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Thread: Flurry of blows bugged?

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    Question Flurry of blows bugged?

    I think it is.

    Mine seems to work OK but every now and then it stomps on my melee init speed after it has been used. Kills about 200 points of melee init and the only way to clear it is to zone or log.

    Subsequent use of flurry when the bug has happened will raise it from its bugged lvl to bugged lvl+the normal increment.

    Anyone else seen this?

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    Been unable to reproduce it everytime though, so I dont know what causes it.

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    Ive noticed this too, seems to depend what area your in tho

    tor exapmple ot totally screws my melee int around the temple in tir but when hunting lush feilds i noticed that the bonus doesnt always drop back down when the time expires and actually eventually multiple uses add on to your melle int continuously

    needs to be sorted
    Beware The Dragon Of Cymraeg

    btw could really use a yalm

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    Damnit! how come I've only had the 'reduce init' bug not the 'increase init' ??

    Also, someone said you have to start the flurry of blows before the fight starts well this is correct and not correct.

    If I start flurry during the fight I get quicker...

    If I start flurry before the fight I get insanely quick

    How do we go about reporting a bug ?

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    Id suspect the gameplay bugs forum.

    though with fc's rep dont hold your breath.
    btw as a lvl 40 enf i had my melee int rise up to around 1800 when testing this. ofcourse due to the various connection bugs in game that lasted around 5 mins b4 it was relogg time
    Beware The Dragon Of Cymraeg

    btw could really use a yalm

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    What is flurry of blows?

    I have seen it a few times in teh forum and just assumed it applied to 1he weilding population.

    I am a hammer weilding enforcer can I use it, is it a nano or a utility?

    Cheers in advance.

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    Originally posted by K9_THE_DAWG
    What is flurry of blows?
    It's an item that goes in the utility belt and that when activated increase your melee init a good deal.

    It uses Fast Attack skill and locks it down for a few min after you use it.

    It can be used even if your current weapon is not using Fast Attack.

    So it's a very nice item for us enforcers that have put IPs in FA before going the 2HB way : we are making use of these otherwise lost IPs and we are boosting the speed of our slow 2HB weapons.

    And it does works a lot better if you activate it before the fight. If you do it during the fight you cannot really tell the difference.

    Add Rage and add Grining Hunter from a high lvl Adv and you are a real blender.
    "Donner à des millions une connaissance de l'anglais, c'est les rendre esclaves". (Hind Swarâj, ch. 18)

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    Its a tool from tool shops. Goes in one of your utility slots.

    When activated it adds a chunk to your melee init making you swing faster. Only lasts a short while, once its finished it takes a couple of minutes or so before you can use it again.

    You typically hit it just before a hard fight to give you a bit more umph).

    Anyone using melee weapons can use one and they will see themselves hit faster for a while. The drawback is that it needs fast attack as a skill which you've probably never raised. Those of us who messed around with edged will probably already have some in fast attack so its a bonus.

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    LOL posting at the same time uh ?
    "Donner à des millions une connaissance de l'anglais, c'est les rendre esclaves". (Hind Swarâj, ch. 18)

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    I wasnt sure if this was a flurry bug, or one of those slow-down-init's-debuffs bug, but it happens to me too, talk about annoying!

    Also had the stacking one happen too. Once it stacked so much I was about 1600 melee init....Swung thos Riders like a machine! But, alas, that is the exception, not the rule, usually get the slow at least once a mission.

    Meta Physicist

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    Originally posted by Gummizluv
    LOL posting at the same time uh ?
    Get back to work

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    are they worth increasing your FA?

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    Originally posted by Ashnok
    btw could really use a yalm
    tryin' that trick gummiz used, eh? using subconcious messages to raise enough funds? Wel, I don't blame your efforts. it HAS worked before, it might happen again...

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    Naaaaaaa... I was using REAL subliminal messages.
    "Donner à des millions une connaissance de l'anglais, c'est les rendre esclaves". (Hind Swarâj, ch. 18)

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    well, gummi... what can I say?
    You're the master, and Ashnok is the apprentice.
    Give him time.
    The force is strong with this one.

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    Nothin Subliminal About it

    I also Need Implants (mine really suck)
    Better riders
    Better Armour
    And if not A yalm a better kodiak
    A coat

    Now should anyone on rk2 be feeling Exceedingly genorous they know where to donate their uneeded gear saving me the hassle of Doing endless solo missions just to afford A new set of Armour.
    Beware The Dragon Of Cymraeg

    btw could really use a yalm

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    To Dawg- yes, well worth it.

    As for this bug, I have reported it on 3 separate occasions over the past 2 months. Seems to happen to my Adv more than my Enforcer for whatever reason.

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    Debuff vs. buff

    Anyone noticed:
    * You use flurry to RAISE init some 100-200 points or so. You notive a frational difference.
    * Someone debuffs you for 80 init, and your speed drops drastically!

    Why the difference?


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    No idea hadnt encounterd it myself as of yet

    Tho i will assume its somthing to do with the debuff whackin down a set of skills rather than just the one
    Beware The Dragon Of Cymraeg

    btw could really use a yalm

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    broader bug

    Just a note.

    This problem is not limited to flurry of blows, nor is it consistent.

    I've had the same thing with using my Yalm, as well as my tank armor. With the speed it only seems to go up.

    At one point I was out hunting for quite some time. Every once in a while I'd put Yalm on, go save, come back, take it off. I put Yalm on and took it off several times without zoning and noticed that my run speed was 1872 at one point when I took it off. Well, I instantly became the puller. The thing is that it is not just a visual bug of reporting the stat, you actually act as if you had that stat. (when we finished hunting I raced my friend back to the city, me on foot, friend in Yalm, and I won...)

    With the tank, I take it off regularly to buff. Again, during some down time I checked my stats to see if I could use one of the loot items a friend offered, and noticed that my Duck Exp. was at around -138. I zoned and it went back to regular (all of the evade skills were lowered, but this one is naturally my lowest, so it was most noticeable)

    I've only had those two go in one direction, but with the Flurry, I've had it go both ways at different times.

    I have never seen this happen with a nano that buffs an ability, and doubt it would happen.

    All of the times I've seen it were when there was a fair amount of lag in the area I was in, or at least my connection was slowing down. Perhaps a packet dropped here and there or something sitting in the AO server's process queue for too long could be accountable.

    Oh, and for anyone that was curious, I did level once while I noticed that my run speed was outrageous, and I raised it one point to see if that would lock the skill at the new level. Didn't work. *sigh* It would have been fun to be the most insanely speedy trox on RK for a while.


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