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Thread: Beacon Warping people into Camelot

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    Exclamation Beacon Warping people into Camelot

    Hi everybody,

    There was a time when a gentleman rule prevented people from using Beacon Warp to get more people into Camelot that the dungeon rules allow. This rule was not upheld by all players, leading to 'everybody' doing it "because the others did it".

    Several players have contacted us about this lately, wondering whether this use of Beacon Warp is considered an exploit. As long as the gentleman rule worked, we weren't too concerned about this, but now we have to make a clear rule.

    {EDIT: Adding new, corrected statement.}

    Using Beacon Warp to transport people into Camelot is no longer allowed, and will be treated like an exploit.

    {The below statement is thus invalid.}

    Hence, using Beacon Warp to add more players into an already full indoor area is hereby considered an exploit.

    {Edit ended.}

    We are working on a solution to remove this problem, and will be back with more info on this when we have made a decision.

    If you have any questions about this, please post them here, and I'll try answer it all in this thread.

    Thank you.
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    no, thank YOU
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    I would have to say that this is an typicall example of how an flame should not look like. You need to think things through and calm down before you try to write an flame... Im sorry but I would rate this flame with an 1. Aggression is to high, grammar and cursing isnt to well planned... Maybe he has an point somewhere in there but I dont even want to find it. - Centurion3


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    Exclamation UPDATE

    My original post was a bit wrong. Two changes apply:

    - This counts for Camelot only, since we don't see people abusing this much elsewhere.
    - To avoid disputes about whether the character limit was reached, Beacon Warping anyone in is prohibited, no matter how many are there already.

    I'm heading home now, and will check this thread tomorrow morning.

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    Glory to the proletariat!
    Originally posted by Whaambulance

    This is singlehandedly the stupidest post I have EVER read on these forums. Congradulations.
    'Balancing' Nanos Will Remain Imbalanced Vs. Old Nanos - Because We Said So!

    O Gaute, Gaute! Wherefore art thou Gaute?
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    And I'll no longer be a whiner.

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    About time, I think this has been needed for a while now and I just hope that the coders over at Funcom can work on a physical way of stopping it from happening to prevent it altogether. As most of us know, the threat of being warned or banned means absolutely nothing to an undesireable and select group of the community.
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    So Neutrals got a shot at Camelot finally, if they can get their act together.

    Cool. Gonna get the beach chair and a good book ready.

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    Just what have wanted to hear. Now can everyone outside the old Gentleman rule claim they wont follow it. Just sad i had to come so far.
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    Just as a clarification

    As a clarification, would warping into an empty (locked) playfield which as a result would open up, be considered as an exploit too?
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    In a previous game I played, a specific dungeon was different from all others. Within that dungeon, specific spells were not castable. These spells were ones affecting character transportation.

    Remedy the problem once and for all by coding the dungeon such that when an engineer tries to perform Beacon Warp, they get a message something to the affect of "Beacon Warping Prohibited in this Playfield" and it simply does not work AT ALL.

    Just a suggestion. I do not see why it can not be done here if it has been done in a more primitive game...
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    Actually, their only real problem is that they want to disallow this in a specific set of playfields. As it stands - they can determine what KIND of playfield you are in when a nano is started. However, I doubt they went to the additional trouble of writing to exclude specific PF altogether - just types.

    I must say tho - THANX FUNCOM! I really hope that this is something that can be implemented quickly. It has become so bad that the Camelot pf has become unstable and unplayable at most times.


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    Great, about time
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    Talking Yay!


    <edit> I hope the permanent solution compensates engineers in some way.
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    Hmmm...Lets see, one of the engineer core abilities is no longer allowed in the most popular playfield. So what's the long term fix, not allowing engineers into camelot at all?
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    I ve heard a rumor that camelot would be atrox enforcer and soldier only....but this has to be confirmed yet =) oh and they would only get adventurers and mas loots lol

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    What about warping for no-drops? Or will we have to go looking for players hiding in 100%?

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    Thank you Cz & co!

    This is really a great move, and something will greatly highten the enjoyment of all in Camelot.

    And Georg, he said ANY warping into Camelot whatsoever ...

    Im really looking forward to this change
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    How about fixing the game so it can actually handle the number of player it is supposed to?
    Would be a much more productive solution.

    With that kind of reasoning, using more than one team to defend the towers in NW will soon be considered an exploit too, because you'll be trying to lag the attackers
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    Originally posted by RVWinkle

    Flawed game mechanics is not an exploit, it's bad programming.
    engie + ghetto crowd control + no healing + lowest hp + worst evades + bot who is never around. = worst prof in game

    Bump for engie fix

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