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Thread: Tara rules for Clans Rubi2

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    Tara rules for Clans Rubi2

    Hello everyone a modified version of the rule system it is mostly taken from the omni version but some is taken from other people's thought's.

    Tarasque Raid System

    Well first of all, our effort should be focused on keeping Omni-Tek personal from getting the kill and loot of Tarasque! The focus can not be on loot because then any organized system will fail.

    However, since loot always becomes an issue this system was developed. No system will be 100% fair to 100% of the participants at 100% of the time. We welcome all who wish to participate under this rule system because we want everyone's help in keeping Omni-Tek employee’s from getting the kill.

    §1 In order to receive credit for being part of the raid, you must have checked in with the raid leader prior to the spawn time or official host announcement of attack command.

    §2 The minimum level to receive a point for raids is 140. Lower levels are welcome, but no points are awarded until you are level 140.

    §3 All members of the raiding party (regardless of level) will be in the group chat designated by the Clannet host leader.

    §4 All raid participants will be in teams designated by the raid leader, you cannot earn a point if you are not in a team (this does not mean you must be "teamed" in the literal sense). Teams will be determined and placed based on the group composition and the defense needs/capabilities given various levels of Omni-Tek resistance. The Host leader or a designee will make assignments as to the different team types.

    · The PvP teams – The groups that defend against the incoming Omni-Tek invaders.
    · The Tank team – The Team that will have a person absorb the damage of Tarasque.
    · The Damage teams – The people that don’t receive the damage from Tarasque, but enable Tarasque to die in a timely manner.

    §5 Points are non-transferrable. If you wish to bring a different character to the raid, that character will begin accumulating their own points.

    §6 Points are only awarded if we are successful in killing and looting Tarasque. If Omni-Tek employee’s overwhelm us and we do not get the kill, then no one receives any points for that particular raid.

    §7 When Tarasque dies, every member of the raid group will clear the immediate area of Tarasque's corpse all the way past the 4 bridges. Loot will not be taken care of until everyone is clear of the platform and the 4 bridges.

    §8 When Tarasque dies, the loot will be announced (in clannet chat only) and all members of the group that meet the requirements (including level requirements AND profession requirements) for the item may use their raid points to roll for the item.

    §9 Each raid point corresponds to a designated amount of numbers you may use in the roll for that item as follows: 1 successful raid earn 1 point(1 number in a roll).

    (you must have at least one points in order to roll for an item)

    §10 You may only roll for as many items in the loot as you wish until you win and lose all your points.

    §11 A minimum of 1 raid points is needed to roll for an item. If you win an item, you may not roll for another item until you have accumulated one raid points again.


    - Gaily Painted Hood is posted in chat group.
    - Marlark have 7 points and Ernurse have 2 and Shaded have 3 points and all want to roll for the hood.
    - Marlark enter /tell clannet Itemroll
    - Ernurse enter /tell clannet Itemroll
    - Shaded enter /tell clannet Itemroll
    - The rest do not want to be a part of the roll based upon they already have the item and so on and on.
    - Host execute the no more itemroll command after publicly Asking if everyone in the roll have done the /tell clannet itemroll command. The rest that didn’t do this saves their points they have for whenever they like to roll for a specific item.
    - Marlark is automatically assigned 7 numbers in the roll.
    - Ernurse is assigned 2 numbers.
    - Shaded is assigned 3 numbers.
    - Host for the raids execute the rlist command and the numbers get shown. In clannet channel. - Then there is 12 assigned numbers for the roll.
    - The host do a roll command to clannet and a number get rolled and the winner may have been Shaded. He get announced as the winner and comes forward to retain his item.
    - Shaded loses all his points, Marlark and Ernurse keeps theirs for next time they want to be a part of a roll for a item.

    §12 It is important that those not involved in the rolling process for the nodrop items do not add extra spam in the group chat to make the rolling go as fast as possible.

    §13 Due to problems with individuals thinking they can circumvent or overpower the system, failure to comply with any or all of these rules may result in being kicked from the chat group, exclusion from rolling for items in that particular raid and/or exclusion from future participation in Tarasque raids. The host holder have the power to kick a char due to not following the social guidelines or these rules. All maters will be taken up with the DA Assembly Board for ruling on the offence. DA Structure rules apply to the possible ruling of the case.

    Best Regards,
    Marlark, Velvet President

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    hi marlark..just curious..who are the raid leaders..i just turned 140 and would like to participate

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    lark and jdude, who arent always there, so just come in and shout til someone will answer ya. and bring ur earplugs cuz all we do is ***** at each other :P
    -Rhalla OMNI Fixer RK2

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    Originally posted by Rhalla
    . . . and bring ur earplugs cuz all we do is ***** at each other :P
    so true
    Johnathgalt Rimor Clanner

    wtb crusader chant

    Succeeding at my job is like winning a pie eating contest where the prize is more pie.

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    No rules for me .

    *thinking of a french player who drink good wine *

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    umm i have a question..i only been to tara once...but u mentioned meet the profession requirements right??so how is it that a soldier is allowed to roll and win an adventurer item over an adventurer?

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    it seems to me she has already won a cloak previously (from exchange forums). i was the only adv to roll..and she rolled for it as well. it seems to me she is rolling for an item not many ppl want and is selling it through forums to get easy credits.

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