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Thread: Beacon Warping people into Camelot

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    I'am gettin sick and tiered of this BULL****......IS ANARCHYONLINE ABOUT RP OR LVLING you can controll them bout and even if FC tried to controll one of them it's all goin to hell....Drop the rules like that and keep considering about LAGGGGGGG

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    I have read most of the posta concerning the beacon warping issue.

    I understand that there are rulse set into place for the maximum number of people allowed into a dungeon, and I also realize there are some people who blatantly and repeatedly abuse this system. They do so, because they get a slap on the hand and told not to do it again... yeah, that works.. or because they have 3 other accounts and dont care if they banned on one of them... they have others they can use til the ban is lifted.

    I read what Max posted and his questiones were well thought out and put to the board. However.. when Cz responded.. I think he didnt exatly think his answer out before he replied...

    - As I understand the nano, every member of my team has the right to be warped to my position, whenever it is necessary. What should be wrong about bringing a team member back to the spot of action after he got killed in a PvP fight?

    Nothing, unless you're in Camelot.

    So , what you are saying to the players with that reply Cz, is if you go to Camelot, and its full, You better not die, because you wont get back in by being warped.

    That answer is wrong.... You are punishing someone for dying in one of the biggest dungeons in the game. Abusing the rules to fill a dungeon is wrong.. but not allowing someone who fought and died in there to get back in because someone else zoned in while they were waiting for their warp....that is is just plain unacceptable.

    The idea was put out about faction locking, not too bad of an idea. If you use some form or variation of this idea, you can keep the number at the level you want and if done right, you can also let Engineeers still use one of their main assets to a team.

    This is my opinion, no flame, just the way I read your response.

    Cerus 127 Engi

    "Silent Vigil"

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