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Thread: Beacon Warping people into Camelot

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    Re: UPDATE

    Originally posted by Cz
    My original post was a bit wrong. Two changes apply:

    - This counts for Camelot only, since we don't see people abusing this much elsewhere.
    - To avoid disputes about whether the character limit was reached, Beacon Warping anyone in is prohibited, no matter how many are there already.

    I'm heading home now, and will check this thread tomorrow morning.
    Alright! One damn good call from FC, thanks Cz. Looking forward to fighting in Camelot where we never have to worry about warps.


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    Ehm? You can't say that we can't warp in lost teammembers that either got killed in fight, that's one of the Engineers special ability!!!

    And lets say that a person won the raffle about a nodrop item but isn't there, can't the engineer warp him inside to loot it? What will engineers be good at now?

    I can agree that we shouldn't warp more teammembers than 5 into a zone since an engineer only can team with 5 people at the time...

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    Cz, some kind of stance will have to be made about gs locking now too ;/
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    Originally posted by Krabbus
    What will engineers be good at now?
    Engineers have the unique ability to raise your pvp title with minimal resistance :P

    I see several problems that need to be addressed with this whole issue. First is the verification system. How is this 'exploit' going to be dealt with? I hear so many stories of false accusation and questionable bannings that I'm concerned that some troll is going to start petitioning to get me banned if I kill him. I feel the community needs a statement saying that an ark has to actually observe the actual warping offence.

    Furthermore beacon warping is not an engineer exploit, it's a community exploit. Engineers don't warp people at random, it's an organized affair with other players requesting to be warped. Anyone requesting to be warped should get a warning and if they're actually warped they should be banned along with the person casting beacon warp.

    Oh yeah, ban all fixers too. Their GA raises their DMS so high that I can't hit them, it's a game mechanics issue so they must be exploiting.
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    Thank you!
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    The Gentleman's Rule you mention in your first post is (on Clan's side) essentially "No Beacon Warping at all unless somebody who was registered in a playfield dies in battle and wins a raffle for a NODROP item." Dying for your team is honorable. Punishing them by not allowing them to claim a NODROP item they win in a raffle is a bit harsh.

    I fear people will start to "play it safe" and sit in the back instead of being real team players when the opposing faction storms in and PvP ensues.

    I know you're looking for a cut and dry, black and white policy, but if people are prohibited to be warped back inside to pick up a NODROP item they win after dying in the heat of PvP (or in a Tarasque Kill Team), that will be a real bummer.


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    Originally posted by Stoechius
    With that kind of reasoning, using more than one team to defend the towers in NW will soon be considered an exploit too, because you'll be trying to lag the attackers
    That's how they did it in CS with lag--er, smoke grenades.
    Originally posted by Whaambulance

    This is singlehandedly the stupidest post I have EVER read on these forums. Congradulations.
    'Balancing' Nanos Will Remain Imbalanced Vs. Old Nanos - Because We Said So!

    O Gaute, Gaute! Wherefore art thou Gaute?
    Deny thy nerfs and refuse thy lame design decisions;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but on the forums,
    And I'll no longer be a whiner.

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    Hehe, can we please diasable all warping then... and please please remove all the pets, they are filling up the dungeon and make me laaaaaaaagg. Hmm, when we are at it, please make the dungeon only accessible for "Krabbus" so he can enjoy all of the loot and PvP with his pet alone, laggfree that is...

    I have the right to warp a teamember if he/she dies in battle or won a raffle for a nodrop item. I really don't care about that rule when the member was IN the dungeon WITH me when he/she died.

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    Because warping out reduces lag, duh!
    Originally posted by Whaambulance

    This is singlehandedly the stupidest post I have EVER read on these forums. Congradulations.
    'Balancing' Nanos Will Remain Imbalanced Vs. Old Nanos - Because We Said So!

    O Gaute, Gaute! Wherefore art thou Gaute?
    Deny thy nerfs and refuse thy lame design decisions;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but on the forums,
    And I'll no longer be a whiner.

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    when you think they couldn't think of any more ways to do it, they surprised us again with new ingenuity.

    Nerf Engies!!!

    notice the big wink here
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    Perhaps Camelot is going to move towards a more cooperative model dungeon when the Towers are out to provide true PvP that isn't based on being a loot whore. Can you honestly say that Camelot will not be won now by the group that gets 60 people in the playfield 4 hrs before spawn? How could you possibly lose?

    Don't you see why I'm happy as a Neutral to see warping become a bannable offense? You thought I was kidding when I said we finally have a shot to see the Dragon. Do you have any idea how long some of us would be willing to wait (what do we need? 60? No problem.) to see the Dragon without having to be hogtied by the 25% gas rules?

    And with Towers coming to provide PvP with meaning and not simply loot whoring, I think it's about time. Camelot was never a good layout for PvP. I've been there with alts. It should be returned to being a story dungeon as part of a Guild Quest that each member can do only once.

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    Originally posted by Evilspork
    Because warping out reduces lag, duh!
    Hey I didnt say for a moment that removing all warping would actually help anything, I just want to share that nerf-love that FC seems to reserve almost exclusively for Engineers these days.

    Yes I very peeved and very bitter so sue me (and I dont even go to Camelot for crying out loud!)
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    Cz, is LDing or logging out in Camelot also going to be considered an exploit?

    The way things are going, the easiest solution seems to be to ban all people entering Camelot.

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    Angry duh

    Originally posted by Evilspork
    That's how they did it in CS with lag--er, smoke grenades.
    Yeah, but they patched Counter-Strike. FC isn't patching anything here. They haven't patched power-leveling.

    It is one thing to fix the game mechanics to make it more fun. It is another thing entirely to terminate service to players/actively manage players who don't "play" the game how you'd like them to.

    This is another bad move. I think FC should fire all the people reviewing the log files and hire a couple more programmers to fix the bugs and place limits on what can be done to curb griefing, etc.

    Leaving the whole issue as one of "player management" just makes everyone unhappy, because the margin for human error is so wide.


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    Sheffy has a good point on how this will affect pvp. You'll now have 55 players in the 100% area waiting for their loot while the remaining 5 who are there for the pvp will duke it out.

    Lets see, the cap for the playfield is 60 players right? 60 players is still going to cause quite a bit of lag. I haven't spent much time in Camelot but I can't imagine 60 players in a small area is much more playable than 100 players in a small area.

    This solution solves Nothing. You will still have lag. All this does is make engineers even less desirable and gives players an avenue to threaten and harass people playing the engineer. Making vague statements does not solve broken game mechanics.

    Here's a better suggestion, limit the playfield to 20 total players. But make it a soft cap so that more people can actually enter. Of course the limit is 20 so after the first 20 enter immediately ban anyone else who tries to zone in. Oh yeah, ban all nanomages too since they'll probably just die anyway. This all makes as much sense as the current solution.

    Did you know that team heals cause lag too? Ban doctors, advents, traders, and the MA!

    Sarcasm and ranting aside, we need more feedback on the issue. More in depth guidlines, proposed longterm fix and eta.
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    I think everyone miss the point. Never he said that it was a permanent decision. It seems that they forbid beacon warping temporarily, until they make a code change to fix the exploit. I suppose they'll only add a check to allow beacon warping only if the area isn't already at max allowed players. No big deal.

    It's always fascinating how people starts screaming "nerf" whenever the devs forbid something, even if it's obviously temporary...

    Or even better, "FC doesn't know how to program". Heh. Go make your own mmorpg, without any bug, then

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    Question View point

    I want to ask some simple questions, non provocative and just to acquire some information.

    [I am not PvPing nor planning to do it in the near future. I have never been in Camleot, but am roughly familiar with the situation as it is described on the boards]

    - Using Beacon Warp in Camleot will get me banned?, a nano that was introduced to strengthen my profession? - No warning?

    - How am I supposed to know this, if I don't read this board or check for Cz posts regurlarly? (Highly dangerous)

    - I see the possibility to abuse this nano in this specific situation, but to use the biggest gun you have to protect a minority of your players (the people that visit Camelot have to be the minority, otherwise we would have a playing community to small to persist) seems to be exaggerated to me.

    - As I understand the nano, every member of my team has the right to be warped to my position, whenever it is necessary. What should be wrong about bringing a team member back to the spot of action after he got killed in a PvP fight?

    - I assume, you are not able to close all the possible loopholes, so deactivating the nano in this dungeon seems a reasonable solution. But banning people for the use of their nanos is not the way to react - shouldn't be, never (I want MA banned for using their crit buffs, it clearly reduces my game fun ...).

    Camelot will be only the first place, the others will follow. What if a low level wants to visit/see the dungeon?

    Well, Cz, if you would have answers to these and other questions posted by concerned Engineers, please let us have them. Flames and other immature stuff will be ignored.

    So long,

    100% curious

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    showing up to gs 4 hours before spawn is ultra cool

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