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Thread: Beacon Warping people into Camelot

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    I like teaming with engies for their Reflect Shields, AC buffs, Shield Debuffs, AE blinds, MA Uber Skill, Distracting Bots, Pistol Buffs, and (soon. it's on test) AE grenade damage.

    I don't think most people have realized the benefits that a smart engie brings to the table for mass battles yet.

    Same goes for Crats with their AE roots, NR buff Auras, Nukes, Att/Def Auras, NR debuff aura, etc. You guys will be in high demand (by squads i'm fighting with at least) any time there is a large scale battle (Booster Pack!)

    I LOVE Engies and Crats!

    From what i understand the Beacon Warp thing is only temporary.

    I hope the ultimate solution involves an entry lock by FACTION. ie 40 omnis can walk in but at 40 only other faction members can get in (the number is an example only)

    <edit> this isn't the right place , but grapevine says that engies get pet root breaker nanos soon
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    hey FC, why not do the right thing as people above suggested and fix the game so it can support more players ?

    in case you guys have missed it, Tir and several other places have similar if not exactly the same problems. fixing this in correct manner so it affects the whole game would be a huge improvement, instead of this idiotic decision.
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    Heh, will it makes much difference anyway, Camelot have been, except for in a few glorious perisodes, a question about stuffign so many ppl in that noone else can come in =)

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    Agreed, Hermy.

    That's why many of us have asked for faction limits, instead of player limits.

    A limit of say 50 Omni ,50 Clan, 50 Neutral (example numbers) would be a good solution.

    No faction gets blocked, and provided that beacon gets disabled when the PF faction limit is met, then engies get to beacon dead allies back in, up to the limit of the faction.
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    yeah... it's the engie's fault that shotty programming skills allow for these type of "exploits." fix it already and stop blaming the players.

    sure i think too many people in a GS is a BAD THING, but then again, IT'S NOT OUR FAULT that you haven't handled it correctly to begin with. do the right thing and stop placing the blame on the players and take a look in the mirror.

    yet another ingenious idea from the big boys at FC. beacon warp IS A NANO THAT WE USE EVERYDAY! it is YOUR fault that you haven't fixed this, are we going to have a guide in the description of the nano from now on... that "this nano is only okay to use in certain areas of the game." that is FUBAR my friends.

    once again, i do think that warping people into a full GS is bad and will cause lag, BUT IT IS NOT OUR FAULT! YOU FIX IT AND STOP POINTING THE BLAME ON THE PLAYERS FOR USING A NANO THAT WE ARE MEANT TO USE! are you also going to ban people who log out in a gs just so they know it will be open and can sneak into the T lair and ninja? doesn't this cause lag also? oh wait you can't ban people for logging out because that is part of the game right? oh, but isn't casting a nano that i use everyday also part of the game? once again, it's not our problem it's yours... so do the right thing and fix it and stop making it a "player problem."
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    I'm glad to hear you got your will, but take some time and picture some of these situations.

    You're participating in a tararaid, everything goes seemingly smooth. You start getting cocky and you end up in the middle of a crowd of people, uh oh, from the other side, bam - dead.

    You're thinking ok that was a mistake, let's go back and undo the mistake, you get to the place enter the dungeon and wtf you're in the wrong dungeon. But you think that's ok, I didn't do any good anyway but you want to participate in the raffle.

    The item that drops is the GPH, an item you've been drooling for every since you started going to the tara raids. The raffle starts, you hold your horses and guess what, you're the winner.

    You can't get back in because all of these nice people decided that warping people into the dungeon is an exploit.

    Another scenario, you're in a team with this engineer, you're having a ball exploring the area, killing those ghasap minions. Suddenly this pet lizard joins the party and ends up kicking your butt. Now you're all alone back poking the Reclaim Terminal. Of course Mr. Silly forgot to scan anywhere close to a grid terminal and ended up in bushville.

    Now what is his options, he could terminate some 20-30 times to get back to a safe town. The engineer in the team could have, but can't warp this poor fella back because some nice people like you thought this was an exploit.

    Let's make a 3rd example.

    A new dungeon opens up and there is only an engineer & Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown is this lowbie cute guy who agreed to stay and look at the guards for no reason what so ever. Now this mr. brown somehow miraculously manages to see that tarasque is up. These two sound the horn, but people can't get in there. They come up with a neat plan, let's team up and teleport these people in here so we can kill big ole birdyboy by the lava.

    Mr. Brown thinks that was a wonderful idea. The engie drops a brown substance his pants cause this is an exploit. He don't want to be banned for being a tramstation from a - z. Mr. brown and the engie don't stand a chance against the big ole' so what can they do ?

    They can sit and watch ole tara poop and fart, that's it. Thanks to nice people like you.

    Wonderful people, you suggest nerf towards an actual fix you are so kewl and leet dudes. Congrats!

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    Thumbs down DUH

    Ok, here is my point:

    -Stop all the A$$holes from going to a tara raid just to get loot to sell on ebay!! how about you fix that first FC! *exploit*

    - Stop everyone from camping a whole guild or 4 diff "kill teams" in each GS so they can get THEIR shot of loot *exploit*

    -Stop having peeps LOWER than 100 enter the fricken place! (hence the loot you have to be 100 to wear some anyways) *exploit*

    -Stop the team of NT's inside of cam, since they just spam kel's and that deals enough dmg from the box room to the hall ways in each direction *exploit*

    Now if your saything that warping your guildmates/teammates into cam is an exploit, then I think that those are also exploits! FFS this is rediculas! why dont some of the ppl that work for a certain company put down the hashpipe and think for 1 second?

    Oh wait i know why....cuz some of the guild leaders of the "big" guilds are ARK's and they have the most "pull" with what happens in the world of AO... Stop being so freaking bias for a change...why dont all of you who says "this is an exploit" go out and TRY to play an engineer passed level 125. Then come back in here and say "yea, this should be yet ANOTHER nerf" see how you like it!!

    Hell why we are at it how about this idea:

    -No use of nano programs inside of the 25% zone
    -Only Atrox enforcers and Soldiers are now allowed in 25% zone
    -GM's and ARK's control tara, and when guilds show up tara does a strange /terminate w/loot rights!
    -Nerf the whole damn place
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    We have enough how about a fountain of smart?
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    This is what you get when you try to make people PvP over the best loot in the game. It was said a long time ago that Camelot should have been a part of a quest each character could only complete once. I can't imagine the fun that so many people who have left could have had if they would have been allowed to go to the dungeon at the appropriate level with guildies and do a damn dungeon crawl for once. It boggles the mind that it was let to degrade into a sewer for loot whores and bots. Very poor game design if you ask me. Such a waste of server cycles and hard disk space.

    Now, come the end of November, there will be no reason to keep that place a cesspool. There will be PvP in proper playfields with (hopefully) appropriate restrictions to ensure each guild who wants to PvP will be able to be challenged by other guilds of appropriate strength and numbers.

    But, sure, we'll try to stuff the dungeon with Neutrals 5 hours before spawn time if it's the only way we can experience it.

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    Sooooo if you get killed when looking around where you shouldnt be looking around, why don't you just get that enige outside and warp you there? Oh, I see, its all about getting back into the playfield huh? And bad luck for everyone that does go in by the front door... You'll probably be able to get to Camlot in rezz by grid just as fast as any engie can warp you

    Its about time FC does take a stand on this, it will prevent a lot of bad blood at the castle!

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    Cz - A possible solution?

    Just think about this, when a teams enter Camelot it isn't possible to leave team - then it isn't possible for the engineer to warp more than 5 members. I guess u can find some bad things about this too but I'm just putting up ideas.

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    Ok, this is just too loose to make sense. I know that packing a dungeon full and warping in more is getting passed the system, but what happens with the crew that is fighting for the dungeon, and someone dies, and the Engi Grid Warps em back to fight some more? He's exploiting now?

    While packing a dungeon is wrong, saying an Engi can't grid warp anyone is just as wrong. Why not say a Doc can't heal anyone while in Camalot, because that exploits thier class defining ability to keep thier teamates in the dungeon while other players are trying to get in.

    C'mon, this is what Engis DO!!! They warp folks back to the group when they die!
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    Re: Beacon Warping people into Camelot

    Originally posted by Cz
    Several players have contacted us about this lately, wondering whether this use of Beacon Warp is considered an exploit. As long as the gentleman rule worked, we weren't too concerned about this, but now we have to make a clear rule.
    You know its Funny, but several players contacted you [FC] telling you Engineers were broken and needed fixing and you havent done anything about THAT!

    Oh maybe thats because they were not 'PvP whiners'

    Yes 9 hours on and this still is frelling stupid
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    How about removing the NODROP flag on all tara loot, since this will cause great frustration among players not beeing able to loot a won item because you died for the cause.

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    Exclamation Hold it, guys

    To all Engis posting here, you know how 'sensitive' Cz is about profession topics in 'other' threads.

    To a certain degree this is a offence against a single profession (-> us Engis), right (for an unknown reason, I have to say). We (Engis) presented our concerns, so let's Cz have time to react. It will/can not be of any good, to turn this into another 'Engis ... - thread'. Agree?


    100% curious

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    You knew for a very long time that your software has problems with many people in a single playfield. Instead of fixing the problem, you are treating beacon warp as an exploit. But it was your company who decided to place so many valuable items on a single mob in a 25% PvP zone, where the only way to get back is to be warped after you have died.

    What kind of answer do you expect, Cz?
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    now we engis can be banned bye using our nanos... hmm not good.

    overfilled pf( gs) in camelot was a big problem and somting had to be done.

    i only hope that FC will fix it so you cant cast warp inside camelot.

    ok so engis did get 1 more nerf, lets start to nerf some more...

    1. no warping out from camelot, or
    2 no nanocasting at all in camelot

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    Shocks I see that my 4th example got lost in the mail and crushed by a pineapple, so I'll repeat that.

    Mr. Allrich and not so famous wanted to hunt with his guildies in camelot. His lazy ass guildies want to be teleported and Mr. Allrich and not so famous teleports them one by one.

    Suddenly he gets disconnected and gets a message that he's banned on the login screen. His guildies or Mr. Allrich and not so famous doesn't read the pvp forum so they didn't know this was an exploit. Mr. Allrich gets mad and sends a lot of mails to FC and finds out it was an exploit.

    Mr. Allrich is confused and angry for using a nano that works 'as intended' and Mrs Genevra claims another innocent victim on her list. Thanks to nice people.

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    So every murders can walk as away as free mans because they can later blame that they didnt know that murder is a crime ?

    Not knowing a law isnt defence.

    /sarcastic off.

    I still would like to see answer questions:

    a) Clans have way to raffle loot: what happens when someone who died wons a nodrop item ?
    ((rise corpses timeout to hours, remove all nodrop-tags from Tara items, allow people to beacon warp to collect their win or some new way ?))

    b) what if beacon warped is already at same PF ((ie warping loot holder from Tara to 100% gas)) ?
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    Originally posted by Kasasthania

    So every murders can walk as away as free mans because they can later blame that they didnt know that murder is a crime ?

    Not knowing a law isnt defence.

    /sarcastic off.
    In that case FC MUST provide a definitive list or what is a bannable offence/exploit and it must be available in game since you cant guarantee player will visit the web site. Plus notifications should be given when said list is updated.
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    Originally posted by Kasasthania

    So every murders can walk as away as free mans because they can later blame that they didnt know that murder is a crime ?

    Not knowing a law isnt defence.

    /sarcastic off.
    I agree when it comes to cases like powerlevling where you take advantage of something that's on the edge. You don't know wether or not it is an exploit. That's when you petition about it.

    In this case I would say it is. I mean how on EARTH can you guess that using BW to getting to camelot is an exploit or not ? Unless you have read this specific thread and are active on the boards, you can't know.

    Let's say you're in Alaska as a tourist not knowing all the laws you find these cute couple of elks making love on a sidewalk. Since this is a new and funny experience you stand there laughing your ass off. Someone calls the cop and you get arrested for not calling the cops and accesory for elk loving. As a tourist you have no clue that elks aren't allowed to make love on the streets. You're fined a couple of grand for this.

    This is just a freak example and I don't think a law like that exist in Alaska, but it's the same thing. How can you know when you don't get the info about this ? <- that was the point.

    Edit: Minor spelling errors. Cz approved post w00t
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