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Thread: nano plateau

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    nano plateau


    I'm a level 84 trox enforcer. I use dual riders, wear tank, and am currently working to get my nano skills up to where they should be.

    Though I've neglected nano skills for some time, I should be back on track within a few levels.

    The one question I have is, is there a stopping point or should I keep raising them. From looking at the list of nanos available, it looks like there's not much of anything I'd really want to use for quite a few levels above Mongo Bash.

    I should be able to use Bash in a few levels, but beyond that, there are very few programs that are useful to me for 15 or more levels. I can't use the latest Challenger as I have tank on. The damage shields are nice, but I'm almost always teaming with an engineer who has a far better DS than mine anyway. Fear nanos rarely work on mobs that are above yellow to me, and I rarely waste much time fighting greens.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Once I get Bash should I wait another few levels and focus on something else until it becomes necessary to upgrade nanos again? Should I take the time now to max nano skills?

    Any suggestions would be helpful.


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    Mongo bash then keep working bio and mat going for then next in line (not sold in stores)

    Essences, keep working for them titan, garg, leviathan etc

    damage shields, keep up with them and you get better challengers out of the deal as well.
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    Yeah the wards are nice and the essences are very important. Rages also come in handy too, they can break roots and make you run/attack faster so you can make a hasty escape if needed.I also use dual riders but I have since ditched my tank for a coat to save the nano and speed. I am lvl88 working on getting bash I too have let my nanos slip.

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    Each proffession that has a damage sheild has somthing specific it does differant. The engeniers Damage sheild kicks back more damage at the creature, so what... Ours Adds to health I dont know which one you can use but mine adds an extra 279 health. So use your own DS they rock, unless you have a soldier in your group theirs is the best. Their DS actually takes a % of of each attack before it hits you
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    So is it a % here ?
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    Don't go there.

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    Soldier reflect shields stack with enforcer damage shields.

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    yes they do miir

    But I usually have to choose cause I have only a certain ammount of NCU and between the soldiers DS and the soldiers nano called Precognition I would rather have precog.
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    As a reply to the original post :

    Once you get Bash you'll probably want to upgrade your damage shield (it squeezes in more HP) and have Shock Absorber.

    I have nearly the requ skills for these 2 nano. Then I'll pump up my nano pool to be able to cast at least 2 Bash (just one now).

    Essence of Titan seems really out of reach for now without serious implanting. But Brutal Thug is not. Hope to get it pretty soon at 90.
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    Mongo then Ess

    Mongo is my key to staying alive. Not to mention keeping the doc alive, or causing long trails of cultists as i run to the door. Sorry to all those people who died because i did that, its just so much fun.

    Essence is what people ask for, and the best chance you have of making money from buffs.

    challenger is my third choice, because despite what some gurls say, size does matter

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