more or less just takes away maybe one or two hours a day from my game time?

    I do still would like to join the ARK when I am more familiar with the game tho... I havent lost the wish... *s*

    Thank you Funcom for a great experience ^_^

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    I for one help a lot of people if I am able.

    IF it is a question they need answered or a location they cant find. I aid if I am able to do so.

    Those that come up to me and ask for money I turn down. If their first words to me is "Give me" I wont give.

    I have thought about becoming an ARK, but so far I haven't acted on it. A friend I know did become one, and she says that there is a lot of training involved, which is understandable.

    But how much time is involved to be an ARK? I dont talk about the training bit, but how much time is taken from your actual playing of your main to aid others.

    And what happens if your lust to help otyher people clouds your judgement so much that you find that you are unable to maintain the aid as ARK as well as spend time with your friend online?

    Is the choice to become ARK a final one? is there like a evaluation time invovled so after that oyu can decide if this is for you?
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    I would suggest that all players have the ability to provide feedback on Ark assistance by some simple means... perhaps similar to a petition. FC could then use these responses in ensuring Ark individuals who consistantly say "I don't know" are trained in the things they are deficient in... and those or regularly receive negative responses for attitude are observed or 'removed' from service.

    Similarly, an Ark who consistantly received positive responses could be rewarded, advanced, or so forth.

    Admittedly, this does not really deal with the issue of getting good quality people in the first place... but there is no guarantee that ANY restriction you put on applicants will ensure that. And people change, as well, so someone who interviewed poorly may (a month later) become the ideal candidate... and someone who had a brilliant interview may be in an accident, have family troubles, etc... and take out their problems through the game.

    By using an effective feedback system from the people who Ark members are serving, you should be able to resolve problems before they become a detriment to Ark and the community and reward those who deserve it.

    --- Jaesic

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    An Idea.

    Point in Arks?
    Ask anything of an ARK you get a reply (after waiting at least 20mins usualy 2-3hours):

    ARK: "Greetings [insert name] I am Advisor [Arkname], I have been summoned by the offices of ark to help you with an issue you may have"

    Player: "Oh, great"

    ARK: "But I am afriad to say we cannot [insert issue], this is due to [insert excuse/reason]"

    Player: "Oh, great "

    ARK: "Can I help you with anything else?"

    Player: "Nope"

    ARK "Ok then, Pleasent Journeys %t [insert leaving comment] [insert smily face]"

    Player Thinks: *did I just speak to a human or a robot?*
    Player Thinks: *point in that?*

    I don't think personaly Arks should be on the front line of the issues contained in AO.
    Instead let's create a perl script called ARKBOT then instead of /petition "blah blah blah", and having to wait god knows for a simple "no", we can /tell arkbot "blah blah blah"

    ARKBOT: "Greetings [insert name] I am Advisor [Arkname], I have been summoned by the offices of ark to help you with an issue you may have"

    Player: "Oh, great"

    ARKBOT: "But I am afriad to say we cannot [insert issue], this is due to [insert excuse/reason]"

    Player: "Oh, great "

    ARKBOT: "Can I help you with anything else?"

    Player: "Nope"

    ARKBOT: "Ok then, Pleasent Journeys %t [insert leaving comment] [insert smily face]"

    GM's should only talk to players, as with many of the more experienced players speaking to arks is painfull, as most of the time they have to speak with what I can guess is a channel in chat with other arks. And alot of the time they are not aware of most current game states in the case of bugs etc... where as GMs do. This is my experience of the ARK program after being in AO for such a long time.

    There. dare i say it is the main reason for ark not to exist ont he front line.

    I do however think arks do help via the greetings program, and do well in events.

    And apparently the reason they cannot do anything is because of some sort of minimum wage act. It prevents an ARK doing the job of a GM.

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    Oh wait... they can get people stuck out of scenary

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    Thumbs up

    I think ARKs do a good job, I had a long chat with one the other day and he was helpful.
    No big answers but they are volunteers not FC staff.

    The community does all help each other out, and the ARKs are especially good for noobs who dont know the community yet.

    Anway, thats my tuppence worth....

    Keep up the good work people.
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    Cmon guys, be fair.

    1) Arks are there as a first line of problem solving. Lets say you have something simple to ask. Something you could ask a player, but you dont know anyone. /petition about it, and you get your answer.

    The only ones that can actually change the world are the FC designers - think of ARK as a walking FAQ.
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    exactly arks are one big FAQ....

    /me giggles

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    I think the requirements are fine. So far I have only had dealings with one ARK and they ended on a positive note. He/She was helpful friendly and did a good job at what needed to be done. Which was to screen my petition so I wouldn't waste the time of a GM if it was just a simple problem. In the end a GM helped me but it still took little time, and little hassle on my part.

    If it wasn't for the ARKsm these things where a GM is actually needed, would take even longer because they would be running around to answer questions like... "How do I get this QL 70 gun on my level 20 character like that one guy did?"

    I personally want to thank the ARKs for doing such a great job. Thank you for helping me when I called. Thank you for making the game smoother for all of us. Thank you for caring enough about everyone having fun, to spend so much time into the job to help us out.

    I don't think a free month of play and a cool coat you can't even wear on your main, can equal out the amount of stress you get from dealing with us and time you put in. I hope my thanks can go a little way in balancing that.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Difference between someone who helps people and an ark? The uniform and guideline handcuffs
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    Originally posted by Lilith
    Difference between someone who helps people and an ark? The uniform and guideline handcuffs
    Very very an extent.

    You can't find newbie like an ARK can. ARK's try to visit all the new chars and explain the concept of the game.

    You can't really find a newbie like that.

    Oh and keep helping the newbies Lili, you're very good at it.
    I miss LadyE.

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