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Thread: Dear Gmuptor: How bout having low lvl twinks to steal loot be considered an EXPLOIT?

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    Originally posted by Shubalubdub
    Hey MaKettle, the problem with your post is that you're full of ****. You should try not to be full of ****.

    When a high-level player kills a dungeon boss, he gets loot from his OWN effort. HE did the damage, HE gets the loot. It may seem ****ty to the lower guys there (and jesus christ, every time I go to TLR it seems there's a TL6 soldier waiting there), but it's not exploiting to kill something with your own effort and then take the loot that is rightfully yours. That is NOT the case when a level 20 ninja comes in and takes loot. You did NOTHING to earn the loot, and you don't DESERVE any. It's iffy as to whether that's an exploit--I'm inclined to say it's not--but it's DEFINITELY griefing and DEFINITELY should be bannable.
    I think mostly that Tarachats/raids like it is now makes ninjaing easier. Bigger groups, NoDrop need to be raffled out. etc. So its not really a restriction problem, but the raids. :P then again i have never liked raids... suffer from the so called Las Vegas syndrom they talked about here.
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    Dont bother. Gmup is prolly one of the most selfish people in the game. There is no point in arguing with an arse such as him. He does not care one single bit about you, or anyone else's game. His only concern is what he can get or do for himself, at anyone else's expense, he cares not. He pays the same ammount of money you do every month, and gosh darnit, the entitles him to do anything he wants to. regardless of whos time he wrecks or interferes with. He care nothing about that. His primary concern is himself, and how he can enhance his own character. HE is lame and there is nothing you can do about it. Its unfortunate that in games like this, where thier is so many people, from all walks of life and society, that you will find some with no morals or cares, and very little humanity in them. The lower rung of the human ladder in my opinion.
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    Hey all, been gone for a while, i'll be back eventually. Figured i'd make a post or two before I return

    Funcom, this is simple. Make the damn dungeon lvl 150+. Easy as that. People lower than that are useless in the dungeon anyway.

    This low level ninja looting thing is getting rediculous. People need to earn the right to the loot, not steal it.

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    Get yer ass back in the game damnit!!!!

    Alot of change's since you have been gone. WP merged.
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    Even if you put up to 150+ lvl req. you can still blitz down to t room, make a few runs around the dragon with a hand full of omni on your tail

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    **** u gold

    Originally posted by Gold

    Dude...don't even go there...

    I am sure clan has pulled a few tricks with Tara...but since clan win most taras, it's usually against clan. As for bacon wrap into camelot...are u joking? That's the only way omni do it...fill the castle with lowlevel people to lag out the clan or in worst case crash em, then when they die, warp em back in. Gl finding an eng in a clan-controlled boxroom dude...the last week I have seen 1 eng there, once. So, keep dreaming...and keep playing dirty...and we will keep on killing u.

    You are the epiphany of sad.
    dont u love screwed up clanners who have a whinge even though they own turasque and when omni try dirty tricks invented by clans... the clanners who have a savepoint near the castle who have superior numbers yet again whinge... seems strange though thaty they actually whinge about omni for the most part i just see em whinging about themselves
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    Originally posted by Gold

    As for bacon wrap into camelot...are u joking?

    Mmmm.. Bacon..

    Sorry, just had to
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    Originally posted by Tranceptor

    Mmmm.. Bacon..

    Sorry, just had to
    breakfast time atm for me Mmmmmmmmm
    Originally posted by Knasbollen


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